August 3, 2018

Acquire RG Infotech’s Fantasy Cricket App Development to Boost up your Sports business in 2019!

Fantasy Cricket App Platform are on boom and having a fully featured, impressive and eye-catchy Application for your business will surely enhance your profitability. You can opt it in just a click through RG INFOTECH, who have in-depth knowledge of the segment and have already build multiple solutions for universal clients.

Company has launched its own Fantasy Cricket Software with monthly subscription facility, which means you just have to pay for setup and rest will be charged on your monthly subscription. Subscription and un-subscription are quite easy, even for the non-technical ones.

Let’s begin with the Why segment than we will move ahead towards Adaptive things, features, Cost and legality of the Fantasy Sports Platforms.

Why Fantasy Cricket App as a business startup?

Fantasy Cricket App, is on the boom and around 67% of the population have knowledge about it. And according to the stats provided by Fantasy Sports Trade Association ( more than 18 crore Indian fans are aware of the platform. We all knew the craze of cricket in India and it directly reflects on Fantasy Sport Apps.


There are almost 900% growth in the segment as currently there are approx. 20 million users which have been just 2 million in 2016. And around 89% of users plays fantasy sports at least one time in a month. Even the leader of this segment Dream11, have around 1.8 crore registered users.

This ratio increases at the time of famous leagues such as IPL, World Cup, Asia Cup, etc. Even, few startups just launched their application in that particular period and then hold down their functions again till the next season.

If you are thinking about it as a startup option, then there are two types of options available, one Daily contest and second league-based contests. You can go with anyone according to your prospect and as per your business model.

Be ready in 2019 with your adaptive Fantasy Cricket App, as this is the year of opportunity. In 2019 there are two major ICC events scheduled – IPL 2019 and Cricket World Cup.

Adaptable things of RG Fantasy Cricket App Platform!

There are no limits on features, whichever package you select, you will get similar features. The amount of difference is just on hosting, you will get different specification for different packages. In terms of Fantasy Cricket App Features, you will get:

  • 01. Elegant UI
  • 02. Futuristic Features
  • 03. Complete Customization
  • 04. Easy to manage back-end
  • 05. Popular Payment Options
Let’s get an elaborated view on each and every special element that we have included in our Fantasy Cricket Software:

01. Elegant UI

The interface of any application or website, is the first thing that attracts a user and make them remember your business. We mind it and always provide higher results than their expectations. What we commit, is completely responsive application, eye-catchy graphics, trendy fluid designs, and performing features.

Under an economic budget package, you will be offered amazing brand identity – A logo that reflects your business concept clearly.
According to a survey, almost 90% industry giants and experts attest that a great UI increases the chances of success. Because a user first interacts with the interface and then go with the functions. If you succeeded in capturing their consciousness, then you can easily make them your prominent users.

02. Futuristic Features

The second thing that holds a user on your application, is the unique features. And Fantasy Cricket App Solution required it most. Why?

Because there are plenty of applications already running and having a similar kind of thing will make you one of them not an extraordinary platform. We care for that, and always come up with some unique, but required updates that can help you to achieve desired success.

Even, we consider the similarity a negative aspect thus we try to produce something attractive, elegant and quite impressive way to function the most common features such as: login and sign up. From league dashboard to team selection and from account profile to transaction history, we have created a unique way in our Fantasy Cricket Platform.

03. Complete Customization

A game never runs similarly for different organizations, that’s why we have implemented an easy to customize feature in all our solutions. Our Fantasy Cricket Platform used to have all essential features, that’re required to run it directly, but we also offer uniqueness and futuristic features with our complete customization.

  • If you want to add some module in your league-based platform, yes, we can do that.
  • If you want to increase functionalities in your daily contest platform, yes, we can also do that.
You just need to express your interest and your requirement, we can add or subtract them from our pre-build platform.

04. Easy to Manage Back-end

We understand the complexity of code, and that’s why we try to make everything easy for those who don’t know it. And most of time business owner doesn’t know how to code, then how can they manage app’s functions.

To limit that barrier, we have built an easy to manage dashboard for both, business owners and users. Owners can easily manage their leagues, match countdowns, team placements, match fees, and other operations, whereas users can easily create their accounts, teams and join contests.

05. Popular Payment Options

There are always two versions in a Fantasy Cricket App, one is Freemium, where user can join contests freely, and second is Premium, where users have to pay a match fee to join paid contests. In both cases user can win an amount decided by the owner.

To manage paid contests and to receive match fee from users, Fantasy Platform requires an adaptable & universal payment option. Here, at RG Infotech’s Fantasy Cricket Platform, we have incorporated Paytm and PayUMoney and can implement other major payment options such as PayPal, Net Banking, Stripe, CCAvenue, etc.

If you want to discuss your idea or want to check out a demo, keep in touch with us!

Features of RG Fantasy Cricket App Platform

RG Infotech has years of experience in the segment and have developed multiple solution for their clients. Company now decided to launch their own Fantasy Cricket Software after completing a great research, and with futuristic features.

