January 10, 2022

Healthcare App Development: Cost, Features, and Challenges

We all know how technology has made our life much easier and better. From saving time to providing services at the doorstep, Healthcare app solutions are all about making our life simple.

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The Mobile Healthcare System has completely changed the process of taking medical help. Now patients struggling with health issues don’t need to deal with the hustle of finding the best doctor and standing in long queues for the check-up.

To build an efficient healthcare mobile app development, one should know the features, challenges, and total cost. Let’s dive further and learn more.

Challenges in Online Healthcare Sector

It is not easy to build a healthcare app, as it is quite a sensitive type of service. Here are the challenges you will be facing while going for an online healthcare app:

  1. Security 
    Patient information is the basic requirement for diagnosing the problem and for the payment process. Over 50% of healthcare apps faced cyber-attacks and out of three one is successful. With time the security of online healthcare applications is getting better. You can hire services like RG Infotech, to build a secure health services network.
  2. Challenging during Integration
    Even with the growing technology and use of smartphones, it is quite challenging to integrate the mobile app. Many applications are facing issues integrating with the existing system.
    To develop with the problem. Developers should build a patient and doctors-friendly app, instead of choosing high technology and advancing the app. Keep the application easy to use.
  3. Health Awareness
    All the medical fraternity can be literate, but the patients might not be. Usage of m-health demands a certain type of knowledge and awareness about the disease.
    M-health owners can find out the targeting audience first to make sure that all the app users are being able to understand.
  4. Difficult to use
    Applications are all about simplifying the process of taking any services. Many times users face complications while using an app and give up due to frustration.
    Various devices like blood pressure monitors, fitness bands, and glucometers, such devices should get connected to the application. Developers should focus on providing the best user experience.
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Basic Features of healthcare App

Basic features required to operate the m-healthcare application:

  1. Health Tracker
    One of the most important features of m-health is health tracking. This doctor-patient app must monitor the health of patients including the signs and health conditions like pulse rate, calorie intake, blood pressure, calories intake, blood sugar level, etc.
  2. Appointments
    Healthcare mobile apps, especially the Doctor Appointment Solutions are designed to ease the process of patients reaching out to the doctors, without standing in long queues. The M-Healthcare process eases the whole appointment booking and you are ready to go to get the treatment. However, some patients are in such critical conditions that; it is not possible for them to go through the waiting room process. Hence, such apps patients from any hustle and get treatment at maximum comfort.
  3. Reminders
    How about adding a reminder feature in the patient app? By scheduling and reminder features, patients can schedule medicine intake, sleep time, water consumption, etc. and the app will remind the patient to do everything on time for better health.
  4. Patient Database
    The patient database is very important for the doctors, as the whole treatment of the patient relies on their medical history and current health. This feature helps the doctors and health care services to have real-time access to the patient reports, medical history, and current health status.
  5. Real-time Chats 
    COVID-19 has completely changed the whole equation of visiting doctors and taking medical help. Now, patients can text, call, or video calls to interact with their respective doctors, if they can’t visit them personally. With everything going remote, the medical industry is also taking all the possible steps to provide medical help from the comfort of the home.
  6. Payment Gateway 
    Payment is the last step of buying any online services. Make sure the patients are having a smooth payment processing experience. Not all patients will have mobile wallets or UPIs. Keep an option of using cards and another method to make payment.
  7. Feedback
    Due to the availability of a number of doctors and hospitals; it is very difficult for patients to choose the best doctor for treatment. Including features of feedback and reviews on m-health helps the patients to read and check out the service quality of a particular hospital/doctor. Ease the best healthcare services finding process for users.

Costs to Online Healthcare App Development

The cost to develop an online app relies on many factors like the number of screens, types of features, use of tools/technology, and the source of app development. It is quite challenging to estimate the final cost of m-health before final app development. But by calculating the estimating working time in each process will make it easier to calculate the final cost.

Healthcare Development

The minimum hourly rate to develop an application is $20 per hour which goes up to $150 per hour. The hourly rate depends on the type of app development services you are choosing. In India, the app development prices are quite low compared to other geo-location.

  • The cost of prototyping and UI/UX design is 200 hours * $45 which is $9,000.
  • For the app development and testing, 600 hours are required and as per the $45 per hour, the cost will be $27,000.
  • For the server development, 400 runs are required and as per the $45 per hour, the overall cost is $18,000.

The total cost is $54,000. However, the estimated cost can be changed based on your requirements. You can balance your budget, by eliminating the non-required features. 


Along with the whole world going digital, the Healthcare industry is also acquiring online space. However, to provide successful healthcare mobile services, you must have an operating and functional application. Hire professional and experienced app development services like RG Infotech to get the best results. Hope the above information will guide you in the right direction.


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