October 7, 2019

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand Food delivery App like Zomato or Swiggy?

Being an Indian, we are well-known as a “foodie” across the global market and yes, we love to eat delicious food. That’s why we have most versatile tastes and flavors. According to a research, we have blended several flavors, especially the herbs and spices in our food, which makes our taste amazing.

Although, we also have a great ratio of development minds in India, who incorporated food business with the trending technologies and crafted uber like food delivery app such as Zomato and Swiggy.

Food Delivery

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Due to these platform’s high demand and mesmerizing revenue, several other corporations entered into this segment and came up with – Food Panda, Uber Eats, Fresh Menu, Misrii, etc. Although, that’s not an assurance of success, as out of 105 start-ups only 58 are currently operational. But there are still hope for the best, just keep your eyes on the details, do proper research and clear your business model in blueprints.

Choose Your Business Model Wisely.

Before making your steps in this segment, just be clear about your business model. Here, you have two different business models:
  • Aggregator Model
  • Hyperlocal Business Model

Aggregator Model, works as a network model and provides a platform where businesses can list down their products/services. Under this model, firm makes service provider their partner and sold it under their own name without holding the inventory.

Hyperlocal Delivery Model, offers their services in “a very specific demography” to fulfil demanded orders on time. The model connected local vendors specially those who aren’t online and connect them directly with the end user. Under this model, firm collects order, transfer it to the respected vendor, and then deliver it to the user’s location. The model is suitable for both products and services.

Know the Initial Step of the On-Demand Food Delivery Platform.

Now, you know your best suitable business model that will enhance your on-demand food delivery business and make a great opportunity for you. But at first, being an owner of the platform, you should be partnered with the restaurants, as they are the key element of your platform and gives a plethora of cuisine options to the end users.

The higher amount of cuisines you have on your on-demand food delivery platform, the higher chances you have to get better response from the users. So, its an initial step to be partnered with the restaurants with a great footfall. After that you can go on the technological phase, which helps you to connect with the users.

Apps that’re Offered in Swiggy like Food Ordering System.

On-demand food ordering & delivering system offers a complete solution to the business owners with unbeatable support and user experience. The system comes with:
  1. User App
  2. Restaurant App
  3. Delivery App
  4. Admin App

User App, contains the information of products and allow users segregate their searches through different filters and choose their favourite food. They have complete freedom in their search and order it online using associated payment partners. The system allows users to order their food on-the-go.

Restaurant App, allow restaurant owners to list their products on the food delivery app and manage their listings, orders, commissions in just one click. The platform gives them a freedom to connect directly with the end users and improve sales through showing their bestsellers, café specials, and recommended ones.

Delivery App, connects logistics with the restaurants to get leads, pick orders and deliver it to the delivery location. The platform provides complete detail to the delivery guy on the application and gives them freedom to accept or reject. Here, they can check their history, transactions, reviews, and commissions in just one click.

Admin App, a dashboard that shows you detailed records of orders, users, reviews, restaurants, and commissions. Being an owner of the food delivery platform, you can manage everything through the dashboard and improve your sales.

Being an owner of functioning food delivery solution like Zomato, you have to combine these segments to work together. You can coordinate with the third party just like Zomato and Swiggy or build your own personal network, that depends on you.

Features of Zomato like Food Delivery App.

Zomato like Food Delivery App isn’t a single function platform, it combines multiple operations in a single system and functions three different segments simultaneously. It offers order listing, payment processing, search filters, order tracking, and much more at the same time for thousands of users.


Track all major features, that uber like food delivery system consists by visiting here:

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand food delivery platform like Swiggy?

On-demand food delivery platform like Swiggy, comes with multiple features and accessed by several users at the same time. So, that’s not an easy task for the individuals or a new start-up, who can claim desired outcome before the deadline and offer a cheaper cost than the standard, but end up ruining your idea.

The platform requires all three applications along with an admin web system to automate the operations and smoothen the functions. To make it happen go with an experienced web & Mobile app development company, who have enough work to showcase their skills in front of you.

Well, outsourcing the work might cost you more, but you will never regret on your decision as they can fulfil their commitment and provide you a functional platform. To craft such platform, you need to hire Android Developer, HTML Developer, UI/UX Designer, and Quality Analyst only for the android version of the food delivery app. But if you need iOS version as well, then you also need to hire iOS Developer.

The platform requires minimum 90 working days to complete all the functionalities and acquiring 4-5 resources for 90 days will cost you around $12000-$17000.

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