As the requirement of trending things, company has incorporated trendiest design options, more user centric interface, better flow of cash, easiest way to manage contests, and much more. To get more details or the demo presentation, you can discuss with the dexterous geeks.

Here are the most essential features, that company incorporated in its Fantasy Cricket Platform. Take a look beneath:

  1. User Features
  2. Admin Features
  3. Additional Features

Let’s get an elaborated view on each and every feature, we have included in our fantasy cricket solution:


Users, the end entity, for which we have created our solution demanded elegant and eye-catchy designs along with easy to use features. We have already noted that and worked on our interface as a premium feature.

Fluid designs, interactive graphics, clear navigation, and trendiest features enhanced performance of Fantasy Cricket Platform. Here, we have showcased our remarkable features that we have included in our app:

  • 01. Login & Sign up
  • 02. Freemium & Premium Contests
  • 03. Account & Verify
  • 04. My Contests
  • 05. Create Team & Join Contest
  • 06. Wallet & Transactions
  • 07. Leaderboard
  • 08. Refer and Earn
  • 09. Add Cash Payment
Fantasy App User-Features


Admin, the one who can manage all operations, the owner of the solutions or someone who can manage platform, requires featured solution that can comply with the guidelines, law and users as well. From where he/she can arrange things, set-up contests, manage users, and operate other segments too. We care this thing and build-up an easy to understand admin dashboard with interactive UI.

In our solution, we have crafter dynamic segments which can directly reflect on Fantasy Cricket Platform either it is an application or a website. Here, check out major features that we have implemented in Admin Dashboard:

  • 01. Web Login
  • 02. User Management
  • 03. Match Management
  • 04. Contest Management
  • 05. Player Management
  • 06. Player Point Management
  • 07. Earning Management
  • 08. Payment Management
  • 09. Team Management
  • 10. Content Management
  • 11. Cash Bonus Management
  • 12. Transaction Management
  • 13. Account Verification

- Additional Features

To make the solution more impressive and futuristic, we have embedded trendy additional features in it. Additional features that surely enhance the performance, speed up the operations, and cut down the admin efforts.

Along with that, we offer complete customization to our clients, which means client can add or remove any section as per their requirement. It makes our solution more compatible to any organization either startups or industry giants. Take a look at the features, beneath:

  • 01. Live Match Score API
  • 02. Cash Flow API
  • 03. Push Notification
  • 04. Real Time Analytics
  • 05. Payment API
  • 06. Auto Responders
  • 07. Real Time Chat Bots
  • 08. Reward Management

Don’t hesitate to enter into Fantasy Sports Business, It’s completely Legal!

Being an entrepreneur, we want to spend our efforts on a legal concept, rather investing in a raw, illegal idea. That’s happened when we tried to think about money making applications or fantasy sport websites. But don’t hesitate to enter into Fantasy Sports Business, as this is completely legal and authentic.

Central government already exempt Fantasy Sports from Gambling and according to the Section 12 of the Public Gambling Act, 1867, “Games of mere skill are not coming under the application of the Gambling Act”. In the case of State of Andhra Pradesh V. K. Satyanarayana, AIR 1968 SC 825, the Supreme Court defined a ‘game of mere skill’ to mean a game “in which, although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated, success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player.”

Cost of Fantasy Cricket App Development!

If we consider the development from scratch than it will be a costly investment. While on other hand, you have an economic solution through which you can easily setup your own Fantasy Cricket Platform. At RG Infotech, you can use subscription model, which can cut down your high investment into monthly subscription along with one-time setup cost.

The cost of a Fantasy Cricket Platform is only $950 (one-time setup cost) plus monthly subscription cost of $365, in which you will get a web application and one Android Application.

If we compare traditional costing and subscription costing than there is a huge difference. With Subscription Model, you can opt an eminent, performing, and functioning Fantasy Cricket Platform in just $1315 and start your fantasy sport business immediately.

Build your own custom Fantasy Cricket Platform or Acquire a pre-build solution with your branding, here!


Completely legal, Game of mere skills – Fantasy Cricket is the future of online gaming in India. It already has established its roots and is expected to grow with time as more countries are going to adapt the concept and legalize it.

Remember IPL 2018? The biggest premier league which officially running their own Fantasy app and usually revealed the stats of fantasy cricket app users in between their live matches. They have recorded 8-9 million users on their app, even the leading giant – Dream 11s owner Harsh Jain stated that “in the IPL season they have grown their user base from 20 million to 40 million”.

So, the stats clearly showing the rapid growth of Fantasy Cricket Platforms in such tournaments and in 2019, you have much better opportunity to grow your fantasy sports business as ICC already scheduled IPL and Cricket World Cup in 2019.

Hire expert Fantasy App Developer to build an elegant and interactive Fantasy Cricket App Platform before 2019 and Get your chances to win the opportunity. Cheers!


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