February 17, 2022

Fantasy Cricket App Development Guide – Market Analysis, Leagues, and Development Tools.

Whether it’s an online or offline platform, cricket is ruling the world of sports in India. With the increase in the user base of the Fantasy Sports platform, the requirement of Fantasy Cricket apps is also increasing. Indeed, there are many Fantasy Cricket apps in the market, but there is always a space for something new which can improve the user experience.

And Fantasy App Development services acquired from experienced developers can provide such online sports platforms which can level up your game in the sports industry.

Let’s dig further and learn how to build a Fantasy Cricket app in real-time:

Market Overview of Fantasy Cricket

Researching and gaining knowledge in the particular industry that you are planning to invest in, is the first step. We all know the craze of watching cricket among the public, which results in the growth of cricket on the fantasy sports platform too. Here is the market overview of Fantasy Sports:

  • According to market analysis, the Indian fantasy sports industry is expected to touch $2.5 billion in 2022. The industry is growing with a 32$ CAGR rate and is expected to be worth $3.7 billion by 2024.
  • Also, ResarchAndMarkets.com suggests that the global market revenue of fantasy cricket is predicted to be $2.174 million by the year 2023 with an 18.6% CAGR rate.
  • 65% of the users play fantasy sports on mobile in the US
  • On average, the fantasy sports user spends 42 minutes playing Fantasy cricket
  • Presently there are more than four crore fantasy sports app users in India.

Know more about Cricket.

Before starting the development of fantasy cricket in real-time, it is important to know about cricket first. Developers and investors both should have vast knowledge about sports and their market value. Knowledge about the game will help the developer to integrate the relevant features and technology trends within the application. Whereas, if an investor knows about the sports industry, then only he/she can invest in the right place.

Possible Leagues of Fantasy Cricket App.

There are many regional, national and international cricket leagues that are covered on the Online Fantasy Cricket app. Here are the possible Fantasy leagues and tournaments conducted on Fantasy Cricket App for users. 

Fantasy Cricket App Development Guide

Here’s the list of most popular leagues and tournaments. apart from them, fantasy cricket platform usually include several domestic leagues too.

  • World T-20.
  • Big Bash League.
  • ICC World Cup.
  • Global T20 Canada.
  • T10 league.
  • Hong kong t20 blitz.
  • Qatar T10 league.
  • Super smash.
  • Mzansi Superleague.
  • Ashes and many more.
These are the possible fantasy cricket leagues a fantasy cricket app can offer. The format of all the above leagues is different, which demands different integration of features and landing pages, which justify the type of league.

Possible Technologies used for Fantasy Cricket App Development.

As an investor you should know the technology and tools used in the Fantasy Sports app development, so you can choose the best and most appropriate one for your online gaming platform.  Here are the few technologies that can be used to develop a fantasy sports app:

  • Android – Android is a good choice to release your Fantasy sports app and with the support of Java, Kotlin helps to build the best app. Node.js and Laravel are also good choices.
  • iOS – Swift is the most popular technique used to develop the app on the iOS platform. Node.js, ROR, and Laravel can also be considered.
  • Database – To manage the data from both user and admin add, the most used databases are Mysql, MongoDB, and Redis.
  • Payment Gateway – Integrating third-party apps or wallets are good options to make payments. Some common gateways are Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and Mangopay.
  • Push Notification – To add a push notification feature in your fantasy sports app, tools like Twilio, Amazon, SNS, and MAP can be used.
  • Analytics – To analyze the app performance and all the ongoing activities on the Fantasy Sports App, tools like Gleam I0, Google Analytics, and Spark.
These are the possible fantasy cricket leagues a fantasy cricket app can offer. The format of all the above leagues is different, which demands different integration of features and landing pages, which justify the type of league.

Fantasy App Development Services.

After doing all the research and collecting information related to Fantasy Sports industry, the biggest step is to find out the best and most affordable Fantasy App Development services. It is quite challenging to find services which are both experienced and yet budget friendly. Here are the few factors, one can look to hire the best fantasy app development services. 

Fantasy Cricket App Development
  • Experience – The experience of the Fantasy Sports app developers will help you in reaching out to the most potential customers and to increase your app popularity. The experienced developers are well versed with the past present and future trends in the respective industry. Their experience works like a cherry on the apple pie, elevating the taste!
  • Technical Knowledge – Without technical knowledge, experience won’t develop the code for the app solely. To know about their technical knowledge, check out their portfolio. Ask them what technology they use for a particular work or process.
  • Client Feedback – Don’t underestimate the power of client feedback. Genuine feedback about the services will help you to understand the organization’s behavior towards clients and their goals.


Cricket has already set the standard on-field and it will be really challenging for the developers to match the standards on an online platform. However, doing extensive research before starting the development will guide the developers to follow the right direction and use the technology to provide the live playing experience. Fantasy App Developers like RG Infotech are already well versed with the fantasy sports industry and app development.


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