January 31, 2022

Top 10 Software Development Trends to Watch In 2022

Software applications are constantly evolving and so the technology is growing. Every now and then, there is a new technology introduced in the market. Knowing the trends is important to run a successful business as it’s the way of staying relevant and ruling the respective industry. The old trends are not relevant to the devices and advanced technology we use, likewise, the ongoing trends will not work in the coming future. 

Each trend has its potential to make the Software development process easy and effective like improving security using cybersecurity, automating the process through Hyper Automation, etc.

Let’s find out what are the new trends and how they will affect Software Development this year:

10 Trends in Software Development

No matter, what type of industry you are working in; if you are not following trends; you are already one step behind all the competitors. Level up your software development game, by integrating the following trends in the app:

01. Artificial Intelligence

AI has already conquered most of the industry and it’s only leveraging the user experience. This technology is improving the ability of the business and providing digital transformation. Almost 47% of digitally mature enterprises use AI strategy.
For instance, Amazon in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco uses AI for checkout-free physical stores supported by AI-driven sensors and cameras. Based on the items, check out from the stores are charged by customers automatically as they walk out from the Amazon store.

02. No-Code Development

These are visual software development where the developers can drag and drop the components, contact them and create a mobile application without using any codes. 

No code is important for big projects as it fastens the app development process. Moreover, people with less technical knowledge can also create a business solution. 

It makes the app development process much more affordable. 

Platforms like AppGyver used no-code development programming to solve technical problems like data transfer, backend integration, etc.
Low code can work simultaneously with the present programming system and allow engineers to use both techniques to revamp the software development process.
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03. Automation of Repeated Task

Automation uses software to perform repetitive tasks automatically which was done by humans previously. Gartner’s research suggests that the Robotic Process Automation software market was worth $1.89 billion in the year 2021.

RPA configures the bot and captures tasks like transaction, data handling, integration of other digital devices. It helps the business to remove the human workforce from daily tasks and use digital workers to fasten the process. 

For example, the onboarding of employees using RPA will reduce human labour dependence and will increase productivity.

KeyBank has automated its accounts and optimized its invoice and delivery, which automatically reduced human errors. 

04. Changes in Cyber Security

No matter whether it’s a small start-up or a big online business, all businesses have cyber security threats and these activities caused a loss of approximately $6 trillion in the year 2021. Now, instead of using the traditional anti-virus or hacking software, the businesses are using Bitglass-like cloud security to deliver data to protect it from any foreign interaction. PwC research claims that 55% of businesses have increased their Cyber Security budgets in 2021.

Indeed, with growing technology, the threats are also growing. Hiring experienced Software Development services RG Infotech, will understand your concern and build threat-proof software. 

05. Metaverse

Metaverse is considered as an alternative world that is made of social media, online gaming, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and cryptocurrencies all are used for digital interaction. Many big industries are integrating metaverse with their business. 

As people have already accepted augmented reality, the Metaverse looks promising. Whether you want to check the new property or do shopping, everything can be done virtually.
Metaverse is going to completely change the game of online businesses. Hire experienced software developers who have vast knowledge about this technology, so they can integrate it and maximize the use of metaverse.

06. Improved Web Apps

Following the web trends related to your product is important to develop efficient software. Now, users use mobile phones to operate any software, so they want a software/website to be mobile-friendly. Progressive Web Apps are the new trend or standard to attract new users. 

Progressive web apps are mobile websites that behave like mobile applications. It works both ways as a website on desktop and as an application on the mobile phone providing a rich user experience. 

For instance, Uber has PWA even for 2G networks. So irrespective of speed, device, and network, users can use Uber on their phones which make the top transportation services across the world.

Businesses should hire experienced Software development services who are well versed with all the ongoing trends and can integrate the latest technology, every now and then for better app functionality. 

07. Focus on Cloud

Serverless is becoming a popular technology trend in the market provided by a few famous brands like Amazon (AWS Lambda), Microsoft (Azure Functions and IBM Cloud Functions. 

Serverless computing means businesses don’t have to pay hefty amounts for storage, bandwidth, or data security.

For example – Nordstrom uses serverless technology which enhances the user experience and operations performance. 

08. Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing and most secure technology trends used to record transactions across networks. Software development is rapidly adopting the blockchain as it includes cloud computing, IoT, and AI. The blockchain will be worth 60 billion dollars in 2026. 

Software Development
Big Companies like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft developing software using trending technologies to build huge capital infrastructure.

Now, banks are using blockchain trends and providing single digital ID information for the effortless exchange of information. This is like automation and reducing the cost, maintaining data privacy, and opening new accounts. 

09. Expansion of IoT

Using IoT with AI and ML technologies to load the large data effectively and use it to make wise recommendations. It is simple, transparent, traceable, and cost-efficient technology. Cloud platforms enhance the software development process by reducing the time in long processes like design, installation, and maintenance.

Techniques like GPS tracking allow remote different geolocation easily and ease the delivery process easily. 

10. Increased focus on UX

Over time, User experience has become an important factor to be considered while developing software. Hire experienced UX designers to create a unique, yet easy-to-use application. 

User experience plays an important role in the success of your application. Software developers should focus on the designs, prototypes, and wireframes.

Hire software developers like RG Infotech who understands the requirement of your product and provide such efficient UX designs.
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Hence, if you are not following the latest trends in developing your app/software or website; you are never going to be at the top of your business game. These trends are followed by experienced software development companies across the globe. Every now and then there is a new trend in the market, which makes your software efficient and trendy. Consider the above trends while developing any software at the beginning of the year 2022.


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