April 25, 2022

5 Frontend Trends that organizations need to watch in 2022

With time, the technology world is emerging and every year there are some new frontend trends introduced to the developers. The popularity of any particular trend relies on the user experience. Netflix was the first company to adopt a headless architecture to manage its content and front end easily. This multi-talented architecture easily transmits the highest number of users and prevents the interruption of minor servers into the entire system.

Over time, it became a trend and rage among app and website developers. Even if you are not planning to integrate any new frontend, it’s always good to learn about the trend and understand its effect on users. 

Before following any trend, a developer should learn about the future scope and positive effects of the trend on their application and website. Website loading speed, timing, visuals and every detail results in UX.
We have done our research to find out the most popular front-end trends in 2022. Look at each and choose any as per requirements.
Here are the five worth noticing website stats to keep in mind for website development:
  • Curatti claims that 47% of users expect a maximum loading time of 2 seconds
  • As per Indie Design, because of slow loading, retailers lose $2.6 billion every year
  • Stastia research results show that 30% of business from all retail e-commerce was generated by mobile devices in 2021.
  • According to Kinesis, 71% of consumers admitted that they judge a company’s credibility based on its website design.
The above research shows that it is necessary to follow the website trends to keep driving the website traffic. We have done our research and found the best front-end trends to watch in 2022.

Frontend trends to be watched in 2022

Frontend Trends to watch in 2022
With growing technology, every other day there are new frontend techniques introduced in the market which enhance the functionality of your website. Being a developer, we always needs to keep an eye on these trends to be in the race of better user experience.
The following frontend trends will help you in your online web development. Check out the list of front end trends you must watch and integrate it with your website:

01. Programming Languages

JavaScript will continue to dominate the arena of programming languages used in the year 2022. Offering the largest range of libraries and frameworks makes it easy for developers to explore the wide range spectrum to find precisely what they are looking to build their applications and websites.
CSS and HTML increase their popularity over other programming languages. JavaScript recently boosted the latest features and updates like numeric separators, string replaceALL, logical assignment operator, and many others, which will be used by more web developers in 2022.

02. Frameworks

The popularity of React JS across the world makes it the most dominant framework and library of JavaScript. Features like the ease of use and speed make it the most preferred among developers along with the power to create engaging web applications with minimal coding.
Update prevention from DOM results in faster and smoother applications to ensure better performance. Such reliable features will make ReactJs continue dominating the frameworks in 2022.
AngularJS is a tough competition to React JS in terms of popularity. The framework requires minimal code which saves your time to focus on other important tasks. The Model View Controller architecture of the Angularjs framework allows you to attach application code together by saving your valuable time.
VueJS gained immense popularity recently due to its easy learning curve, by which developers can easily master most of the frameworks in the market. The primary focus of Vue JS is to make UI development quick and simple. With easy HTML integration, and rendering support; VueJS is all set to challenge the dominance of ReactJS and AngularJS framework.
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03. Architecture

Micro Frontends is one of the popular trends evolving in the industry recently and the most popular word among developers. It is a new architectural style where independent frontend applications are built and added into the whole codebase, later.
When you break frontend into smaller, independent components, it makes your integration seamless for different teams to work on multiple aspects of your app like app building, development, testing, and deploying while working on the same goal. We are expecting more adoption of new frontend architecture in 2022.

04. Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to strike the technology world with its ability to evolve and the possibility to integrate into multiple industries. AI eases the most challenging tasks while building applications and websites like it handle the app-building, coding and self-learning algorithms, automated testing, and QA tasks allowing developers to focus on other important tasks.
AI-powered chatbots are the most amazing technology to enhance customer experience. With a touch of human behaviour/intelligence, 24*7 customer services make customers feel their requirements are met in real-time. Moreover, AI-supported chatbots help brands to establish lifelong relationships with customers.
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)have seen a rise in their adoption last year as the usage of apps via mobile has improved. With the growth of mobile phone users reaching up to 6.4 billion in 2021, developers are focusing on PWA’s to meet the new mobile-friendly consumer demand. Outstanding features like design, functionality, and ability to operate with almost zero internet connection make PWA quite an attractive trend in 2022.

05. Design

Motion design is and will be the next big thing in the space of UI. It brings your product to life and provides a rich customer experience. It offers an appealing customer experience and brings life to your application in the most unpredictable ways. It helps to navigate your platform by guiding developers to understand the information and effect of content as per the user’s eye. Motion designs are incredibly entertaining for users most interestingly and engagingly.


With the increasing competition, web developers are pressured to bring the trending solution to boost efficiency, user experience, client satisfaction, scalability and speed of the online web page/application.
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Meanwhile, it is necessary to focus on how the existing frontend can be improved with some changes. Being an expert web development company, we follow such trending frontend solutions to be on the top of website and app development.

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