January 24, 2022

Cost & Key features of On-Demand Doctor App Development.

On-Demand doctor app is an online solution where doctors and patients can communicate remotely. The on-demand doctor appointment solution is a pre-build application, which allows patients to get medical treatment virtually without visiting the hospitals/clinical physically. In the last two years, the pandemic breakout has completely changed the way of seeking health check-up.

As per the reports of Grand View Research, the online healthcare industry will be worth $112 billion by the year 2025 with a CAGR rate of 44.2%. Stastia claims that mobile healthcare apps are one of the largest contributors in generating high revenue in the digital healthcare industry.

Let’s know more about the features, benefits and cost of online doctor application. 

Benefits of On-Demand Doctor App.

On-Demand Doctor App Development is a complete package that needed a proper research and analysis to be successful. The solution consist a list of benefits listed here:

01. Undivided Attention

When patients go to clinics, due to the crowd the doctors are not able to provide undivided attention to all the patients. Due to the crowd and time constraints, patients often forget to tell all their health issues to the doctor. On-demand doctor appointment apps ignore such issues, and allow patients to take their time and get the best of the treatment. Moreover, it also gives enough time to the doctor to analyze the health conditions by giving sufficient time to the user. 

02. Less Paperwork

One of the major benefits of the online doctor app, it reduces the paperwork and saves patients and doctors both from struggling with old prescriptions, reports etc. Doctors and patients both can manage all the reports, prescription and health related documents online to avoid hassle during the check-up. 

03. Convenient

The use of on-demand healthcare apps was started by urban people and now it is also acquiring the rural areas, where people can take online check-ups, medicine and communicate with healthcare experts. 

As the rural areas don’t have all types of medical facilities and availability of doctors, people can take the support of such apps and reach out to the best healthcare faculties.

04. Reducing crowd in Hospitals

As using such application, patients can take online treatment; it reduces their visit to hospitals and clinic. Moreover, patients don’t have to stand in a queue for doctors’ consultancy and to purchase medicine. It also provides equal space to the hospitalised patients and emergency patients don’t have to wait for the medical services. 

05. ROI

These applications generate a huge return on investment. Doctors are maintaining a high return on investment by cutting down the cost of infrastructure and regular maintenance. 

06. Market Opportunities

The doctors have a huge opportunity in the market. Not all the online medical health services provide equal quality services. As this concept is quite new to the world, it is a chance for all those who are looking for investment in the healthcare industry.

Things to consider for Doctor App Development.

Blog_Doctor App Development

Knowing the features of Doctor Appointment Solution isn’t enough for a successful business. There are more things to be consider while developing a best online application for doctor appointments.

01. Audience

Before building any kind of online solution, you must know about your audience. Before beginning your app development analyze the market, and future of the respective industry. Suppose your audience is using the android application more, then you should consider developing your application on android OS.  

Check out the age, requirements, health conditions of your audience to understand the success of your application. 

02. Data Security

With the ongoing technology, the hackers are becoming smart and the user data is always at risk. Moreover, on doctor’s app, there is more sensitive user data available on the application. It is essential to check the data security of the application. Ensure that all the communication between doctors and patients are end to end encrypted. 

03. Design

User Interface and app design is responsible for your application to attract potential users. The functionality, navigation and loading time of your apps decide the user experience. While developing an application, make sure that the app is easy to use and the users are not facing any issues while using it. 

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Features of On-Demand Doctor App Solution.

On-Demand Doctor App Solution is a combination of 3 modules: first one is the Patient App; second one is the Doctor App and the last one is the Admin Panel. All three modules are inter-related and required to smoothen the operations. Here, we have listed down the features of every module after a detailed research, take a look:

Features of Patient App

Patients are the main aspect of the Doctor Appointment Solution, why? Because they are the end users and customers, who uses the solution and involve in the success of it. Here’s the list of features that are required:

  • Sign Up
  • User Profile
  • Search Doctors
  • View Doctors Profile
  • Book Appointments
  • Booking Detail
  • Appointment Type
  • Select Payment Mode
  • Make Payments
  • In-App Video Calling
  • In-App Chat/ Messaging
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Review and Ratings
  • Mark Favorites
  • Notifications

Doctor App Features

Doctors are the backbone of the solution, because they are the service provider and without their involvement, solution will not get success. Here’s a few features that are required at Doctor App:

  • Doctor’s Profile
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Accept or Reject Appointment
  • Set Availability
  • ePrescription
  • Live Video Call
  • White Boards
  • Store and Forward
  • EMR Integration

Admin Panel Features

Admin is the one who work as the bridge in between doctor and patient. This help the solution owners to manage patient requests, doctor appointments and online consultations. Also, it is required to take care the schedules, patient histories, doctor consultation and commissions. Here’s a few features that are required:
  • Patient Management
  • Doctors Management
  • Specialty Management
  • Report Management
  • Site Statistics
  • Appointment Statistics

Cost of On-Demand Doctor App Development.

The cost of doctor app development is not fixed, it depends on the features, functionality, tools and technology used for building the on-demand doctor app solution. The total cost can be estimated by calculating the total hours. The price of the total hours of RG Infotech app and web development services is $25 to $50.

Doctor App Development

Here is the price division based on the process of app development to calculate the estimated cost. 

  • Research & Analysis requires a minimum of 40 hours, as researching the market and analyzing your competitors is also important.
  • For building the best UI and the prototype of the doctor apps, demands approximately 120 hours.
  • Code development is a quite long procedure of building features through the programming languages which requires time of 240 hours.
  • The most important procedure of online apps is app development. It needs 480 hours of investment to align all features and technology at one platform.
  • It’s necessary to ensure that all the bugs and errors are removed from the application via testing the app. It needs 40 hours of time to remove all the bugs.
So, the sum up of the whole procedure of app development is 920 hours. Hence, the estimated cost of building the on-demand doctor app solution is approximately $23000 to $36800. Further, management of app is additional and an essential element to maintain the quality of the solution.


Cost is an important factor of any app development. However, your budget decides how your application will look, advanced or basic. Before beginning with fantasy app development, consider your budget and accordingly hire the best app development services. Indeed, the disturbance in your budget can shatter your dreams. 


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