December 18, 2023

Top 12 Christmas Game Ideas : Make Your Own Christmas Game

Christmas is all about having fun with friends, family, presents, parties, and games. From decorating houses to baking goodies, singing carols, and attending midnight church prayers, the festive vibes bring a present of warmth and joy for everyone. To make this festive season more exciting, why not add some playful and entertaining games to the list? Be it a simple scavenger hunt or an exciting present decorating game, these Christmas game ideas online will surely add a lot of flavor to your Christmas party and create unforgettable memories to cherish for life.
Online Christmas games have become popular among the young generation. These games are fun ideas and activities people can enjoy with their friends or on Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams during the holiday season. Some of the most popular Christmas game examples are wrapping races, Christmas bingo, and Christmas countdowns. These games hype up team members and motivate them to get into the festive spirit through engaging and fun team-building activities. To help you decide which Christmas game app you should download on your phone to make the Christmas activities more amazing, we have come up with this blog.
This blog has compiled a list of some of the most fascinating virtual Christmas game ideas and apps that you should consider.

A List Of Popular Online Christmas Games For iOS And Android

Spice up your holiday season by downloading these prolific Christmas game apps for iPhone and Android. Here’s a comprehensive list of online Christmas game ideas to add spark to your Christmas holiday fun. So let’s get started.

Christmas Mahjong Game

We have to add a mahjong Christmas game to our Christmas game list, as it contains lots of fun Christmas-themed mahjong puzzle games. This free online card game app offers users an interesting twist to the basic and traditional Chinese tile game to jog your brain. It comes with lots of different Christmas theme figures to match. You just need to select and connect pairs of matching, unlocked tiles until all the tiles disappear from the board. Have fun playing this game against the clock. Get limitless hints if you feel stuck. Play this virtual Christmas game with a lot of mahjong layouts in the shape of gingerbread, candy cane, Christmas tree, and mistletoe that remind you of the happy time of the New Year holidays, entertain you, and bring you joy.

Candy Cane Christmas Game

The Christmas Candy Cane Game is a fun online game that will keep you highly entertained for many hours. This game consists of numerous levels to play, each with its own unique challenges. This is a great game for all ages and fun to play with friends. There are many popular fun variations of can-cane Christmas games available online, such as Candy Cane Hunt, Candy Cane Hit, Candy Cane Limbo, Candy Cane, Mahjong Candy Cane, and more. Just like many other popular games, it is also developed with HTML5. It works seamlessly on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or higher.

Bingo Christmas Game

The Christmas bingo game is among the best online Christmas games to enjoy with your friends and teammates. You can play Christmas game boards online through Zoom or Google Meet, split the group into teams by creating breakout rooms, and send each team a link to a bingo card. To mark off a square, participants need to find another player who fits the description. The first group to get five boxes consecutively will win the game. So, experience the real bingo gaming fun with multiplayer bingo challenges, the new slot mix, and many other Santa’s gifts waiting to be unwrapped.
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Secret Santa

Secret Santa games are by far one of the more widely popular virtual Christmas games to play with your friends. This Christmas game android version is perfect to lift up your holiday party. It is best to play the game with friends on Zoom. In order to organize the exchange, make participants log in to online platforms like Elfster or Gifter, set a date for pairs they need to match, and get notification. Team members need to add their addresses to the website, and gift givers will send the present before the exchange. Then, the group will meet up to open the presents together through a video call. The budget for most of the secret Santas is around $25 or even less. However, you can fix a price limit that is most suitable for your participants.

Spin The Wheel Christmas Game

Spin the wheel Christmas Edition is a great idea for a Christmas-themed game show. It is a fun game that is worth its salt and will be played on an interactive spinner wheel. No need to worry if you don’t have a game show to pitch; generally, you can spin the spinner wheel for pretty much anything that comes to mind.
        • Trivia with Prizes: Give each segment of the spinning a certain amount of money, gifts, or other kinds of rewards. Go to the separate screen and challenge each player to answer a question or riddle. The difficulty level of the question will depend on the amount of money on which the wheel lands.

        • Christmas Truth or Dare: Each segment will be assigned truth or dare alternatively. The players will have no control over whether the wheel will land on truth or dare, making Christmas games like this more interesting.

Monopoly Christmas Game

Monopoly and Christmas are the perfect pair. Thousands, if not millions, of people around the globe get together to have fun and play the Monopoly Christmas game. This is an exciting game that brings together families, young and old, to spend some family time together while trying to make each other lose some money in the game. There are Christmas editions of monopoly games that are available online. There are also monopoly games that are associated with Christmas movies like ELF, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and A Christmas Story. The best options for monopoly Christmas games are:
        • Monopoly: Christmas Limited Edition
        • Monopoly: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
        • Monopoly: A Christmas Story
        • Monopoly: The Nightmare Before Christmas
        • Monopoly: Elf
        • Christmas-Opoly

Christmas Cookie: Match 3 Game

This match 3 game is similar to the candy crush Christmas game. With 1 million downloads, 4.6 star rating on the Play Store, and 13.2k reviews, it is one of the most popular swapper games available online. The objective of this game is to match three or more Christmas-themed cookies and burst them on a Christmas-themed grid to score points. The difficulty level will keep increasing as you progress in the game. Do not waver due to the challenges; you can use the power-ups to help you out. There are also special cookies that can be used to create powerful combinations and clear large groups of cookies at once. With its colorful graphics, Christmas melodies, and addictive gameplay, this game is the perfect partner for your winter holidays.

