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RGI Game Services Overview

Best Texas Holdem Game Development Company

RG Infotech is a renowned name in the gaming industry. We build different varieties of Texas Hold’em poker games to choose from. Furthermore, we have a team of highly qualified developers, designers, and sound engineers. We have expertise in creating the best Texas Holdem games for various devices, including web, mobile, and desktop.

Our dedicated development team brings you a unique Texas Holdem game that can boost your gaming business with substantial trade benefits. We’ve supported and mobilized the potential of the gaming sector by developing iOS and Android game apps and software.

Types of Texas Holdem Games We Can Offer

Our expertise in Texas Hold’em Game Development isn’t just limited to the classic version of this poker game, but our developers are well-versed in other variations of this as well. Just name the version you want or share your custom requirements with us, and we will make it for you!

  • Zynga Holdem
  • Omaha Holdem
  • Scatter Holdem
  • WSOP Texas Holdem
  • Limit Holdem
  • Pot Limit Holdem
  • No Limit Holdem
  • Pineapple Hold’em
  • Irish Holdem
  • Two-Handed Holdem
  • Speed Holdem
  • Double-flop Hold’em


RGI Game ServicesServices

Texas Holdem Game Development Services

Our game development company offers business-oriented, interactive, simple-to-understand, and sophisticated Texas Holdem app development services that add high value to your casino game business. With our best Texas Holdem game development services, you can experience amazing and thrilling online games with excellent tools, features, and functionalities. We also offer customized white-label Texas Hold’em game development solutions that fit your business needs.

3D Ludo Game

3D Ludo is really the future of online gaming. We create engaging and enjoyable 3D Ludo games that work exceptionally well on several gaming platforms. 3D Ludo provides more exciting and smoother gameplay than 2D. The player can enjoy the cleaner 3D graphics, animation, 3D dice, etc. that will keep players engaged.

1 House Ludo Game

This is a quicker and simpler version of classic Ludo in which players need to take only a single token to the house before other players’ tokens to win a game. This may be simple but among the most popular and preferred Ludo variation players love today.

Timer Ludo Game

The timer will depend on the variation chosen by the player. It is also among the most popular online variants of Ludo games where a game is time-bound and the player who receives the most points within the timeframe, will be declared as a winner. The addition of this variation makes our game even more unique.







We Offer

RGI Game Services We Offer

Out-Performing and Engaging
Texas Holdem Game Solutions, We Offer!

Nowadays, poker games are gaining a lot of attention and love from gamers, so, naturally, people have great expectations from these sorts of games. In this case, we ensure that the Texas Holdem game solutions we provide will fulfil all users' expectations. We also create customized mobile, web, and desktop game solutions with the help of advanced tools and technologies. You will find the most suitable Texas Holdem card game solutions from us!

Ready-Made White-Label Gaming Solutions

Our white-label solutions help us create the most amazing gaming solutions that are ready-to-launch, custom-made, constantly updated, user-friendly, and packed with the latest features.

Crypto-Based Texas Hold'em Game Development

Our cryptocurrency-based solutions for Texas Holdem Poker games involve integrating blockchain technology that enables the use of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin for in-game transactions.

Bitcoin-Based Texas Hold'em Software Solutions

We offer Bitcoin-based Texas Hold'em Game Solutions that involve interactive payment stream integration, multi-level security, and customized, quick, and dependable solutions on a dedicated platform.

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RGI Game Services Features

Amazing features we offer in our
Texas Hold'em Game Development!

As one of the top Texas Holdem game development Companies in India, we provide complete Texas Holdem card game development skills with amazing features. By working with us, you can get all the amazing benefits of these features in the Texas Holdem game. Here we present some of the essential and upgraded features that you will get from our excellent development team.

Social Media Integration

We developed a Texas Holdem app that involves social media integration and allows users to link their game accounts with their social media handles. It's a lot easier for players to share their game results and invite others to join the game and play together.

Easy to Install

The Texas Holdem game apps we develop are easy to download and install. It applies worldwide, so players can effortlessly download and enjoy the game with just a few clicks without dealing with complicated installation steps and processes.


Our game experts design incredible Texas Holdem apps, games, and websites in multiple languages to engage players from specific regions. This feature is important as it provides players with the opportunity to enjoy the game in their preferred language.

Risk Management

Risk management systems are an essential feature for games like this that involve security risks. Texas Hold'em, developed by RG Infotech, integrates advanced and latest security systems that act as a shield and prevent any kind of possibility of scam or fraud.

Multi-Currency Support

Our qualified Texas Holdem software developers integrate several secure payment methods for developing excellent Texas Holdem poker games, such as credit card, wire transfer, and bitcoin, for smooth money transactions.

Game History

This is a must-have feature for our Texas Holdem game, as it allows players to see all the previously played games, challenges, and tournaments in the game history section and check their results instantly.

Enthralling Challenges

The Texas Holdem game app we develop includes various tournaments, competitions, and challenges for players to make them engage daily. They can win several bonus points and rewards through it to become winners.

Four Exciting modes

Our exceptional team of expert Game Developers incorporates four gaming modes. These modes include shootout, jump, stingo, and hold'em, which make the game even more exciting and allow players to have limitless fun.

Why Us

RGI Game Services Why Us

Why RG Infotech is The Best Choice for
Texas Hold'em Game Development?

At RG Infotech, we create the most creative and innovative Texas Holdem game solutions in the best way to turn your viewers into buyers. Regardless if you are a well-established land-based casino business or a mere online mobile game app start-up, we will create the best online Texas Hold'em poker solution suitable for your business requirements.

Our development experts create high-quality and feature-rich Texas Holdem apps that run flawlessly on various online gaming platforms, including iOS and Android, at a reasonable cost. So if you are a business looking for top-notch Texas Holdem game development services, we can be your best choice.

Agile Approach

Our agile practices allow us to work efficiently, respond to changes faster, and deliver high-quality products with enhanced performance.

Dedicated Development

Aggression towards successful deliverables keeps us engaged in high working measures by offering dedicated development.

100% Transparency

Our Agile Methodology keeps us motivated for complete transparency with our clients during the development process.

On-time Delivery

Our aggression towards customer satisfaction resulted in an enviable 99% on-time delivery track record for the past 10+ years of our existence.

Flexible Engagement

Diversity makes us comfortable to offer you a flexible engagement model and gives you a complete solution as per your requirements.

Competitive Pricing

The excellence that we've achieved in the past 15+ years of our operations, encourages us to offer you a better solution under modest pricing.

Technical Expertise

A deep understanding of the eminent technologies, together with a complete in-house skill set ensures all clients receive the best service.

Quality Commitment

Our finesses in complex technologies and in-house team of quality experts, encourage us to offer you a high-quality commitment.

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RGI Game Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

If that's not enough to clear your doubts!!

Our company typically offers a wide range of services, including game concept development, programming, game design, graphics and animation, multiplayer functionality, backend development, testing, and development across multiple platforms.

The duration of development can differ depending on the complexity of the game and the specific game requirements. It generally takes several months to a year to complete the entire process, from concept creation to deployment of the app.

The cost of development differs according to the game’s complexity, platform, and features. To get a rough idea of the cost, it is best to discuss your specific requirements with the game development company.

Our reputable Texas Holdem game development company employs advanced security measures, including anti-cheat systems, data encryption, and secure server infrastructure to protect players' data and ensure fair gameplay.