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RGI Game Services Overview

Best Board Game Development company

RG Infotech is a well-established online board game development company based in India & USA. With the support of our skilled development team, we have successfully developed high-quality gaming solutions for our clients. Our board game app developers have years of experience in developing various kinds of board games using the latest technology and features. From design to delivery, we try our best to exceed the expectations of our clients at every stage of the board game development process. We focus on developing unique and innovative board games with the help of the latest technology to provide an ultra-modern and realistic gaming experience to our clients.


RGI Game Services Solutions

Board Game Development Solutions

As a leading board game development company, we understand the importance of timely delivering the project, that’s why we make sure to review and deploy the project, so there won’t be any delay in head starting your board game businesses. Thanks to our skilled team of developers, designers, programmers, and testers, who use their years of experience to come up with the board game development solution. We give our 100% percent to develop customized board game apps befitting the needs and requirements of our clients. Our main goal is to develop engaging and entertaining board games that not only give players the best gaming experience but also bring numerous opportunities to earn revenue.

White-label board game software

Turnkey style board game software

Blockchain-based board game solution

Crypto-enabled board gaming platform

3D Ludo Game

3D Ludo is really the future of online gaming. We create engaging and enjoyable 3D Ludo games that work exceptionally well on several gaming platforms. 3D Ludo provides more exciting and smoother gameplay than 2D. The player can enjoy the cleaner 3D graphics, animation, 3D dice, etc. that will keep players engaged.

1 House Ludo Game

This is a quicker and simpler version of classic Ludo in which players need to take only a single token to the house before other players’ tokens to win a game. This may be simple but among the most popular and preferred Ludo variation players love today.

Timer Ludo Game

The timer will depend on the variation chosen by the player. It is also among the most popular online variants of Ludo games where a game is time-bound and the player who receives the most points within the timeframe, will be declared as a winner. The addition of this variation makes our game even more unique.

We Offer

RGI Game Services We Offer

Board Game Development Services We offer!

As a high-ranking gaming company in India, RG Infotech provides an extensive range of services and solutions for various big and small businesses. We are the one-stop destination for all your 2D or 3D board game development requirements. We have a team of highly qualified board game developers who possess both knowledge and experience to give life to your unique game idea. So if you are a business looking for top-class board game development services, choosing us can be your best decision. Our work depends on the latest tools and technology stacks like blockchain, MR, NFT, and 3D development.

Android Board Game Development

Our board game development software enables players to experience engaging and seamless cross-platform gameplay and easy-to-use gameplay controls with our world-class Android board game applications.

iOS Board Game Development

Our iOS-based board games allow players to play games on multiple devices with cross-platform support and provide hardware, graphics, audio, social gaming, and distribution tools to develop advanced games.

2D/3D Board Game Development

Our skilled development team utilizes their years of expertise in developing high-quality 2D and 3D board games with amazing designs, graphics, animations, and sound effects to please users.

Mobile Board Game Development

Developing games for various mobile OS is our specialty. We excel in developing games for Android, iOS, and Microsoft platforms. With our excellence and knowledge, we build engaging and high-quality mobile games.

Web Board Game Development

We strive to make attractive and captivating web app games that make players come back for more. Our experts bring your web app game ideas to reality and effectively keep players interested and engaged in the game for hours.

Desktop Board Game Development

We offer high-quality services for desktop board game development by utilizing our excellence to excel in developing immersive gameplay mechanics, visually stunning graphics/designs, and audio effects.


RGI Game Services Services

Online Board Game Solutions We offer as service!

We are one of the biggest board game development companies that offers high-tech board games for various digital platforms. We offer several board game options so that players can choose and enjoy the game they like the most.


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RGI Game Services Benefits & Feature

Advanced features of our Board Game Development

Features are the most crucial part of board game development and our developers understand that very well. That’s why we make sure to integrate the latest and advanced features and functionalities in our gaming apps to make your gaming experience even more amazing.