Angry Birds Space Xmas

Angry birds Christmas game is here to make your Christmas more merry! And as always, they are after more gifts. This Christmas version of angry birds is a great way to enjoy your festive holiday. In this version, the gifts will be suspended in the air instead of pigs or other objects, and the birds have to collect them. Have fun launching the birds with the help of a slingshot with accuracy so that they can reach the gifts. Thai online games have 30 levels, and the difficulty will increase with each level. Try to be precise when launching, as the number of birds is limited. With a 4.2-star rating and thousands of downloads, this is one of the most popular games available online.

Mario Christmas Game

SMW: Christmas Edition is a Christmas-themed variation of the game. Experience the festive feeling of Christmas in your favorite Super Mario game. Ice and snow will take over your brand-new Mario adventure. Play your role and help Mario retrieve the gifts stolen by the evil ice princess. Your peers anticipate receiving gifts from you in exchange. The basic plot and storyline of the game will not change as you play as Mario and join hands with his companion Yoshi to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil ice bowser. The setting of the game will be all Christmas-inspired, with a snowy environment, Christmas decorations, and ice platforms all over the map. Enjoy the familiar adventure of Mario with the new and exciting Christmas feel.

Pokémon Christmas Game

Pokemon Christmas is a fun remake of the Pokemon Gold card game. This is a Christmas treat for all the Pokemon lovers. Begin a new adventure with Pokemon Christmas! Spend the season of Christmas and the new year in the Johto region and have fun. This ROM hack and remake of the original Pokemon involves a simple but important graphic hack that adds a snow and Christmas environment. This game is perceived as a “Johto legacy” game. In this game, you will experience the true Christmas environment, with snow taking over the place. The game also allows you to play and explore the snow-covered Kanto region and meet Red. Apart from all these graphic modifications, it also features new characteristics, new leaders, new rivals, new available Pokemon, new evolutions, practice battle machines, additional exchanges, and so much more.

Christmas Game Quiz

Do you want to add a little bit more fun and excitement to your family Christmas party or family time? Want to leave everyone in awe with your extensive knowledge of all holiday-related things and quick thinking? Whatever the case, you can make any get-together or meet-up merrier by including fun Christmas quizzes on your favorite Christmas songs, movies, and folklore to see how much you really know about the mesmerizing and magical time of the year. You’ll get points for each correct answer, and in the end, you will get a reward according to the total points you scored. Some quizzes are easy, some are hard, but they’re all fun and engaging.

Christmas Puzzle Games

A Christmas jigsaw puzzle Xmas Apps is a digital puzzle game that allows users to solve Christmas-themed puzzle images on their smartphone, tablet, or PC. With 500+k downloads, a 4.6 star rating on the Play Store, and 8.04k reviews, it is among the most loved apps by people. These kinds of apps feature various types of puzzles, ranging from festive holiday scenes and decorations to classic Christmas themes and characters. It is important to take note that it contains features such as a hint button that will help users if they get stuck or the ability to adjust the difficulty level of the puzzles. However, the Christmas jigsaw mobile apps are an exciting and thrilling way to pass the time during your holidays, plus they also help in improving your problem-solving skills. And spatial awareness.

Hire Christmas Game Developers

Christmas game apps add a lot more flavour and fun to the festive season and make a great time pass for the long holidays. There are numerous Christmas games available out there, but not all of them are worth the time. If you are confused about how to make a Christmas game that is both engaging and successful in the gaming market, then our experts are here to help. We have a skilled team of game developers who utilise their years of experience in game development to create amazing Christmas game apps like Christmas solitaire, ping-pong Christmas games, Christmas card games, and more to entertain users. So, what are you waiting for? Hire christmas game developers from our company for world-class Christmas game app development.


In the above-provided information, we discuss the best Christmas game ideas to elevate your Christmas fun. We hope that the list of trending Christmas games we mentioned in the blog will help you decide which games to add to your virtual Christmas party list. Contact our experts for amazing Christmas game development services, and stay tuned for more informative updates.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Virtual Christmas parties are festive or holiday celebrations that take place online through video meeting software like Zoom, Skype, or WebEx. These parties allow remote colleagues to gather, bond, and develop camaraderie while enjoying festive holiday games, customs, and entertainment.
Developing Christmas apps takes 2-3 months, and the duration may increase as you add more complex features to the app. To know the approximate time and cost to develop a Christmas game application, you must contact the best developers.
If you want to invest in the development of Christmas apps, following a step-by-step development guide is essential. Continue reading this section to learn how to develop Christmas apps.
        • Define Business
        • Perform market and competitor research
        • Decide on features and functions
        • Hire a mobile app developer
        • Create a list of tech stacks
        • Development Phase
        • Test and Launch

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