May 21, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Sweep Card Game Development: Rules, Cost, and More

Sweep Card Game Development Company
Sweep card game is a widely popular fishing card game among gamers India and other Asian countries, but it is more commonly played in the regions of northern India. This game has become a good source of entertainment for thousands of players living in northern India. The online seep game in cards consists of a standard 52 cards, and it doesn’t contain any ‘Joker Card’. The game requires 4 participants, 2 pairs and each pair having two people, sitting face-to-face.
This exciting sweep game of cards begins with players getting their turn counterclockwise, both for the gameplay and the deals. The motive of this seep game of cards is to gather cards from a layout present on the table/floor. The game concludes with the win of a team scoring at least 100 or more points than their opponent team. This is an easy and entertaining game which anyone can enjoy playing online with their friends, family, or other random online player. If you are looking for card game development company and curious to learn more interesting sweep card game development details. This guide will provide you to everything you need know about seep card game. Keep reading the blog!

What is Sweep Card Game?

Sweep card game is currently the most widely played and liked game of cards in the world of card games. The main objective of the mathematical strategy in this game of cards is to collect the cards with a point value. Collectively they contain 100 points. The total card points of spade range from king having 13 points to the Ace having 1 point value. Also, they are equivalent to their capture value.

Sweep Card Game Rules

The sweep card game rules are quite simple to understand. Rules for seep card games goes like this: a player needs to select a card from there in order to capture cards. After that, they would need 1 or more cards from the layout on the table/floor, which holds the equal or higher capture value then the card they just played. The “Houses” are made out of the cards the player captures.
These “Houses” can only be taken as a whole. ‘Loose cards’ are referred to the cards that are not included in the house and are resting separately on the ground. You need to get familiar with this crucial information in order to play seep card games. When the game reaches the end, they will count the total value of the cards a player managed to capture. The card values set for this online sweep card games are as follows:
        • The worth of “Ten of Diamonds” is 6 Points.
        • The worth of “Aces of 3 suits” is 1 point each.
        • The point values of “cards of the Spade” are decided according to their capture values (from king that is worth 13 points to Ace worth 1 points.)
Keep in mind that initially all the other cards have no worth except these cards. These scoring cards in the set hold the value of a total of 100 points each. After pulling out all the cards from the layout and emptying the entire table, participants can also score points from the card sweep. A card seep game typically carries 50 points, however, if they revealed the cards in the initial round, it only carries 25 scores. Furthermore, you won’t get any points for the sweep you scored in the previous phase.

Deal & Bidding Phase

The first dealer in this game is decided through the random selection method to make the deal. After selecting the dealer, the participant from the losing team deals with the hands. After the dealer is done shuffling cards, the player cuts to their right cuts. The dealer then hands out 4 cards to the player and keeps the remaining 4 cards on the table/floor.
After seeing those 4 cards, the player needs to place bets for the house only if they possess cards holding a higher value than 8 (9 to 13 score point). If it isn’t among these 4 cards, then the player will place it on the table, and repeat the entire process of distribution until they find a higher value than 8 and make a bet. These are the basic yet crucial sweep card game rules. Later the participant who is bidding has to take care of these few things:
        • To create a “House” for the value of placed bid by adding a card from his hand to the cards thrown on the floor. 
        • Play the bid card worth, pick up one for multiple cards of the bid value amount choose one of the 
        • Toss down the bid worthy card.

Houses in The Sweep Game

If you are curious to learn how to play: sweep the card game, you need to understand what “houses” (“ghar” in Hindi) means in the game. In sweep card games, a ‘house’ is considered an assortment of two or more cards that players can only obtain as a unit. The capture values of the 2 ‘houses’ are 9 and 13 respectively. Each of the card houses created on the floor must have an owner.
A standard or more commonly referred as uncemented house comprises a pile of cards that adds onto its capture value. It includes 6 and 7 cards from the King house, or a 10 house consisting 8 and 2. You can call the house ‘Cemented’ if there are multiple copies of the capture value. To raise its capture value, the player can app a card that can shatter or break an average house. However, seep card game rules state that a “cemented house” in the game is impossible to break or destroy.

What Are Sweep Card Game Tricks & Tips?

By now, you must have got the idea of how to play seep card game and also get familiar with the sweep card game rules. Now, let’s move on to some common tips and tricks players use while playing seep card games.
        • Always take note of the number or cards that are left in the denominations from King to 9. 
        • Another one of  seep card game tricks is to remember  all the number of point-carrying cards that players already picked up 
        • According to the sweep card games rule, the participant who picks the card last always ends up taking the loose cards left on the floor/table in the end. Hence, always try to pick the cards last. 
        • Try to leave as less as 2 things on the table: 1 or 2 or houses or  loose cards; it will limit the options for your opponent team. 
        • Do not chase after scores or points. If you want to learn how to play seep in cards, then first keep your focus on developing the “houses” as long as you can.
        • If the participant pair has all 4 cards of single denomination, then take this to your benefit. 
        • After you are done with making “houses” (cemented or standard), in this denomination, it will be impossible for the opponent pair to pick it or break it.

