February 28, 2018

Leading Social Networking Platforms, you can go with in 2018!

Social Networking Platforms are used to interact with worldwide users either for the networking purpose or for business purpose, but they are growing day-by-day and increasing their demand rapidly.  Due to their increasing demand, we have witnessed the boom of social networking, Social Media Optimization (SMO) & social messaging apps along with a huge demand in social networking app development segment.

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According to the stats by Statista, there are more than 2.46 billion of social media users worldwide and the number will cross 3.02 billion by 2021. Take a look at the chart beneath:

Number of Social Media users worldwide

Moreover, the growth in Social Networking users, there is a huge potential in the industry in terms of revenue, which we have witnessed through several mergers and acquisitions successfully accomplished in the past decade. In the list of top mergers and acquisitions, Facebook & WhatsApp acquisition holds the top position with $19 billion amount.

Facebook has the highest mergers and acquisitions in social networking industry (around 67 mergers – source), due to which it is the leading social media platform worldwide with highest user base. That’s why, it comes in the top of the list whenever we talk about Social Media Optimization Platforms or consider social platforms for business growth and visibility. Take a look at Global Social Media Ranking 2018 statistics beneath:

Leading Social Networking Platforms


The above chart is clearly showing that Facebook rule the industry and is way ahead of the leading followers like YouTube and WhatsApp. With a user base of around 2.2 billion, Facebook has the highest coverage in more than 157 countries. Take a look at the world map of Facebook beneath:


According to this world map, Facebook is prohibited only in Russia & China and both countries have their own social media networks – VK (VKontakte) in Russia and QZone in China.

Facebook was launched in Feb 2004 and has its headquarter in Menlo Park, California, U.S. But the highest users are from India around 250 million, take a look at the country wise Facebook users beneath:

From a university project to a leading social platform, Facebook completed a great journey. The founder Mark Zuckerberg has a great view and conception about Facebook and surely come with something unique in near future. Apart from the social sharing, networking and messaging, Facebook also entered into advertisement segments by allowing their users to advertise on Facebook through its Ad manager segment.

Take a look at the overview of Facebook, here:


The second largest social networking platform with around 1.5 billion worldwide users – YouTube, revive after its acquisition into Google. Although this acquisition was not appreciated at that time due to its eye-popping amount of $1.65 billion, but now it’s considered as a great decision.

The worldwide appreciated video sharing and networking platform was first launched in February 14, 2005 and later in November, 2006 acquired by the Google. As of 1st quarter 2016, the major active users are from United states with around 167.4 million users, take a look at the beneath chart of country wise users:


YouTube is one of the major sources for users to earn dollars as it allows them to create their channels and share their videos. The highest viewed and subscribed channel will get a fore sure amount in return. For an example: the youngest YouTube Star – “Ryan ToysReview” made $11,000,000 in 2017 and he is just 6 years old.

Being a part of leading search engine and advertisement platform – GOOGLE, YouTube also has a video advertisement segment that managed through Google AdWords. Check out beneath the net advertisement revenue of YouTube in US only:

Let’s start your channel and make your audience engage in 2018 to earn a handsome amount from YouTube. Take a look at the overview of YouTube, here:


Leading Social Messaging App with around 1.5 billion worldwide users (as of December 2017), WhatsApp rule the market due to its robust performance, trendiest features and eye-catching UI. The growth of the firm increased after the acquisition held in the year 2014. Facebook bought the complete rights of WhatsApp in $19 billion, which is the highest in the history and eye-popping for the market specialists.

This acquisition positively impacts on the functionality of WhatsApp as the team of developers increased, who already worked on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Due to that, WhatsApp gets web version, improved Emojis, Video Calling feature and much more in past 3 years.

The growth of worldwide users just doubled in 3 years of the acquisition, take a look at the beneath chart of active worldwide users:


Just like the Facebook, WhatsApp enhanced its reach in more than 128 countries and supports 50+ languages. And according to the research held by Statista, around 73% of population in Saudi Arabia uses WhatsApp as their main messaging application (as of 3rd quarter 2017). Take a look at the chart beneath:


Being a leading social messaging app, it covers almost every place either by competing with Facebook Messenger or by leading the way. In few countries like US, Australia and others, WhatsApp is the 2nd most popular social messaging app and following the path of Facebook Messenger. Take a look at the beneath world map of WhatsApp popularity in every country:

Along with the messaging functionality, WhatsApp also considered as a great promotional platform where you can easily target your prominent users and share your information with 100s of users in a single click. Take a look at the overview of WhatsApp, here:

Final Words

With more than 2.46 billion worldwide users, Social Networking is a worth to invest medium in 2018. It can ensure you more visibility, more user engagement and improved conversion for your business and will make it a brand in coming years.

The leading social platforms Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp have social sharing & networking feature along with advertisement feature to enhance your reach among the targeted audience. So, take a futuristic step and make your business more visible in 2018 by adapting leading social networking platforms.


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