September 8, 2021

Basic Framework of On-Demand Tutor Solution

The pandemic break-out in the year 2020 has completely changed the way of learning. When last year schools were closed, E-learning was the only source of bridging the gap between the student and education. Within one year a hundred new e-learning platforms have launched. E-learning is the future of delivering and receiving education. With time, the tutor app solutions are becoming advanced and offering a rich user experience to all the users.


Before jumping to buy any on-demand tutor app solution, make sure you have done research about the market. There are numerous companies that are offering the pre-build tutor solution. But how do I find the best services? First, consider the website and app development experience of the services you are planning to buy the on-demand solutions from. Below are the features, your tutor solution must-have for a successful business:

Basic Features of Tutoring App

On-Demand Tutor Application is a platform for both students and teachers to learn and deliver knowledge respectively. The tutor-application solution is a combination of three primary panels:

  • The student portal is only accessed by students to take courses and clear doubts.
  • The teacher portal is only closed by teachers or educators to take classes and clear doubts.
  • Admin Panel is accessed by administrators who are running the tutoring business or by the educators.

Let’s know more about these three panels and the features included in them:

01. Student Panel

In this digital era and time of e-learning, finding the tutor’s geographical location doesn’t matter. Now, both parents and students focus on finding the best tutors irrespective of location.

The student panel allows students to find the best tutor for them. It is a portal login and managed by students as per their requirements. To get all these following features at an affordable price, buy an on-demand Tutor solution from RG Infotech.

Here are the few features involved in the Student App of Tutor solution are:

  • Login and Profile Creation – Students can log in via mail id or social media to login into the on-demand tutor solution and make their profile.
  • Search Option – By using the search option users can find the most suitable tutor as per the requirements.
  • Check out Tutor Details – This feature allows the user to check out the tutor details and profile reviews.
  • Book a Course – After finding the desired course, students can pay and buy the course.
  • Book a Tutor – After checking out the reviews and details of multiple tutors, book a tutor which fulfils your requirement.
  • Chat Feature– This feature allows the user to have one-to-one integration with the selected teacher. Students can clear their doubts and ask numerous queries.

02. Tutor Panel

Tour & Travel Portal is managed by educators/tutors. A user can find all the information about educators here. Here a tutor creates their profile and manages their students and earnings on one platform. Also, educators can accept or reject the student’s requests as per their availability and preference.

Basic features of the tutor app are:

  • Login and Profile Setup – By using a mail id or directly using social media, a tutor can log in to the on-demand tutor solution. Educators can add their qualifications, experience, and other basic details.
  • Timings – As per the availability and number of students, a tutor can change the timings to manage all the students.
  • Requests – This feature allows the tutors to accept and reject the student requests as per their availability.
  • Check Earning Status – This feature all the tutor to check their weekly and monthly earnings to keep a track of the money he has earned after teaching.
  • Chat – These features allow educators to have a one-to-one conversation with their students. They can solve student queries and update them regarding the new schedule and topics for the next class.

03. Admin App

It is the primary and central feature of the Admin App. The whole app is designed, managed, and updated from the admin dashboard. Admin app is managed by the administrators. This includes a summary of all the ongoing activities on the platform.

It allows the admin to know how many users are using their platform, how much time a user is investing their time on the Tutor application, and all the other details about the activities happening on the platform. To get the following features in your tutor app solution, you can check out the pre-build tutor solution of RGI.

Must-have features in Admin App:

  • Management of Tutor’s profile – The administrators manage the tutor’s profile here. These features allow the users to keep a track of the working efficiency and earnings of all the registered teachers on the platform.
  • Management of Student’s Profile – These features help the admins to keep a track of all the activities of users on the Tutor platform. Admins can check which courses users are using the most, their reviews about the educators and how can improve your app.
  • Course and services listing – Admin can list down the name of all the courses and services they are offering. This list will help the student to check if their desired course is available on the tutor app or not.
  • Check reviews and earnings – Admin can check the quality of education offered by tutors after seeing the student’s reviews. They also can manage the earnings of the tutor and payments made by students for the course.
  • Diverting requests – Admin can transfer the request from the students to other tutors if one tutor is busy with their schedule.


If you are planning to start your own education platform, you must know about the product and market. Online education providers have huge competition in the market due to the availability of hundreds of e-learning platforms. Above mentioned features are the basic features of any on-demand tutor solution app

According to experts, one should buy a pre-build Tutor app solution, instead of investing in building an application from scratch. RG Infotech is offering one of the best on-demand tutor solutions including advanced features and technology. Moreover, the Tutor App solution offered by RGI is affordable.


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