Sweep Card Game Development Process

The seep card game development includes several crucial factors and stages. The most important part that needs the most care and attention is designing. Therefore, it is important to create a visually appealing design for your sleep card game app to attract the users before moving onto the next steps for seep card game making.


Preparing the crucial documents and reports Is one of the most important factors of successfully making a sweep card games app. By doing so, you can keep a record of the development and updates of online seep card games and you will be able to form a smooth communication among the various development teams.

Technology Stack

The kind of technology stack experts decide to incorporate will greatly depend on how you want your seep card game application to be developed. Whether you are searching for a native online seep game app or a hybrid seep game application that smoothly performs on various gaming platforms. Regardless of the situation, the tech stack will be different from one another. You have carefully considered the factors and carefully choose the tech stack as the whole performance of the application depends on it.

Hire Professional Sweep Card Game Developers

Developers play a crucial role in sweep card game app development. So, itis highly crucial to choose the developers wisely. Make sure the developers you choose possess the skills, knowledge, and enough experience to develop mind-blowing seep card games. There are millions of small and big mobile app development firms that build quality apps for mobile devices. All you need to do is carefully evaluate the skills, strengths, and abilities of these game game development companies and choose the one that suits best for your business.

Maintenance & Support Service

Once you are done with the launching process, when your seep card game app hits the market, thousands of big developers are looking forward to testing your game app on various devices and gadgets with different configurations. There’s a chance that your seep game application might not work exceptionally well on some of those devices or completely stop working on others. In such circumstances, you have to provide urgent and 24/7 customer support and maintenance services to resolve and reduce such possible issues.

What is The Cost of A Sweep Card Game Development?

The majority of the time, you may get a good estimate from game development cost calculators offered by esteemed businesses that have finished a number of mobile game development projects. The price of making a game can be influenced by many different factors. Thus, the answer to this query is only frequently evident. Here are some major factors that can influence the cost of sweep game app development:
        • UI and UX 
        • Game Development Platform (Hybrid or Native) 
        • Number of features and functionalities
        • Complexity and limitations of the application
        • Game server and hosting charges
        • Geographical region of the game development company
Depending on the above mentioned factors, we are able to provide a rough estimated sweep card game development cost, which would be somewhere between $30,000 to $50,000.

Variations of Sweep Card Game

variations -of-sweep-card-game
Here we present some popular variations of the Sweep game of cards. Let’s take a look at them:

Two-Player Mode

It takes two players to play a card game seep, which is considered as a slightly modified form of sweep game. A total of 2 pairs of participants are required to make the deal. It involves two hands who deal with other players, and the other two hands are kept down until they are required. Once each player throws their first 12 cards, the card game resumes as normal. Every participant needs to pick 1 card among the face-down cards and use it to continue playing with the left loose cards on the ground to move on to the next level of the game.

Scoring Variation

The game concludes with everyone having played all their cards in hand, and there are no more houses left to capture. Players need to keep a hold on the cards as players need these equal value cards to capture these houses. You may still find these loose cards on the floor at the end of the game, however, they are still added to the capture pile of the player team who last picked up the cards from the floor. They total each team’s capture cards score (spades, 10 of diamonds, and all of the aces) as we previously mentioned along with the bonus points for sweeps that may have taken place. Granted both teams score at least 9, the difference between the values or points is calculated.

Limited Houses

Some players play sweep card games following the rule that there should only be 2 houses on the floor at a point of time. Normally, players would choose not to make 3rd house after already building 2 homes, as this leaves so many choices for their opponent team. However, in this version of the sweep game, it is absolutely illegal to build the 3rd house. Any player who does not wish to or is not able to play the card in either of those houses has left with only one option, to throw a card and choose a card you can take or just leave it as a loose card.

30-point Seep

We got some informative details regarding the seep card game from the esports in this game. As the experts say, the game is mostly loved by the people of northern India (mainly the area near Punjab)and Pakistan. According to the experts, it contains only 7 worthy and valuable cards, these are:
        • 10 of diamonds: 12 points
        • 9 of spades: 9 points
        • 2 of spades: 1 point
        • each ace: 1 point
Moreover, the pair responsible for capturing more value cards scores 4 points, so the total worth of these cards is 30 points.


The above provided details and information talks about Seep Card Game Development. This game is among the most popular and well-liked games in India. The above information discusses the basic sweep card game rules and cost. We also discuss the numerous variations of this game in this blog. Ssat tuned for more valuable details and informative updates.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To select one or more cards from the table that matches the card value they just played, players of sweep card games have to first play a card they have in their hand. You have to follow the gaming rules while playing the seep card game online and pay close attention to the card values.
It’s impossible. You can destroy the standard house by adding a card that will increase their capture value. However, you cannot destroy a cemented house. In order to become a master of this fantastic game, you need to be well-versed on both aspects: how to play sweep card games, and the basic rules of the game.
Sweep card game app is one of the popular and well-liked card game applications. It generally takes about 3 to 6 months to complete the full-cycle development process of a sweep card game application. But, the time taken for its development can extend depending on the complexities and number of features developers add in the game.

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