December 8, 2023

Games Like Bingo : Find Your Next Favorite Gaming Experience

Games Like Bingo
The massive popularity of bingo is the reason for different games similar to bingo elements and gameplay, each offering its own unique twist. Today, we will discuss the top 15 games like bingo that you will know in 2023. Whether you’re a pro bingo player looking for more variety or someone completely new to this game, we’ve got you covered.
Before taking a look at the list of board game like bingo, we must take note of the thriving market for online bingo games in 2022. The value of the online bingo game market was around USD 1073.80 million, and it is projected to grow even further, reaching an estimated $1804.54 million by 2030. This impressive growth, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.75%, makes the game even more appealing and enhances its value.

List of Bingo Type Games

If you are looking for alternatives to traditional bingo or a modern, unique twist on classic bingo, our list of virtual bingo type games online has got you covered. From games that resemble the essence of bingo to innovative and creative adaptations, let’s get started!

1. NMBR 9

There’s no value of numbers in NMBR 9 unless they are off the ground floor and looking down from above. The game contains eighty tiles numbered 0-9 and twenty cards numbered 0-9; each number tile is made up of squares of some sort. After you finish shuffling the deck of cards, draw and show the initial card.
Each player pics up a number tile that matches the card and places it on the table. Each card that’d be drawn after that, each player picks the suitable number tile, and then adds it to the tiles that they have already played, with each player developing their own arrangement of tiles.

2. Keno

Keno is one of the most widely popular bingo like casino games. This game originated in ancient China around 200 B.C. and has a long history. The name Keno is taken from the French word “quine” which signifies the five winning lottery numbers. In this modern era, players get to choose the numbers from the grid of 80 squats, and 20 numbers are selected from the random draw. This game closely resembles bingo, which makes it a popular alternative for those searching for games like bingo online and a change of pace.
How to play keno:

        • Players select numbers between 1 and 10 from a board of 80.
        • A game machine or piece of software can draw 20 numbers at random.
        • The number of numbers players choose that match the drawn numbers will determine the layouts.

3. Slingo

Slingo is an online game that combines some elements of slots and bingo. This game offers a fresh and engaging gameplay experience. Slingo singles and multiplayer games offer a perfect blend of marking off numbers and spinning reels that makes each spin a fun experience for players. This game is quite popular among real-money game lovers. It was developed in a way to operate well on both Android and iOS platforms.
The game kicks off with a dice spin. The column of your screen will display numerous icons and numbers. Players need to spin the reel to make the number and symbols appear. Then carefully observe if any of the appeared numbers or symbols matches the number shown at the bottom. If a joker appears, then you can select the space available in the column above, however, if the yellow joker appears, you can choose any available space in the column.

4. Lotto/Lottery Games

Lotto is the king of games of luck. The game has its roots in the Han Dynasty in 200 BC. People believe that Keno was an antecedent of lotteries, which would both go on to influence games like bingo but partner them with the luck-based draw of a lottery. Drawing the numbers is a fun and exciting process, with participants eagerly waiting to find out if luck favors them or not.
In the game of lotteries, you will receive a slip, which you need to check to see if it matches what is presented by the lottery business owners. You can also build your own game of bingo-lottery in order to connect to wider sections and solidify your presence in the betting market.

5. DIY Bingo

While there are tons of options available for cool free bingo cards online, you may have noticed some kind of watermark on them, or they’re not what you may have preferred. But with the evolution of gaming, you can now make DIY cards, customize them according to your preferences, and even create several card decks.
You can now create your own custom cards with a bingo card generator. It allows players to print the cards at home or send out individual cards to play virtual bingo. Players can enter their own numbers or words on the card, and the bingo card generator will randomize them and make stunning bingo cards. You can also make bingo type games with cards according to different themes and occasions.

6. Tambola/Housie

Tombola is one of the most famous social games; it has an essence of community, just like bingo. This online game is perfect when you need to play it with friends or a group of people. Players don’t need any physical tickets, number callers, boards, etc. Everything is built into the game itself. Begin the game with your friends and enjoy the thrill.
Players can purchase tickets featuring rows of numbers. A caller draws and announces the numbers randomly. Different winning patterns, like lines or full houses, will help decide the winners of the game.

7. Pokeno

Pokeno is among the classic board-card games that blends the elements of poker with bingo, and it also contains the strategy of poker and the simplicity of rules like bingo. Players have the option to switch between forming pocket hands and marking off their cards, making sure that every game is filled with excitement and thrill.
Players focus on building poker hands on their Pokeno cards. After that, a dealer draws playing cards from a standard card deck and announces them. Players need to overlap the drawn card’s equivalent on their boards. The first player who receives a specific poker hand wins the game.

