March 18, 2024

Ludo Game App Development Cost in 2024

In this blog, we’ll uncover the intricacies of Ludo app development cost, providing some valuable insights into the key factors and aspects that influence the monetary investment it needs. From the initial concept to the design phase to the final deployment on the app store, every stage plays an important role in deciding the overall Ludo game development cost.
In this technologically advanced era of mobile gaming, Ludo has emerged as people’s favorite game that transcends time, culture, and generation. The game’s simplicity and ability to foster social connections have taken it to the forefront of developing a mobile game app. Suppose you are a business looking for an innovative idea for creating your own Ludo game app. In that case, it’s highly crucial to embark on this path with a clear understanding of the important factors and associated costs.
So, what are you waiting for? Join us as we dive deep into the fascinating world of making a ludo game app like zupee, ludo king, ludo club, ludo supreme, ludo master or various ludo app game, highlighting some important aspects, design considerations, and factors affecting the cost of ludo app development projects.

Key Features of a Ludo Game App Development

Here are some exciting features of Ludo game development that you need to know.

Online/Computer Mode

Players can enjoy the fun of playing this game on Ludo. This functionality enables users to play live tournaments while sharpening their gaming skills. The Ludo game development cost in India & Nigeria differs according to the development mode.

User-Friendly Interface

Users should not experience any difficulty in understanding the rules and functionality of the game app. Also, make sure that the learning curve is not high. Focus on immersive experiences and the use of the latest technologies to comply with the UI guidelines. Designers should also incorporate attractive interfaces, 3D images, and high-resolution visuals, which would automatically improve retention.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode is an amazing feature that allows Ludo players to play the game with their friends and family. This feature is essential when it comes to the visual appeal of the game, as the best way to enjoy this game is with a group of people. Even if you play it with your friends and family who live in a different part of the world, multiplayer mode allows you to connect and share the fun of Ludo.

Interactive Ludo Animations

Visual appeal is a crucial aspect of game development companies pay close attention to this particular aspect. Developers include interactive ludo animations that bring life to the game board and make it visually more appealing. From 3D dice rolls to piece movements, these animations add a layer of fun and excitement to the gameplay.

Customisable Ludo Board Games

This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of situation, and game app providers recognise this very well. Which is why several game making companies offer customisable Ludo board games development and provide a variety of themes, designs, and color schemes. This level of personalisation adds a unique touch to each game and keeps players engaged.

How Much Does It Cost To Create a Ludo Game App?

Although the ludo game app development cost can differ depending on various factors, the ludo game price in India starts from $1500 to $5,000 for a single platform with basic features and functionalities. However, if you are looking for a game that contains all kinds of essential and advanced features with latest tech-stack, payment gateways, and live chat options, the US-based ludo app development company cost for android and iOS platform can reach as high as $15,000- $30,000 or more. Here is an estimate of the hourly rates of ludo app depends on various factors or the company size:
Size of the company
Small Company Ludo Game Price:
Intermediate Company Ludo Game Cost:
Enterprise-Level Company Ludo Game Cost:
Cost per hour
$15 to $30
$40 to $80
$100 to $300
The cost of ludo game app development can vary depending on various factors, Here is the possibe cost range based on features:
        • Basic Ludo app (single platform): $3,000 – $10,000
        • Ludo app with advanced features (single platform): $10,000 – $15,000
        • Ludo app with advanced features (multiple platforms): $15,000+
Ludo game development cost in India can be significantly cheaper compared to other regions due to lower developer hourly rates. Here’s a cost range based on features:
        • Basic Ludo app (single platform): ₹1,50,000 – ₹5,00,000 ($1500 – $5,000)
        • Ludo app with advanced features (single platform): ₹5,00,000 – ₹10,00,000 ($5,000 – $10,000)
        • Ludo app with advanced features (multiple platforms): ₹10,00,000+ ($10,000+)
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Factors Affecting Ludo App Development Cost

Here are some important factors that influence the cost of developing a ludo game app. Understanding the factors that play a significant role in determining the overall cost.

Cost of The App Platform

Among the wide range of gaming platforms, Android and iOS are the most popular and efficient. The platform you choose will influence the ludo game cost. You are free to choose other platforms or multiple platforms for the game. Also, adding more features and functionalities can be pretty costly in some platforms. We suggest using a hybrid platform for making games as it supports both iOS and Android and will also reduce the ludo game board price by 30% or even more. Hybrid platform development allows you to seamlessly develop both platforms, saving you time and money in the process.

Game Design

Creating a game design document (GDD) is the first step to designing a game. Here, every detail related to the graphics, UI/UX integration, animations, frontend and backend development, and AI implementations is included. It takes both time and effort to prepare these documents and, thus, incurs significant costs. However, as designers, developers, and project managers, this is a crucial part that serves as a reference point for users to track the progress. The more complex your idea, the more time will be consumed to prepare this document.

Features and Levels

There’s a wide variety of features and functionalities for a Ludo game. The services provided by ludo game company include carefully deliberating on the game mechanics, as it has a major influence on the cost. The ludo game development cost is directly proportional to the game levels and features they incorporate into the game. The Ludo board game price would increase as you added more features and levels. Ludo games incorporate several features, including online and offline gaming modes, single or multiplayer features, daily bonuses, live tournaments and campaigns, multi-language features, playing with friends, and so on. Adding these features would enhance the total development hours and the resources you may need.

