May 16, 2022

10 Possible Cloud Computing Predictions for 2022

In the coming years, Cloud Computing will be at the forefront among all the advanced technologies to manage significant challenges like data management, storage, security etc.
Businesses are considering cloud technology and tools to expand their business with a CAGR rate of 16% between 2016 and 2026. The primary agenda of businesses is to achieve the heights of cloud security to diversify the usage of cloud technology for their business. Web and app development services are customising cloud computing in such a way that without increasing investment cost, they are maximising the benefits of Cloud technology.
A report claims that 83% of businesses shifted to the public cloud from the private. The income generated by using cloud in businesses will grow up to $331 Billion by the end of the year 2022.
A survey held in 2021, suggests that 48% of participants claim that they are planning to move their app to a cloud platform in 2022. Also, Gartner suggests that by 2025, companies will deploy 95% of digital workloads on cloud native.
After doing a lot of research, we have found 10 common Cloud Computing predictions for the year 2022.

10 Prediction of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is steadily entering multiple industries and enhancing the flexibility of app and web development services. As per the current situation and research, we have found out the possible trends prediction of Cloud computing shortly.

Based on the usage and customer demand here are the 10 Cloud Computing predictions that will probably become true in 2022.

01. Hybrid Cloud Trend

The hybrid cloud is a new trend in cloud computing as it is a blend of public and private clouds and sharing data between them. The hybrid Cloud brings out the best of both worlds and allows companies to enjoy the benefits of both private and public clouds.
The security of the private cloud and the ability of the public cloud to share information with multiple users via the internet make the Hybrid Cloud the best of the rest options.
To gain flexibility and scalability in data storage and sharing, many organizations will be turning towards hybrid cloud solutions. It will assist companies to plan their business and achieve agility, especially in a landscape that is rife with uncertainty.

02. Chances of Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud uses a multi-cloud strategy with a variety of cloud services which means diversifying the cloud portfolio, data sharing, applications, and tools with a single architecture.
By this, an organization can expand its digital presence without wondering about its physical presence.

03. Cloud “Nationalism”

Forester claims that we are entering into a period of cloud nationalism where the government agencies of the US and China will be introducing rules on the usage of the cloud. There will be more rules for the technology providers for their operations in their respective geo-location.
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04. Security

Haven’t you faced security issues while using the internet and online services? Cybersecurity has always been an issue while using technology and digital services. Cloud services are quite open to cyberattacks. To reduce the chances of cyberattacks, businesses will be enhancing their security and data usage on Cloud services in the coming year by hiring professionals who can deal with all kinds of cyber threats.

05. Multitude of Options

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure have been dominating the cloud landscape for a long time. And over time, these services will be making huge money as the usage of cloud computing will be increasing in the coming year. The options are not limited, your experience in Cloud might be.

06. Low availability of Employees

In the corporate industry, employees are leaving their jobs which is putting employers in a tough situation and encouraging businesses to rely on the cloud. It reduces the requirement of any manual involvement in storing and sharing information.
And as freelancing has become a trend, gig workers are slowly replacing the need for full-time employees which means a high requirement for cloud solutions to run businesses.

07. Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability and operating an eco-friendly business have become a trend. Cloud Computing is one of the most eco-friendly services which creates online servers, data storage systems, and online data-sharing platforms to kill the requirement of physical devices for the mentioned services.
There will be fewer requirements for using hardware, which will automatically decrease the manufacturing of such hardware which affects the environment negatively.
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08. Combination of AI and Cloud

Artificial Intelligence has become an important part of all types of businesses and industries. The technology is used for automating and streamlining the process across all sorts of departments and sectors.
Integration of both AI and Cloud Computing makes all the functions more feasible and maintains the data required for performing a wide variety.

09. Cloud and Edge Computing

Cloud and Edge computing both are different from each other and it is quite challenging to see both of them working together.
But in 2022, businesses can have both services. By incorporating both edge and cloud computing into different strategies, the efficiency of companies can be enhanced.

10. Data Explosion

You must be aware of the concept of Big Data. All types of small and big businesses are generating huge amounts of data. Companies are turning to cloud solutions to leverage the information and glean practical insights from it.
We are on the verge of a data explosion and all industries must learn a way to cope with the data storing and transferring challenges.


Hence, whether it’s about being sustainable for the environment or software, Cloud Computing will be ruling the IT industry. Cloud Computing technology is the new future of the IT industry. It is easing business operations and management by making everything online and transparent for all. Being the IT services expert, RG Infotech integrates Cloud Computing wisely with all their app and web development services to maximize the benefits of cloud computing.


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