December 30, 2021

An Ultimate Guide to Build Virtual Sports Betting Software.

With the Opportunity of winning money anytime, virtual sports betting is taking online betting to a whole new level. Online Sports betting is a great opportunity for all those who are looking to make a career in betting.  It is a successful business nowadays, along with it provides learning opportunities and improves your knowledge of sports. 

It is the right time to build virtual sports betting software, as the Online Sports and betting industry is at its peak.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is all about predicting the outcome of the online sport and then placing bets accordingly. With growing technology and digitalization, online sports betting started becoming legal in many countries.
With the growth of the online betting industry, now it is quite challenging to be unique and ahead of the competition. As per the latest research of, the sports betting industry is expected to reach approximately $155.49 billion by 2024.

Procedure to build a Virtual Sports Betting Software.

Owning a virtual sports betting software can be easy, you can just hire an expert. But that wouldn’t guarantee you the success. To make it a profitable initiative and futuristic business, you have to go with the detailed research, complete analysis and in-depth procedure. Here’s the details, that can help you in your journey, check out:


Factors to be considered under the business plan:

  • Business Model
    It is the sum of the entire cost, production, revenue, generation and services. It helps in designing business models with clear vision.
  • Planning for risk management
    The bigger the project is, the higher the chances of risk. A single failure or mistake can lead you into big trouble. Make sure you are ready with precautions and possible solutions to face any kind of risk.
  • Payment Methods
    Keep multiple payment methods to make it easy to use for users. Payment methods are used for both depositing and withdrawing the money from online sports betting.
  • Marketing Planning
    A product is incomplete without its marketing. Branding plays an important role to reach out to the potential customers. However, for all kinds of marketing planning changes.
  • Languages
    It will be better if you provide multiple language options to use the application. Worldwide users can play the game when you use multiple options.
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Development Models

An online sports betting[wiki] application can be developed in two ways, either customize it or buy a ready-made solution. 

  1. Customized Software
    Customized virtual betting software is developed from scratch. One can customize the whole software by adding the features they want. RG Infotech – like Online Sports app developers are professionals and work hard to fulfil your requirements.

    Development of Customized Online Sports betting Solution:

    • Wireframing
      Wireframing is the blueprint of the software, how it looks after the launch. Basically, it gives you an idea about your application and included features.
    • Design
      Web designing is the skill needed for the maintenance and production of a sports betting website. The design of the software should be user-friendly and attractive to the customers.
    • APIs
      APIs are considered the heart of websites. An application or website is built by doing coding to make it responsive towards all types of devices and multiple operating systems. Application Programming Interface is a set of protocols that is responsible for the interaction of a website with the user.
    • Quality Assurance
      Quality assurance is the surety of how a website will work both in design and development. After QA, testing is done to eliminate all the bugs.
    • Launch and Support
      Deploying the project is the final step of a customized sports app development. All the software demands regular maintenance and support. Keep updating as per the new technology and requirements.
  2. White Label Solution
    White label solutions are ready-made sports betting software. It is best for those who know nothing about the industry and are looking for a pre-built solution to start with their business. By hiring developers like RG Infotech, you can even customize this software too.

    Development of White Label Sports betting Solution:

    • Choose a theme
      One can choose a particular theme in the pre-build solution.
    • Add logo
      Add your sports betting app name and logo in the white label solution.
    • Another Customization
      You can add a logo, colour, theme, location, contact details, multiple sports, etc. in the pre-build virtual betting sports solution.
    • Quality Assurance
      Assure the quality of the software and remove all the bugs for the smooth operation of the software.
    • Launch and Support
      After passing the quality assurance test, deploying the software is the last step. Also, regular maintenance is required to keep providing the best services.


Here is the list of basic features and functionalities to create virtual sports betting software. 

  1. User Portal
    The whole game of success of any application directly depends on the user experience. Ensure that your app is easy to use and attractive enough to hold on to the attention of a user. Features to be included in the user portal:
    • User Login Profile
    • Payment Method
    • Betting Guide
    • Push notification to inform about the latest release
    • Customer Support
  2. Admin Portal 
    All the activities on the sports betting app are managed by the admin portal. From winning to withdrawing; everything is recorded on the app.
    • User Management
    • Game Management
    • Report and Analysis
    • Payment Management
    • Customer Support
Virtual Sports Betting Software Development


Ensure the security of online sports betting applications. 

  1. HTTPS provides strong data encryption and reduces hacking chances.
  2. Replace the ports with DNS and avoid opening multiple ports.
  3. Use plugins like “fail2ban” to restrict the DDOS attack.
  4. Use the latest and stable version of libraries for development.
  5. To avoid malicious attacks, use 2FA authentication.
  6. Perform regular audits, every 2-3 months.


Hence, with time popularity and technology requirement of all the industries changes If you are planning to build such software; RG Infotech is building the best Fantasy Sports Software for all the organizations & crazy users. All basic features included and the plan is ready. Also, the above procedure for services and pre-build solution, will help you to create a 100% smoothing fantasy sports betting experience.


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