App Size

You should consider the app size during the development process. An app that is large, loads slowly, and consumes too much storage is likely to perform poorly. It is unlikely that users would willingly put up with such issues for a simple Ludo game. Hence, the developers need to find ways to minimize the app size without eliminating any essential features and functionalities. Moreover, the size of the application requires optimisation for different devices to enable smooth functionality for all. The main aspect is to strike the right balance between the features and functions.


Ludo games are extremely popular in India, especially where we have a wide variety of languages. In order to reach a wider audience, adding multi-language features enhances the accessibility of the game. The ludo game price would increase with the amount of language you may incorporate. This is an optional feature that can highly improve the reach of your game and make it globally popular. Although it may greatly increase the overall cost of development, Multilingualism is a useful feature in the long term that can fetch a better ROI.

Development Team Location and Experience

Indeed, the location and experience level of the development team are two of the most crucial cost-influencing factors in Ludo game app development. North America and Western Europe region-based teams have comparatively higher hourly rates than those in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa. This discrepancy occurs due to the differences in labor costs and market demand. Additionally, the experience level of team members, including developers, designers, and testers, highly influences costs. Experienced developers may charge higher fees, but their expertise and skills can lead to more efficient development processes and higher-quality results. Ultimately, finding the right balance between experience and geographic location ensures optimal cost-effectiveness and project success.

Additional Considerations

Other than the location and experience of the development team, there are other important cost-affecting factors that you should consider before diving into Ludo game app development. Monetization strategies play a crucial role in determining the overall budget. Depending on the chosen monetization model, such as in-app purchases, ads, or subscription fees, it may require extra in-app purchases, ads, or subscription fees and additional development efforts to integrate and optimize these features, impacting costs.
        • Monetization Strategy: The selected monetization strategy, such as in-app purchases, ads, subscriptions, or a combination of these, affects the cost of development; implementing monetization features like ad networks, virtual currency systems, payment gateways, or premium content unlocks requires additional development effort and may involve third-party integrations, revenue-sharing agreements, or licencing fees, impacting overall costs.

        • Backend Infrastructure: The backend infrastructure supporting the Ludo app, including servers, databases, APIs, and user data management systems, influences development costs. The development of a scalable, secure, and reliable backend infrastructure capable of handling large volumes of concurrent users, storing player data, managing game sessions, and simplifying real-time communication between players entails additional development and maintenance costs.

Tips for Cost-Effective Ludo Game Development

Here are some of the valuable tips for cost-effective ludo game development. Take a look:
        • Thorough Planning: comprehensive planning is the base of successful ludo app development. It entails having a clear understanding of features and functionalities, designs and animations, and tools and technologies you want to incorporate in your app.

        • Select The Right Development Platform: choosing the right game making platform depends on the type of game you want to create. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for versatility and power, Unity and Unreal Engine are the best, While Godot and AppGamekit are ideal for beginners.

        • Agile Development Methodology: it is important to have an agile software development methodology to create an amazing ludo game app. It enhances the performance and efficiency of the app and makes it more user-friendly.

        • Optimized Game Design: another crucial aspect that you need to focus on is game design. An optimized and creative design adds more to the visual appeal of the game. Hire great designers that will provide you with well optimized game designs.

        • Reusable Code and Assets: Code reuse may imply the creation of a separately maintained version of the reusable assets. Creating ludo games with reusable codes and assets offer opportunities to reuse software components, designs, documentations etc.

        • Outsourcing Smartly: Outsourcing your game project to a mobile game development company is a smart move. All you need to do is share your ideas and requirements with the ludo game company, and they will develop the game according to your business needs within the specified budget.

        • Efficient Testing Protocols: After developing the game app, it has to go through various tests to ensure there’s no error or technical issue in the game. Game apps cannot afford even the smallest error as it can cause drastic effects later on.

        • Strategic Marketing: once the game is out in the market you need a smart and strategic marketing plan to make your app popular worldwide. Smart advertisement and promotions methods can make your app stand out among the rest of the games.


The above-provided details and information discuss the important factors related to Ludo app development cost. It’s important to evaluate all the important things to create a cost-effective Ludo game. Contact our experts if you want to learn more about Ludo game development cost or require game development services from our experts.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ludo, also referred to as Parcheesi in ancient times, is a popular board game that has been loved by people of all generations and ages. This game is quite easy to understand and fun to play, but it can be difficult to master, making it the perfect activity for families and friends to enjoy together.

Origins of Ludo

The game can be traced back to ancient times in India, where it was referred to as parcheesi. It was a fun game enjoyed by Indian royalty and was considered a symbol of wealth and power. The game eventually made its way to other parts of the world, including the United States and Europe, where it was renamed Ludo.
Developing a Ludo app can vary significantly in cost depending on the features and complexity you envision.
      • Basic Ludo App ($1,000 – $3,000)
      • Ludo App with Online Multiplayer and Social Features ($3,000 – $10,000)
      • Feature-Rich Ludo App with Monetization ($10,000+)
Yes, RG Infotech provides ludo game app development for various platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web.
Ideally, a standard Ludo game can take 10–15 weeks to design, but the time frame increases as the development gets more complex.
There are various methods to monetize your Ludo game app. It includes adding in-app purchases, promotional ads, freemium models, and subscription packages.
RG Infotech provides a team of experts, innovative solutions, customisation options, and long-term support to ensure the success of your Ludo game app.

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