April 11, 2023

Does WhatsApp Use Hybrid Technology Or Is It A Native App?

According to statistics, more than half of the worldwide website traffic comes from smartphone devices. Now you must be wondering how you. A human resource professional can benefit from this Hrm Platform development. Mobile HR apps simplify procedures like recording attendance, managing absences and much more. The staff can also get a better experience, they  don’t have to be present at their workstation to take a look at their payroll information or finish the onboarding paperwork because they can access several modules on single go.

What are the latest mobile app trends for HRM platforms?

Any industry that wants to keep up with the quick-paced updates and changes has to understand the annual fluctuations. We have consulted the experts in the field to uncover the top mobile trends for HRm platforms. To help you make the best Hrm strategies for your company.

Individual Leadership Method

According to the new HBR piece on the distinction between n=managers and leaders, CEOs not simply lead but also need to manage. The skills are also necessary for the middle managers. After the changes take place in the workplace, the value of a good manager and leaders has dramatically increased, perhaps more so than ever before. Right now, employees need leaders that are compassionate, genuine, and flexible. The Hrm Platform development methods for inspiring leaders to practice human leadership are as follows:

  • Improve communications in the company and employees
  • Give importance to collaboration and teamwork
  • Invest in people
  • Encourage feedback promote feedbacks 
  • Give employees the rewards, compliments and recognition

Setting the Hybrid Work Model for Collaboration

With the hybrid work model, things are getting better for good. It’s transforming the workplace into a more suitable place for its employees and hence increasing productivity. It’s an employee-centric flexible model of work that includes a mix of in-office and remote work. Many of the mega companies support the hybrid work approach including Microsoft, Ford, Siemens, and Amazon. According to a report, 74% of the U.S companies with Corporate Hrm Platform are using or considering implementation of a permanent hybrid work model.

Working in the Metaverse

With the advancement in technologies, the day is not far when the metaverse workplace will become an everyday’s reality. But how well will it work? The VR environment provided by the metaverse workplace will allow you to  work in a personalized immersive and engaging space from any part of the world. It’s possible to develop digital workstations in the metaverse so that employees can perform their tasks independently. It also lets interactions and real-life experiences via digital avatars. A recent CNBC report mentions Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Google, as investing in the big frontier of the internet.

People Analytics

According to a  report by Deloitte, more than 70% of the firms and organizations use people analytics to make the performance better. An article explains people analytics as “ A collection of data taking note of  Hrm strategies and human capital and performance of workers  within an organization”  but  this practice also turns the data and information into meaningful insights that PA and HR specialists use to enhance performance of business and employee experience.

A report named Impacting Business Value: Top companies in people analytics showcases the below important areas in which people analytics can contribute to value.

  • Diversity and inclusion: To gain practical ideas of employee attitude and behavior and to test enhancements to the working environment, sense of belonging, psychological safety, and fairness.
  • Employee Experience: To conduct a data oriented employee listening, and for gaining a better “feel” for the organization. 
  • Retention: For details on the labor market, risk concerns with the  forecasting models, significant competition trends, and more
  • To forecast skills and labor costs and make plans for them while controlling current costs.

Modify Management

What have you learned from the past few years about handling unforeseen events and situations at the workplace? The answer is quite simple, Change Management.  Modifying or changing management systematically deals with the changes in a company’s goals and policies, processes, or technologies. It strives to implement efficient strategies to execute the changes, taking control over them, and helping people to adapt and adjust to them with least hindrance.  

The Transition From Employee Well-being To Healthy Organization

In the last few years, mental health of employees and workers as well as their well-being have finally received the much deserved attention in the workplace. According to a recent McKinsey Health Institute’s survey, one in four workers worldwide report having burnout symptoms. The survey also received a 22% difference between an employer and employee’s perception on wellbeing at the workplace and found a direct link between toxic environments and burnouts.

Giving Importance to DEI

From the past few years, most companies and organizations have been using the keywords diversity, equity, and inclusion for a well-thought reason. Initiatives related to DEI are a part of efforts to address the challenges in the workplace such as bias, harassment (mental or physical), discrimination, unfair play, etc. the shift from in-person to virtual and hybrid work environments has raised the need for DEI. 

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The above-provided facts and information highlights the latest trends for the corporate HRM platform development. According to statistics, more than half of the worldwide website traffic comes from smartphone devices. Mobile HR apps simplify procedures like recording attendance, managing absences and much more. Stay updated for more valuable facts and details


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