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How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Mobile Game in 2024?

How Much Does Mobile Game Development Cost
There has been enough buzz and excitement about mobile game development and its promising benefits, despite the heavy competition and market. It is certainly the perfect time to enter the game development industry in 2024, whether you target the local or international market. When exploring the grounds of video games, it’s easy to get immersed in the stunning graphics and animation, engaging stories, and captivating gameplay.
To state the exact mobile game development cost is difficult, especially in the absence of a game app development cost calculator. According to Statista, the number of mobile game users will reach 1.9 billion globally by 2027, and 22.1% of user penetration will be owned by game apps by the same year. So, massive opportunities and fortune await the developers. The average cost to build a game app lies between $10,000 to $80,000 or even more.
However, it takes a significant amount of time, effort, and money to develop a successful game. Have you ever wondered, “how much does it cost to make a mobile game” or “how much does it cost to make a game app?” If yes, then you are not alone. In this blog, we’ll try to explore the intricacies of mobile game development price, discuss the factors that influence them, and discuss other important aspects.
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Factors Affecting Mobile Game Development Costs

Factors Affecting The Mobile Game Development Cost
Game App development cost estimation can differ depending on various influencing factors. To give you a better understanding, we’ll take a deep dive into these factors and categories:

Complexity of The Game

One of the most crucial cost-influencing factors is the complexity of the game. When figuring out the cost to make a game app, you need to consider this factor. Complexity includes various aspects. Such as the design of the game, mechanics, and overall scope. Here, we can present a real-world example to underline the impact of complexity on, mobile game app development cost.

Game Features and Functionality

Features and functionalities are one of the major factors that directly influence the complexity and cost to make a mobile game. Features like multiplayer capabilities, in-app purchases, social sharing, and augmented reality integration add layers of complexity, requiring socialized expertise and resources to implement effectively. The cost to develop a gaming app increases with the level of complexity, as the development team invests their time and resources into design, development, and testing to ensure a seamless user experience. Ultimately, while incorporating these advanced features and functionalities to enhance the appeal and operation of the game app, it requires careful planning and investment to skillfully manage the associated mobile game development cost-effectively.

Game Genre and Scope

The genre and scope of the game are among the most important factors that can highly impact the cost to create a game app. More complex genres of games will cost more than simpler games, such as quiz and puzzle games. That’s because the more complex the game is, the more features, technology, content, and assets it will require to develop. Additionally, the scope of the game, in terms of its size, programming languages for game development, and ambition, will also have a certain impact on the cost.

Mobile Game Development Platform

The type of technical platform you choose will affect the game development price. So, be it iOS, Android, or cross-platform, choosing the platform that serves you the best is extremely important for the cost, the game’s revenue, and its reach. The mobile game development cost for a single platform will be much lower, but you’ll miss out on collecting revenue from other platforms.
As a result, the most sought-after and recommended platforms by experts are cross-platform. By selecting cross-platform app development, you can reap the benefits and generate revenue from all the platforms you desire. However, keep in mind that the cost to create a mobile game will be high for this option, but so will the profitability of the game and customer base.

Game Engine Selection

When choosing a game engine, several key factors come into play. Firstly, assess the engine’s feature set to ensure it meets your game project’s needs, including graphics, rendering, and physics. Firstly, assess the engine’s feature set to ensure it meets the requirements of your game project, including graphics rendering, physics simulation, and platform compatibility. Performance and optimization capabilities are important for smooth gameplay across platforms. Cross-platform support is essential for broader accessibility. Community support and resources can greatly aid development, so evaluate the engine’s community size and activity. It’s also important to consider licensing costs and models in line with your budget and revenue expectations. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select the most suitable game engine for your project.

Design Layout

Game development includes incorporating various elements like graphics (2D or 3D), their quality, game levels, environment, and assets. It’s essential to pre-plan these aspects to bring your graphic ideas to life. The game development cost per hour generally depends on how visually appealing and engaging your design is. Designers charge hourly, and those with more experience and higher expertise charge more fees.

