January 10, 2018

Whitepaper – How to launch a mobile app successfully!

Since the launch of smartphones, mobile industry embarks several milestones that attract several industries and developers to enter with their unique approach. Due to that, there are more than 12 million mobile app developers around the world (source) and the numbers are continuously increasing day-by-day.

Even the leading search engine – Google also prefers mobile adaptive websites to rank higher than others and they have already announced their mobile-friendly update – Mobilegeddon for that. Last year they announced their switching over a mobile-first index, although it hasn’t happened yet, but it will be happening soon. Several specialists have already included it in their SEO 2018 plan and suggested their associates to move over mobile-friendly websites and applications.

According to the Statista stats,

  • There are more than 2.32 billion smartphone users exist worldwide and the numbers will reach to 2.87 billion in 2020. (Source)
  • On an average around 30 thousand apps used to get submitted every month on Apple iTunes only.
  • By mid-2016, around 130 billion apps were downloaded from iTunes and around 65 billion from Google Play Store.
  • As of March 2017, there are around 2.8 million apps available on Google Play Store, while on iTunes, there are around 2.2 million apps. (Source)

The above stats are enough to make a clearer view about the mobile industry and the targeted audience, due to which every business wants to build an eye-catching application for their potential users. As there are more than 12 million developers available, you can easily get one for your idea under your preferred budget as well, but the thing is that-

Did you get your desired result with it? Or


Is your Mobile Application worth to launch? Or


How can you make your app considerable?

Being an enthusiastic persona, you are surely going through a long process of idealization and validation of your app idea along with planning, resource gathering, market researching and executing, but you have to consider a few more things while launching an app in the market (as there are more than 1800 apps launched every day on iTunes and Google Play Store together).

Due to the throat-cutting competition, it’s hard to survive without proper analysis and research, that’s why you have to consider several things to accomplish your goal. Even your selection of developer can affect your goals, so keep your eyes on every aspect. To make it easier to go through, we have broken these points into three segments – Before Launch, During Launch, and After Launch.

App Development Trends 2019

A complete guide for the eminent app developers with the industry stats.  To get to know the details, download the interesting whitepaper here!

Whitepaper - how to launch a mobile app?

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