8. Raffle Draw

In a virtual raffle or online raffle, the winner is selected by chance. There are lots of ways to determine the winner, and the most common one is with the help of an online raffle generator. Raffle draws are the pinnacle of suspense. By putting in minimal effort, they offer the chance for grand, exciting rewards. Each of the tickets holds potential; they each draw a thrilling and exciting event.
How to Play:

        • Players buy each raffle ticket with a unique number.
        • During the draw, the numbers are selected randomly.
        • If your ticket’s number is called, you will be declared the winner!

9. Liar's Dice

Liar’s dice is another game like bingo that originated as a bluffing board game referred to as Dudo back in the 15th century from the Inca Empire and later spread its roots to Latin American countries. This game eventually made its way to European countries via Spanish conquistadors. Liars dice, which is one of the popular bingo like casino games, is played by two or more players who have the ability to deceive and spot an opponent’s deception.
In a “single-hand” dice game, each player receives a set of dice; all players roll the dice once, and the bids relate to the dice each player can see (their hand) along with all the concealed dice. In “common hand” games, a set of dice is passed on from one player to another. The bids relate to dice as they are in front of the bidder after re-rolling the selected dice.

10. Bunco

Bunco, or more commonly known as Bunco/Bunko, is another one of the fun games like bingo that is played using nine dice and completely based on luck. Bunco is often played at parties or with family, but anyone can enjoy this game with 12 more participants. If you are playing with an odd number of people, assign “Ghost” to someone. The partner of the “ghost” rolls the dice and keeps the score for the ghost player. Essentially, one participant on the team with an odd number gets a chance to roll and keep the score twice. The players will be divided into groups of four and try to earn more points while taking turns rolling the dice in a series of six rounds.
A player will achieve bunko if it rolls three-of-a-kind and all three numbers match the round number, which was decided at the beginning of the round. According to the World Bunco Association, these games like bingo clash/bunco have gained massive popularity in the US in the early 21st century; in 2006, it was claimed that over 59 million women had played this game during the previous year and 27 million players played this game on a regular basis.

11. Micro Robots

Micro Robots is an amazing game inspired by the classic Ricochet Robots. This game presents challenges for players to quickly determine how to move the robot from one place to another on the grid. The game has 4 game boards and in order to set up, you need to use the copper or black side of the four game boards; after that, players need to arrange them in a 2×2 square.
Every game board shows 9 dice, and the completed and arranged grid displays 36 dice. The dice are numbered 1-6 and display six colors, with each combination number and color coming up exactly once. After determining the transparent robot’s starting area by rolling the color and number dice, you need to mark that area with the transparent striking token.

12. Wheel of Fortune Online

Wheel of Fortune is one of the popular bingo type games. Players from all over the world can participate in this game. The objective of the game is to match the letters on the wheel with the pattern shown on the bingo card. This game contains some widely amazing and engaging slot games, and the reels are filled with fresh fruits, cruisers, and single, double, or triple gold bars. This 5-line slot has a max bet of $5.00 for a total bet of $25 per spin.
The wheel of fortune is a wild alternative for all the symbols, providing players with a golden chance to match a set of three. Every time one of the color-coded symbols makes an appearance on the payline, the three jackpot bonuses increase. When three appears, the bonus wheel symbol will trigger the bonus round feature, giving chances to spin the big wheel and earn three amazing jackpot prizes.

13. Scratch Cards

Scratch cards were first introduced in the United States in the 1970s. The list of similar card games like bingo continues with scratch cards. There are numerous scratch cards out there, but casinos offer real-money cash cards. And one of the most widely popular variants of this is bingo-style bingo or family games like bingo cash.
These essentially depend on the game, except you scratch off your winning balls first and then hope to make a pattern. The prizes can vary from small wins to massive wins and are generally available at any online bingo site.

14. Lucky Draw

Games like blackout bingo and lucky draw bingo are popular alternatives to classic bingo. Lucky Draw provides support for online users. Online lucky draw games allow players to pick lucky numbers depending on planning and strategy, the average numbers etc., or they may simply go with what seems like lucky numbers for them based on their dates, age, or personal preferences.
It is unknown whether the chances of swimming are higher in either situation. Perhaps your own personal numbers offer a higher chance than the ones in the research data. The game generally provides five slots: morning, noon, diamond, bumper, and evening. There would be no issues with draw purchases.

15. Pachinko

Pachinko is a mechanical game that has its origins in Japan. It has now turned into a popular arcade game and is often used for betting and gambling. Pachinko plays the same important role as the slot machines do in the west in low-stakes, low-strategy gambling. Unlike pinball, which uses larger balls, this game makes use of small (11 mm diameter) steel balls, which the owner lends to the player.
The player loads one or more balls into the slot machine, then presses and releases a spring-loaded handle, which is connected with the padded hammer inside the machine that launches the balls into the metal track. The track guides the ball over the top of the playing field; then, when the ball loses its momentum, it falls straight onto the playing field.


The above-provided details and information talk about game like bingo. These games are great for keeping the players excited and entertained. Depending on the games to play like bingo you choose, you may get a chance to win some real money. This factor is what makes these bingo alternatives so exciting for their legion of enthusiasts.
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