January 8, 2024

How Much Does Game Development Cost in 2024?

How Much Does Game Development Cost
There has been enough buzz and excitement about mobile game development and its promising benefits, despite the heavy competition and market. It is certainly the perfect time to enter the game development industry in 2024, whether you target the local or international market. When exploring the grounds of video games, it’s easy to get immersed in the stunning graphics and animation, engaging stories, and captivating gameplay.
However, it takes a significant amount of time, effort, and money to develop a successful game. Have you ever wondered, “What is the most expensive game development price?” or “How much does it cost to make the game?” If yes, then you are not alone. In this blog, we’ll try to explore the intricacies of game development cost in India, discuss the factors that influence them, and discuss other important aspects.

What Exactly is Game Development?

Before talking about the cost-related aspects, let’s first talk about the game development and what it actually means. Game development refers to the process of making video games, from the rough concept to the final product. It includes various disciplines, including the design of games, programming, art and animation, quality assurance, sound design, and project management. Game development can range from small indie projects developed by small development teams containing a handful of developers to massive AAA titles produced by large teams of an esteemed Mobile Game App Development Company.

How Much is The Cost Of Game App Development?

To state the exact game development price is difficult, especially in the absence of a game development cost calculator. According to Statista, the number of mobile game users will reach 1.9 billion globally by 2027, and 22.1% of user penetration will be owned by game apps by the same year. So, massive opportunities and fortune await the developers. The average game development cost in India lies between $10,000 and $80,000 or even more.
Everybody is aware of the fact that India is considered the IT outsourcing hub that always offers the best negotiation in terms of both mobile game development costs and skills. Here’s a typical summary of game development cost estimation ranges for different types of games. Such as mini-games, simple games, and mid-level games. Check out the following game development cost list to get a better understanding of the cost.
Mobile Game TypeGamesGame Cost
Mini-GameFlappy Bird, Pac-Man, etc.$3000 to $5000
Simple 2D GameFlappy Slendrina, Red Ball, etc$5000 to $14000
Social GameFarm Ville, Facebook Games, etc.$16000 to $22000
Mid-Level GameAngrybirds, Candy Crush,etc.$20,000 to $32,000
3D GameJoin Clash 3D, Shooting, etc.$18,000 to $40,000
Large-End GameClash of Clans, Last day on Earth, etc.$50,000 to $100,000
AAA GamePUBG, GTA, etc.$100,000 to $10,00,000
Real Money GameLudo Empire, MPL, etc$20,000 to $40,000
Moderately GameDoom & Destiny$40,000 to $90,000
Business Mobile GameVirtonomics, Tropico 4, etc.$15,000 to $80,000
We hope the above table helped you understand the types of games and their development costs. As we can see, AAA games charge the highest game development price, due to the technology used and the number of developers involved in developing these types of games. In comparison to AAA games, mini-game development costs the least.

8 Major Factors Affecting The Game Development Cost

Game app development cost estimate India can differ depending on various influencing factors. To give you a better understanding, we’ll take a deep dive into these factors and categories:

Mobile Game Development Platform

The type of technical platform you choose will affect the gaming mobile app development cost. So, be it iOS, Android, or cross-platform, choosing the platform that serves you the best is extremely important for the cost, the game’s revenue, and its reach. The mobile game development cost in India for a single platform will be much lower, but you’ll miss out on collecting revenue from other platforms.
As a result, the most sought-after and recommended platforms by experts are cross-platform. By selecting cross-platform app development, you can reap the benefits and generate revenue from all the platforms you desire. However, keep in mind that the cost of development will be high for this option, but so will the profitability of the game and customer base.

Complexity of The Game

One of the most crucial cost-influencing factors is the complexity of the game. When figuring out the cost of mobile game development, you need to consider this factor. Complexity includes various aspects. Such as the design of the game, mechanics, and overall scope. Here, we can present a real-world example to underline the impact of complexity on game development costs.

