October 24, 2020

Covid19 impact on app development industry!

Everyone is stuck on their house and rarely step out for any important work, just because of the pandemic Covid-19. Corona stops everything and spreads in a speedy rate across the globe. The growth rate of the disease is too high, but the rate of deceased is quite less, that’s why the fear of this pandemic becomes lesser by the time.

Several organizations have already frozen all their operations due to the novel corona virus, but a few stepped out and shut-down their businesses due to this. Although, the Covid19 impacted every industry including the app development, travel, and many more.

Well, the fallout of the pandemic increases the demand of online applications as we all are required to continue our lives without stepping out. Especially the online meet applications like Zoom are on boom and several other giants like Gmail & Skype, have also launched their own video conferencing platforms to seize the opportunity.

Apart from the video conferencing or meet up platforms, a few others like grocery & food delivery apps are also in demand in this pandemic. Covid-19 impacted the industry positively and increases the demand of digital technology solutions for population screening, infection tracking, contact tracing, social meet-up, lead management, online education, etc.

Covid19 impact on app development industry!

Mobile App industry is one of the largest industry with around 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, who regularly used different apps to make their entertainment, to get world’s news, or to do some business activities. The industry also gets impacted due to the novel corona virus and slow down the operations of different organizations.

People are getting habitual to the situation and accepted the changes that impacted their lives even a few organizations also accepted those changes and inherited the properties of apps in their daily operations. They allowed their employees to work remotely using a few applications, even a few have developed their own app to assign remote work and to analyse staff’s performance.

But several has shut down or stopped their operations without willingly as they can’t work remotely like travel organizations, construction businesses, etc. 

Here’s a view, how covid19 impacted different industries:

Well, in the new normal people are more enthusiast to do something creative and obviously more productive by using major applications like Instagram Reels for entertaining videos and Zoom for corporate meetings.

Let’s explore the major industries that positively impacted through Covid19 and grown their market in this pandemic.

Positive Impact of COVID19 on Industries.

Let’s see the positive side of this pandemic that might give us some hope and make us more enthusiast for coming future. According to a few different stats, in the time of pandemic, the level of pollution reduced, the Ozon layer healed, people adapted hygiene, world adopted Indian culture of greeting, everything came on digital platform, and much more.

The digitization positively impacted on different industries as well, including:

# Healthcare to consult doctors.

One of the most essential segments, that gets more demand in this pandemic. Healthcare professionals serves unconditionally and provide aid on time. Even, the Covid19 increases the demand of online medicine and healthcare apps, through which patients can consult with the experts and get medicines delivered on their location via following all the guidelines.

# E-commerce to get Groceries.

Covid19 positively impacted eCommerce industry as the demand and the use of these apps increases in this pandemic. Users uses such apps to order groceries and other essential items with complete safety and pre-cautions.

# Social Media, Entertainment & Video Streaming to entertain.

The pandemic has increased the use of social media and entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Instagram, YouTube, etc., as these are the only ways for people to get relaxed during quarantine period.

Industries that has to be relied on digital platforms due to Covid-19.

Due to the app development solutions, there are a few industries that successfully continued their operation in this covid19. A few of them has to be relied on digital platforms completely, whereas a few of them has been already usually them, check out here:

# Education & Learning

Well before this pandemic, no one could assume that education of the little ones can be perform through online medium. But this situation leads us to make it done and learn the new ways to keep sharing the knowledge. Almost every institute has adapted these new ways and lead their teachers to use video meeting platforms to take online classes during the entire lockdown.

The demand of educational apps has been drastically increased due to the pandemic and several educational institutes came up with their own platforms to continue their operations.

# Information Technology (IT)

Technically, IT industry is the only industry that completely relied on digital platforms and has been using technologies before this pandemic to perform several operations remotely. After the pandemic, there’s not much change in the industry besides the physical meet ups that converted into virtual meet ups.

# Banking & Finance

Another industry that has had to be relied on digital platforms due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is the banking and finance industry. Although, the cash flow wasn’t as always but still the users used these apps more frequently in the pandemic.

Even, Banking institutes encourage their users to use their official platforms to make fund transfers, to get account summaries, to pay bills, to get statements, etc. and has limited their physical staffs to avoid pandemic risks.


There are lots of opportunity and there is no end to the IT industry. Although, everyone has faced some breakdown and loss in their business due to this pandemic, but the coming time will fore sure give some great opportunity and will boost the market conditions for all.

In this pandemic, Mobile App Development industry also faced same up-downs, for a few segments it’s a great time, but for several others it’s the worst period. But that will not stay for longer and the upcoming time will definitely grow the demand of apps as every business understands the worth of having app to get connected with the audience in any situation.


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