UI/UX Design

The design procedure for a mobile game app includes multiple steps. Developing a game application without using proper design can make the game prone to many bugs and glitches. Therefore, you need to take this step seriously. It is not unusual for experienced UI/UX designers, architects, and game artists to be involved in the whole design and development cycle. The fees charged by these experts will depend on their specialties, experience, and capacity.

Development Team Size

The number of people working to develop your game will surely influence the mobile game app development cost. The larger team means higher salaries, project management charges, and higher resource management requirements.

Time Taken for Development

The duration of mobile game development significantly impacts the overall game app development cost. The longer it takes to develop your game, the more it will cost you. Whether it’s developers, designers, content providers, animators, or anyone involved in your game project, they typically charge on an hourly basis. Therefore, the time invested in the development process directly correlates with the overall cost of building a mobile game.

Game App Testing & Quality Assurance

Gamers are likely to uninstall or won’t download your game at all if it contains issues and interferes with their gaming experience. Regardless of the amazing visual aesthetics of the games and engaging storyline, you won’t be able to get users to install the app without smooth and error-free gameplay. Therefore, it is important to devote sufficient effort and time to testing the game app to identify any bugs and provide error-free, smooth gameplay.
The cost to build a mobile game and testing will depend on the amount of time it takes to test the game and the testing fees charged by a game development company. If your game contains fewer errors and bugs, then the testing cost will be much cheaper, but if there are many bugs and glitches, you need to pay heavy charges and fix them before its launch.

Marketing and Launch

It is important to allocate 20% to 30% of the budget to marketing, which is essential for promoting your app to a wider user base. Marketing and launching a game app require strategic planning to ensure the successful navigation of the competitive landscape. This entails conducting market research to understand the audience and competition. You need to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, encompassing various channels like social media and influencer partnerships. It is crucial to incorporate engaging content, including trailers and gameplay videos. Post-launch, ongoing support, and community engagement sustain momentum. With careful execution, a game app can effectively establish itself in the market.

Additional Factors to Consider Mobile Game Development Cost

The mobile game development cost can differ depending on various factors such as platform, complexity, team size, location, and desired features. But apart from these factors and fundamental development expenses, you need to consider numerous other costs during the creation of a mobile gaming app:

Marketing and Promotion

Securing visibility and enticing users to flock to your mobile game app demands strategic investment in marketing and promotion. This encompasses various costs, such as advertising endeavors, collaborating with influencers, harnessing the power of social media platforms, optimizing your presence in app stores (ASO), and crafting compelling promotional materials. Allocate a significant portion of the budget for marketing, with an estimated range of 20–30% of the overall development costs.
Understanding these factors and cost considerations is essential for game app developers to create realistic budgets, allocate resources strategically, and navigate the complexities of mobile game development. Diligent budgeting for these marketing expenses is imperative to orchestrate successful user acquisition and engagement strategies.

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

Following the launch of your mobile game app, continual maintenance and updates become indispensable to maintain its seamless operation and relevance to users. This entails rectifying bugs, tackling performance glitches, integrating fresh features, and optimizing for evolving device platforms or operating system updates. Allocating resources for ongoing maintenance guarantees a favorable user experience, fostering the retention and expansion of your user base as time progresses.

Localization for Different Markets

Tailoring your mobile game app to diverse markets via localization is paramount for reaching a global audience. This process encompasses translating text, adapting graphics, and accommodating cultural nuances into multiple languages, aligning the content with the preferences and expectations of users across various regions. Setting aside resources for localization services guarantees that your mobile game app is not only accessible but also resonates with users worldwide, thereby amplifying downloads and unlocking revenue opportunities.

Game Development Cost Estimation By Game Type

Everybody is aware of the fact that is considered the IT outsourcing hub that always offers the best negotiation in terms of both mobile game app development cost and skills. Here’s a typical summary of game development cost estimation ranges for different types of games. Such as mini-games, simple games, and mid-level games. Check out the following game development price list to get a better understanding of the cost.

