January 12, 2024

How Much Does It Cost to Make A Card Game App in 2024?

How Much Does It Cost to Make A Card Game App
Card games have become massively popular in recent years. You can easily find over 5,000 card game applications on the Play Store and App Store. Back in the days, when smartphones were not introduced and internet connectivity was not that strong, these card games played an important role in increasing social interaction, and even today, they are used as the best medium to socialize virtually with advanced multiplayer card game development technology. If you are willing to know “how much does it cost to make a card game” its depends on certain factors and aspects, which we are going to discuss in this blog today.
Popular games like rummy, poker, and teen patti are the popular card games that have gained immense love and traction from users, which is the biggest reason for the success of online card games. If you are a business wanting to build an on-demand card game app, then you are in the right place.

What Are Card Games?

There are several card games, each having its own rules and objectives. Card games are the online gaming platform that sees playing cards as the main component of the gameplay. There’s the involvement of boards in all card-playing games where the gameplay depends on the cards that players use.
However, the general rule of card games implies that you can individually identify the cards from one side, where each player knows the only card that they hold. The card game types basically fall under these categories: matching games, trick-taking games, shedding games, collectible card games, gambling card games, deck-building games, war games, living card games, and solitaire card games.

Skill-Based Card Game App Development Market Stats

Before covering more details of mobile game development and the cost to make a card game, let’s first explore the numbers and statistics that define the skill-based card game app development market.
        • The market value of the skill-based game market is projected to reach US$9.26 billion in 2022.
        • The CAGR of card-based games is 67.58%.
        • The total revenue generated by online card games is US$5,188.00 million in 2022.
        • Total revenue is anticipated to reach an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022–2027) of 11.79%, which results in a projected market volume of US$18.61 billion by 2027.
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How Much Does It Cost to Make A card game App?

Every game development company knows that it takes both time and a high card game price to make it. You can expect at least 5 to 6 months to complete a card game.
If you consider the card game app development cost, it basically depends on several factors, features, and your decision to create a platform-independent application for a specific gaming platform.
On average, a card game development cost can be around $10K to $20K for a single platform with only basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may rise to $100K and more, depending on the type of game you want to develop and the complexity of the features.
Here is the table showcasing the card game price for different development phases:
Development Process
UX/UI Design
Native Platform Development
Backend Development
Admin Panel for Web Development
Testing & Q/A
$12-$20 per hour
Project Management
Final Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Make Custom Playing Cards?

Engaging with playing cards usually isn’t a very expensive hobby. Whether you’re learning cardistry or card magic, hosting regular poker nights, or just playing casual games with your friends and family, you don’t have to spend tons of money on equipment and supplies.
But, depending on the way you use those cards, you might find yourself going through decks of cards fairly quickly. So, it is crucial to understand: What is the cost of a deck of cards? And what should be your budget for buying good, high-quality cards?

Let’s Break It Down

A custom deck of cards will cost somewhere between $2 and $5 per deck, depending on how and when you want to purchase them. By purchasing a multi-pack of 9 or 12, you can get an exciting deal on these high-quality cards.
        • If you don’t care about the quality, there are other, cheaper options available on the market. Enter any local dollar store, and you can get a deck, or maybe even a two-pack, of generic no-name playing cards.

        • Sometimes common card brands like Maverick and Hoyle can be found pretty cheap (under $3) in some stores.

        • Custom or unique decks from brands like Theory11, Dan, and Dave, or the United States Card game App development company will usually cost somewhere between $5 and $15 per deck.

What Factors Can Influence The Price Of Card Game Development?

By now, you might have some understanding and insights about the average price to Create a card game. In order to reach a more clear and accurate estimate, we have listed some of the major factors that can affect the overall cost to make a card game app:

Game Design

The cost to develop an online card game also depends on aspects such as UI/UX. If you want to create a simple card game app with basic features, then the cost of development and game design will likely be less. However, if you want to incorporate an attractive, detailed, and visually realistic interface into your card game application, it will cost you more.

Developer’s location

The location and region of the game developers can also impact the overall cost of the card game application. There are countries that provide pocket-friendly development services. Whereas others have expensive but high-quality development services to offer, the cost to build a card game highly depends on your capability to invest in the particular project.
        • Fees charged by Indian card game developers are generally around $10 to $20 per hour.

        • USA card game developers can cost around $50 to $70 per hour.

        • Other countries Developers at Game App Development Company can charge somewhere around $35 to $40 per hour.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Online real money card games are platforms that allow users to play and compete against other players to win exciting cash rewards. Therefore, it is important to offer them safe and secure payment gateways. If you want to integrate multiple payment options, the cost to build an online card game will be higher as compared to fewer payment methods.

The Complexity of Features and Games

The card game development cost also depends on the complexity of the features and the project in general. Basically, complexity is all about how much money you need to invest in a card game app for making. Based on their complexity, card games are generally divided into three major categories:
        • Simple 2D

        • Mid-level Games

        • High-Level Games

To know more about the different type of game price, keep reading:


The above-given information discusses the important aspects regarding the development price of a card game app. We hope this information helps you understand “How Much Does It Cost to Make a Card Game App?” and the cost of custom game cards, among other important aspects. We also discussed some cost-influencing factors in game development. Stay tuned for more informative updates.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before delving into the intricacies of mobile game craftsmanship, let’s explore the numerical landscape that characterizes the realm of skill-based card game development. Anticipated at $3.6 billion, the projected value of the skill-based game market in India by 2022 stands at a formidable 730 crore.
Post-development maintenance and support expenses may account for up to 30% of the total development cost. Our fees align with industry norms, recognising that the upkeep and support requirements for each app are distinct and variable.
Here are some important features to add to your card game app:
        • Gameplay Rules
        • Deck Customisation
        • Animations and visual effects
        • Leaderboards and Achievements
        • In-App Purchases and Virtual Currency
        • Sound effects and background music
        • Single-player and multiplayer modes
        • User authentication and profiles
        • Undo and Hint Options
        • Ads and the Ad-Free Option
        • Responsive Design
        • Settings and Preferences
        • Offline Mode
        • Data Security

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