Cross Device Compatibility

It is an important feature for any advanced board game app. Our feature-rich game application offers players the best possible gaming solutions that seamlessly work on all platforms.

Live Chat Feature

This feature enables players to interact and chat with other players available online using emojis and texts. It enhances the user engagement and social aspect of the game.


Our skilled game app developers integrate multi-language features for all gaming apps. It provides players with multiple language options, so players can enjoy the game in a language they prefer.

Game History

Game history is an important feature that helps players keep track of their performances from previous games. It provides a detailed record of the previous game they played.

Advanced AI NPCs

Our board game developers integrate advance AI opponents, who'll hastily adapt the strategies of players and offer a more fun and challenging gaming experience.

Complex Game Mechanics

We include complex board game mechanics features which demands a strategic and problem-solving approach. Complex mechanics make the game more fun and challenging.

Daily Bonus

As a reward for active players, we embedded a daily log-in bonus feature in our board games to keep them active, engaged and motivated in the game as a daily routine.

24/7 support

In case you face any issue or have any query regarding our board game, we have a skilled team of professionals to address your every issue and provide apt and useful solutions.

Why Us

RGI Game Services Why Us

Why choose RG Infotech as a
Board Game Development Company?

RG Infotech has immense expertise in developing high-quality and advanced board games for various gaming platforms. Ever since our company came into existence, we have successfully delivered several amazing gaming applications to our clients. Our game is stacked with visually stunning graphics, frameworks, and features. We carefully consider all our client’s requirements and customize a great game that meets their business requirements. We have a proficient team of developers who are highly skilled and aware of current technological trends, which enables us to understand and address the exact requirements of clients. If you are looking for high-quality board game app development services, we are your best choice.

Agile Approach

Our agile practices allow us to work efficiently, respond to changes faster, and deliver high-quality products with enhanced performance.

Dedicated Development

Aggression towards successful deliverables keeps us engaged in high working measures by offering dedicated development.

100% Transparency

Our Agile Methodology keeps us motivated for complete transparency with our clients during the development process.

On-time Delivery

Our aggression towards customer satisfaction resulted in an enviable 99% on-time delivery track record for the past 10+ years of our existence.

Flexible Engagement

Diversity makes us comfortable to offer you a flexible engagement model and gives you a complete solution as per your requirements.

Competitive Pricing

The excellence that we've achieved in the past 15+ years of our operations, encourages us to offer you a better solution under modest pricing.

Technical Expertise

A deep understanding of the eminent technologies, together with a complete in-house skill set ensures all clients receive the best service.

Quality Commitment

Our finesses in complex technologies and in-house team of quality experts, encourage us to offer you a high-quality commitment.

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RGI Game Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

If that's not enough to clear your doubts!!

Online board games are web or app-based versions of popular and classic board games. For example, ludo, snakes and ladder, chess. The objective of this game is to enable family members, friends, or coworkers to enjoy together online.

Playing games can prove to be beneficial! The board games are important as they offer social, emotional and cognitive benefits. Because playing online games involves sitting in front of a screen, people (especially parents) usually dismiss it. However, online gaming can have a positive impact on young people. It lets you socialize, motivate players, and build relationships.

Generally, playing games adds joy to life, but specifically playing board games brings some unique health and life-improving benefits to a person’s life. Board games are socially acceptable to adults. They are often accompanied by a list of rules and formats that require a specific environment to be played. Board games are good as they help maintain mental health, develop communication skills, reduce stress and more.

The market value of the board game industry is valued at USD 18.93 billion in 2022 and it is also expected to grow even more to USD 39.99 billion by 2028, constantly evolving at a CAGR of 13.27% during the forecast period.

The game development cost differs depending on various factors, such as components, artwork, and manufacturing, it is not uncommon for the expenses the development cost can range anywhere between $4,000 to $20,000.

The duration of development can differ significantly, ranging from just a few hours to several years. Various factors can significantly impact the development process, thus increasing the time duration such as scale, resources, changes, and tools.