August 16, 2018

(Infograph) Top notch ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS, you should acquire in 2019!

Search Engine Optimization, one of the well-known terms and one of the major spam factors all over the internet. But we can’t deny that SEO Factors has a worthy existence and always carry a faith to get better presence online, obviously if we properly do that.

Someone on internet has quoted:

“Virtual presence keeps your business alive and enhance your market reach.”

Obviously, that’s right, as it can appear your biz in front of around 4119 million active internet users worldwide (source).

Check out here, the global digital population as of July 2018, statics by Statista.

Global Digital Population
With high possibilities of biz growth, search engine optimization also helps a biz to improve their reputation with positive feedbacks, better user base, and enhanced buyer conversion ratio, all that a biz looks for.

Things that need to be remembered!

Either you are a business owner or a digital marketing geek, in both cases, you have to know the major and the trendiest ways to get ranked for yourself or for your clients. Because with traditional SEO Factors & approaches, you can arrange to get ranked on Google, but without moderations that will not stay longer.

Even, to become an influencer, you have to be more precise, more focused and more user centric to get better engagement, which obviously the biggest reason of rank. Google only wants user reaction nothing else, so make your moves accordingly and produce something that engages users and reduces dwell time.


Let us allow to analyze and optimize your online appearance. Our focused consultant will help you grow.

Although, implementing right things at right place needs a lot of attention and experience, because improper implementation of SEO Factors can ruin your presence completely.

Keep remember to do essential things first, then analyze what you have done. After that, go for the advance optimization. This strategy will surely make your efforts resultant.

Two major things that you need to remember are:

  1. Do proper keyword research either by Google Keyword Planner tool or by manually searching on Google search tool. You can utilize Google trends too, to get more analyzed data about the keywords.
  2. Always perform A/B test before making your site live. It will give you an idea about performing pages.

Top Notch “ON PAGE SEO FACTORS” for coming years!

Additionally, to the above mentioned two essential things, you need to optimize your website according to the standards. You have to properly implement your researched keywords that help you to get ranked on Google, optimize your website through online tools or manually to get possible errors, and add robots file, Sitemaps, Google analytics to track user behavior.

Don’t forget about content quality, because Google considers it and can penalize your website for duplicate, thin, or keyword stuffed content. Also maintain keyword density and try to add LSI keywords to get Google’s consideration for relevant searches.

But as a top-notch SEO Factor, keep your website mobile friendly. The leading search engine – Google, has already announced their switching over mobile-first indexing (source) and for what an optimizer works… “Google”.
There are almost 60% searches from smartphones and around 2.32 billion active smartphone users across the world, which is forecasted to reach 2.87 billion by 2020. (Check out the source here or chart beneath.)
Active Smartphone Users

If we consider Google’s Guideline then there are almost 200+ factors that lead a website in ranking, which we have researched and clustered in 21 On Page SEO Factors, that needs your attention in 2019.

To grab your attention and engage you more, we have represented them in an infograph, attached here:

Infograph - Top Notch On Page SEO Factors!

SEO Factors (Infograph)

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