December 14, 2021

Web 3.0 – Things that you need to know about it.

After the industrial revolution, the Internet is the second biggest thing that has happened to humankind to make their life easier. The new era of computing innovation is at your doorstep waiting to bring change in our lives -Web 3.0. 

The first time the foundation of the Internet was laid in the 1900s when Tesla had an idea about creating a world wireless system. In 1970, Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn developed “Transmission Protocol” and “Internet Protocol” which resulted in organizing data, interaction, and networking. The Internet evolved with time, till Tim Berners Lee in 1990, had given the structure of the World Wide Web. With the new Web, there will be the next level of digital marketing experience.

Let’s dive further to learn more about this new revolution in the era of internet networks. 

What is Web 3.0?

One can say “Web 3.0 is the third generation of the internet which will modify and ease the process for websites and applications to process information in multiple new ways like ML. Big data, artificial intelligence, and Blockchain technologies. 

Web 3.0

As per experts having Web 3.0 will be like having a personal assistant who knows all – from the information to how to access it. This new web generation will be more about connecting information with people. There is still doubt on it whether it will be replacing Web 2.0 or creating a separate network space altogether. 

In Web 2.0; you invest your time in searching and finding the best information as per your requirements. But, web 3.0 will be nothing like this; all you have to do is sit back and the internet will do everything for you. In the current web version; the internet provides relevant information based on the keywords involved in the search bar.

However, web 3.0 is not that limited; it will analyse your internet history and not only provide the information based on only keywords. Acquiring Digital Marketing Services in 2022 or the upcoming years will maximize the use of Web 3.0 and increase your online visibility.

What can you expect from Web 3.0?

Well, the answer is – “things that you have imagined till date to ease the internet using experience, can now expect to turn all those ideas into reality. Web 3 will be more advanced, more personalized, fast, and reliable. Here are the features you can expect in the new generation of internet Web 3.
  • Semantic Web
    This next generation of the Web will be the Semantic Web. It improves the ability of the web to understand, analyse and provide relevant content based on the meaning rather than just relying on numbers and keywords.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    In Web 3.0, computers will have the ability to understand the information like humans to provide the information that satisfies the user’s requirements.
  • 3D Graphics
    There will be exclusively used of 3D Graphics for Museum guides, computer games. Geospatial contexts etc.
  • Connectivity
    Thanks to semantic metadata in Web 3.0; the information is connected more; which will provide a better user experience and evolve the connectivity.
  • Ubiquity
    Now, the content will be more accessible from different devices and can be used anywhere.
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What is the requirement of Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 will be finding and dealing with the loopholes of the current web system. Web 2.0, somewhere, is corrupted by its own success. Hire Digital marketing and SEO Services to know where you can use it for your business.

  • Today the internet is broken by design. We can see the wealth and power in the wrong hands. On Web 2.0, you don’t have ownership of making payments; to buy anything you must have to ask a third-party app and to communicate you need to use another application.
  • By removing the third-party app and relying on rent-seeking industries; a direct value can be provided to the users. It will also improve content marketing by eliminating third-party apps.
  • Humans, machines, and enterprises can now share more data without worrying about security and confidentiality.
  • Entrepreneurial and investment activities can be improved by eliminating the dependency on risks related to confidentiality we face.
  • Own your data and digital footprints by using a digital scarcity of data.

Evolution of Web Ecosystem over the years

The world wide web has seen a lot of growth over the past decades from single-page websites to today’s versatile, interactive and user-friendly database.

Let’s move further and understand the evolution of the Web over time.

Web 1.0 (1989 -2005)

The first stage of World Wide Web evolution. During that time there is a huge difference between the content marketers and consumers; consumers were way more than content. Here are the functionalities and features of the first Web version:

  • First and the most popular internet version
  • Web pages were static in web 1.0
  • Limited access
  • Minimum user interaction
  • Not so advanced algorithms
  • Few options to connect

Web 2.0 (2005-present)

Web 2.0 highlights the user-generated content, usability, and interoperability for end users. It is also knowns as Social Web. The present Web system offers the following features:

Content Marketing
    • Dynamic websites.
    • Implementations of programming languages HTML 5, CSS3, Python etc.
    • Options like data backups, resources, and multiple connectivity.
    • Can build interactive platforms
    • Tools and advanced technology that created applications that can be used on mobile phones

Web 3.0 (Present - Upcoming Future)

It is the evolution of web interaction and altering the web into the database. It will bring the revolution in the era of network and internet.

  • The new web will be supporting technologies like Blockchain, Big Data, and Machine Learning
  • Combination of smart technologies and human intelligence
  • Gadgets and widgets that are bringing out the most of the internet.
  • There is no need for any third-party app and support.
  • Use of logic to upgrade the IoT.
  • High-end graphics, 3D, Animations, and virtual programs for better web engagement.
  • More personalized, customized, and secure.


Hence, the world must be ready for the new changes in the Internet and the Web. These changes are happening after years, and everyone is ready to enjoy the change. With Web 3.0 a new era of computing and the internet is going to start. We are ready to accept the change; are you?

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