Game Genre and Scope

The genre and scope of the game are among the most important factors that can highly impact the cost of game development in India. More complex genres of games will cost more than simpler games, such as quiz and puzzle games. That’s because the more complex the game is, the more features, technology, content, and assets it will require to develop. Additionally, the scope of the game, in terms of its size, language for developing games, and ambition, will also have a certain impact on the cost.

Design Layout

Game development includes incorporating various elements like graphics (2D or 3D), their quality, game levels, environment, and assets. It’s essential to pre-plan these aspects to bring your graphic ideas to life. The cost of game development generally depends on how visually appealing and engaging your design is. Designers charge hourly, and those with more experience and higher expertise charge more fees.

UI/UX Design

The design procedure for a mobile game app includes multiple steps. Developing a game application without using proper design can make the game prone to many bugs and glitches. Therefore, you need to take this step seriously. It is not unusual for experienced UI/UX designers, architects, and game artists to be involved in the whole design and development cycle. The fees charged by these experts will depend on their specialties, experience, and capacity.

Team Size

The number of people working to develop your game will surely influence the mobile game app development cost. The larger team means higher salaries, project management charges, and higher resource management requirements.

Time Taken for Development

The duration of mobile game development significantly impacts the overall development cost. The longer it takes to develop your game, the more it will cost you. Whether it’s developers, designers, content providers, animators, or anyone involved in your game project, they typically charge on an hourly basis. Therefore, the time invested in the development process directly correlates with the overall cost of game development.

Game App Testing

Gamers are likely to uninstall or won’t download your game at all if it contains issues and interferes with their gaming experience. Regardless of the amazing visual aesthetics of the games and engaging storyline, you won’t be able to get users to install the app without smooth and error-free gameplay. Therefore, it is important to devote sufficient effort and time to testing the game app in order to identify any bugs and provide error-free, smooth gameplay.
The cost of mobile game app testing will depend on the amount of time it takes to test the game and the testing fees charged by a game development company. If your game contains fewer errors and bugs, then the testing cost will be much cheaper, but if there are many bugs and glitches, you need to pay the heavy charges and fix them before its launch.
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Why is Game Development So Expensive?

Game development is a complex and costly procedure. The more ambitious your game is, the harder and costlier the development will be. Some video games have development costs in the hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. Someone hearing this for the first time would be confused by the question, “Why?” How can development cost over $10K to $5 million for a single game? Firstly, it is important to note that they weren’t low-budget indie games but rather AAA titles available across several platforms.
The budget essential for game production might differ greatly depending on several aspects. Consider factors like the game genre, the scale of the project, and the number of professionals working dedicatedly on it. Regardless of the game’s budget, there will always be some kind of outlay. Here we present the sources responsible for the increase in game development costs:
        • Game Development Staff
        • Game development equipment
        • Space for Developers
        • Licenses for Game-Creating Software
        • Game Localization
        • Marketing


The above-provided information discusses the import factors related to game development costs. We hope this information will help you learn and understand more about the game development price, the cost of hiring the developers, and the factors that influence the development cost. Stay tuned for more informative updates.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The intricacies of game development economics have perennially presented formidable challenges; however, of late, the escalating pace of cost augmentation has assumed an unsustainable trajectory. This analysis delves into the underlying reasons, resultant implications, and plausible remedies. Access to further details necessitates a subscription.
Similar to any other enterprise, the essence of game development lies in the pursuit of financial success. Achieving substantial profitability in the realm of gaming necessitates a strategic mindset. A fundamental aspect for businesses operating within the gaming industry is a comprehensive understanding of the expenses associated with video game production.
The video game development cost can vary widely, ranging from minimal expenses to a record-breaking $174 million for the most expensive game to date. This cost fluctuation is influenced by the unique development challenges faced by different types of games, such as AAA, indie, and mobile games.
Once you input the necessary information, the calculator will generate an estimated cost for your game development project. This breakdown will encompass various categories such as programming, design, and testing, offering a transparent delineation of the primary areas of expenditure.

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