April 22, 2020

The Growth of Fantasy Sports in India – An Infograph!

Fantasy Sports isn’t a new or unknown word, due to the massive demand of fantasy sports around the world, the growth of such sports in India isn’t a never happen thought. The segment has a great response from several sports fans and grown from individual’s hobby to a billion-dollar industry in a really short period.

Now, users love to spend their skills on fantasy sports for fun and entertainment. Due to such quality, it has grown its user base from a few hundreds to millions of users in just a decade. Even, the no of Fantasy App Developers has been grown in the same time to provide seamless production of such skill-based Fantasy Sports App to end users.

India is the country, where people love to watch sports and these are like their religion. The impressive thing is that the hockey is their national sport, but the love for cricket is unbeatable. ICC (International Cricket Council) research stated that there’re 1+ billion cricket fans across the globe, in which India contributes almost 90%. Due to such craze, the number of users, who supports fantasy sports in India, is almost double from any other country.

Fantasy Sports

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In terms of Fantasy Sports, Football is the sport that played mostly across the globe and usually has the highest number of users. But in India its on second place with around 54%, while Fantasy Cricket is leading with 71% market shares. These stats clearly show that Fantasy Sports Platform is not just an entertainment platform, it is going to be a phenomenal business opportunity for individuals and organizations, due to the millions of users and a high no of associates.

In 2018, “Star India”, witnessed the 700 million IPL viewers along with 200 million+ viewers on their live streaming app “Hotstar”. Apart from that, there are several facts and figures that shows the growth of fantasy sports in India;

  1. After several researches, around 72% respondents consider “FUN and EXCITEMENT” as the primary motivator for engaging with fantasy sports platforms.
  2. In respect to the gender, around 71% male and 29% female players regularly play fantasy sports online.
  3. 74% of the respondents play fantasy sports 1-3 times a week, while the majority plays once a week.
  4. If we consider the frequency of engagement according to the age-wise distribution, the age group of 18-24 and 25-36 with nearly 75-80 percent of the respondents playing fantasy sports 1-3 times a week.
  5. As per the Statista stats, fantasy sports industry has a glowing future and a much better business opportunity. In the year 2014, this industry generates INR 20.3 billion revenue, which was increased to INR 43.8 billion in the year 2018. Experts forecasted that the industry will generate INR 118.8 billion by the year 2023.

The above stats are almost enough to idealize the market size of fantasy sports industry. With the millions of fantasy users and a huge no of associates, one more thing significantly increases in the industry, which is the number of Fantasy Sports Platforms. The leading name of the industry – Dream11 has more than 6+ crore active users on its platform.

Dream11 alone holds up to 90% of Indian fantasy sports market and legally associated with several tournaments. The firm is the official partner of IPL, Hero cup and several others. Even, the firm raised $100 million in a series D funding round led by the Chinese multinational investment holding conglomerate “Tencent” in the year 2018.

Check out the infographics to understand graphical representation of the growth of fantasy sports, here!

Infograhics - growth of fantasy sports in India

The above details show the growth of fantasy sports in India and the possibilities of future growth as well. If you are seeking the expert assistance and the excellence of an experienced team, go ahead and contact us!

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