September 3, 2021

Must-Have Food Delivery Features in Customer Application

Have you ever imagined doorstep food delivery like 15 years before? The advancement in technology and digitalization is just creating unimagined possibilities for you. Humankind is finding smart solutions for all their problems, it’s like “Where there’s a will there’s a way”. And has any food delivery business owner thought? that he/she will be making money from delivering food?

Well, technology is turning all your imagination into possible realities. Now everything is available at your doorstep with a single tap whether it is a car, bike, food, and anything you can think of.


If you are also planning to build a food delivery application, you must know basic features to make the app worth using.

The food delivery application is a combination of three portals, customer/user app, admin panel and the last is a delivery person app. To make it functional and easy to use, all these three portals required customized features as per the requirement of the respective user.

This blog will help you to understand what are the basic food delivery features required for the customer app. After all your app users will be running your business, consider their requirements to make the food delivery application a success.

Food Delivery Features of Customer App

This application will be used by customers to order food. All the pages must be easy to navigate and highly functional. A customer might be hungry while ordering food and who likes to do extra effort while ordering food, so keep it simple yet functional.

01. Profile setup

Make sure the login process should be short and simple. Allow your user to set up their account by using social media, mail, and phone number.

02. Searching Food

It is a must-have feature to provide a rich user experience. Provide a search option in your food delivery app, so a user can easily find what he/she is looking for. One can even customize the search options based on the previous search and orders done by the customer.

03. Restaurant Profile

A user will surely not order from a random restaurant without any reviews. While ordering they will check the location, reviews of the experienced customers, deliveries feedback, the best item of the restaurant, and many more. This feature eases the process of ordering food from the best restaurant. Add this feature to your food delivery app and let your user have a real-life food ordering experience.

04. Food Cart and Scheduled Orders

A user might want to order multiple items in one go, providing them a cart option just like any online apparel shopping app. Cart feature helps the user to order multiple items without facing any issues.

You can also add the feature of scheduled orders in your food delivery application. It will be really helpful for the users to schedule orders earlier to get the food on time.

05. Multiple Payment Options

Payment is the last stage of ordering food. Make sure you are providing multiple payment options, third-party payment apps, usage of debit or credit card, your app’s e-wallet, etc. No customer would like to struggle with the payment option, so keep it easy and simple. Also, provide coupons and promo codes for the discount on each order. However, who doesn’t like to save a few bucks?

06. Contact Information of the Delivery Agent

A customer must have the contact information of the delivery agent. A delivery person might not be well versed with the location of the customer, at that time the customer can help him/her towards his location. Also, a customer can estimate the real-time food delivery with the help of the delivery agent.

07. Tracking location and Time

This feature helps the user to track down the location of the delivery agent to get an estimated time. This will also satisfy the user, that the delivery agent is not lying and the order will be there at the defined time.

For example – Dominos has a definite time of 30 minutes for delivering all its orders.

08. Feature for Order History

What if the customer wants to repeat the same order and doesn’t remember from which place, he had ordered the food last time? Under such a situation, the order history is a lifesaver. Most of the time, customers order the same and their favourite food.

Also, add a feature of “reorder” in the order history to ease the process. Keep the reorder option customizable, so customers can add and subtract the items from the previous order.

09. Rating and Feedback

Rating and reviewing food is a great way of providing a better food ordering experience. The experience of one person can help another person while ordering the same food. Feedback offers a clear picture of the experience and can help foodies from something disastrous.


Additional Features

If your budget is big, then try adding more food delivery features for a better user experience. Don’t be afraid while experimenting on your food delivery application to make it better.

01. Rewards/Discount

You can provide discounts on regular food delivery, and offer exciting rewards to your users. To enhance brand loyalty, you have to attract customers through your marketing services. Who doesn’t like to save a few bucks while buying anything?

02. Push Notifications

Use the push notification feature to update customers about any new updates, discounts, etc. It also can be used to inform customers of the food delivery status.


In this world of cutthroat competition in all types of industries, building a unique app is not an easy task. In the market, there are already hundreds of food delivery applications available. One has to be smart and well versed with the audience of food delivery applications. You can hire professional app development services like RG Infotech to be on the top of the respective industry.

Hope these food delivery features in customer app will help you to create a functional and easy-to-use space for all the foodies out there.


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