Mobile Game Type


Game Cost


Flappy Bird, Pac-Man, etc.

$3000 to $5000

Simple 2D Game

Flappy Slendrina, Red Ball, etc.

$5000 to $14000

Social Game

Farm Ville, Facebook Games, etc.

$16000 to $22000

Mid-Level Game

Angrybirds, Candy Crush,etc.

$20,000 to $32,000

3D Game

Join Clash 3D, Shooting, etc.

$18,000 to $40,000

Large-End Game

Clash of Clans, Last day on Earth, etc.

$50,000 to $100,000

AAA Game

PUBG, GTA, etc.

$100,000 to $10,00,000

Real Money Game

Ludo, Rummy, Casino, MPL etc.

$20,000 to $40,000

Moderately Game

Doom & Destiny

$40,000 to $90,000

Business Mobile Game

Virtonomics, Tropico 4, etc.

$15,000 to $80,000

Estimating cost to make a gaming app can differ depending on factors like team size, development time, complexity of features and functionalities, technology used, and geographical location. On average, the cost to develop a game app for iOS is 10% to 20% higher than that for Android, so if the mobile game cost to make is $25,000, then its analog for iOS will cost around $30,000. Here we present a rough mobile game development cost breakdown estimate by game type:

Cost to Build A Mini Game

Cost Range: $5,000-$50,000

Description: Developers generally use games’s accessibility and ease of gameplay to characterize simple, casual games with basic mechanics and minimal content. These games typically have short development cycles, making them suitable for small teams or even solo developers.

Examples: simple puzzle games, endless runners, and match-three games.

Development Time: Typically a few weeks to a few months.

Platforms: mobile devices, web browsers, casual gaming platforms.

Cost to Create A Mid-level Game

Cost Range: $50,000-$500,000

Description: Analyze the depth and intricacy to characterize more complex games with additional context. These games often require a larger team of developers, including artists, designers, and programmers, to bring their vision to life. Due to this complexity, these games typically have longer development cycles, spanning several months to a year or more.

Examples: platformers, puzzle-adventure games, strategy games.

Development Time: Several months to a year.

Platforms: mobile devices, PCs, consoles, and handheld consoles.

Large Game Development Cost

Cost Range: $500,000-$5,000,000+

Description: Large games are indeed ambitious projects, pushing the limits of what’s possible in game development. They incorporate extensive content, advanced mechanics, and high production values, aiming to provide players with immersive and unforgettable experiences. These games typically require development teams consisting of artists, designers, programmers, writers, and other specialists.

Examples: open-world games, RPGs, and simulation games.

Development Time: One to several years.

Platforms: PC, console, potentially VR, or emerging platforms.

Cost to Make Simple 2D Games

Cost Range: $10,000-$100,000

Description: 2D games are known for their straightforward gameplay mechanics and art styles. Mobile game development costs can differ depending on the complexity of the game mechanics, the number of levels, and the quality of the artwork. It focuses on classic gaming elements such as side-scrolling platforms, arcade-style action, or puzzle solving.

Examples: side-scrolling platformers, arcade-style games, retro-inspired games.

Development Time: A few months to a year.

Team Size: small team, including developers and artists.

Platforms: mobile devices, PCs, web browsers.

Cost to Develop A Social Game

Cost Range: $100,000-$1,000,000

Description: Games designed for the social platform are known as social games. Developers build these games to foster multiplayer interactions, encourage community engagement, and leverage viral mechanics to expand their player base. These games provide advanced features like leaderboards, social sharing, and in-game chat to facilitate social interactions among players. Social games often require server infrastructure, backend development, and constant support.

Examples: city-building games, farming simulations, social casino games.

Development Time: Several months to a year.

Platforms: social media platforms (Facebook, etc.), mobile devices.

High-end 3D Mobile Game Development Cost

Cost Range: $1,000,000-$10,000,000+

Description: Graphically intensive games that have realistic 3D graphics, advanced physics, and complex gameplay mechanics fall into the category of high-end 3D games. These games aim to deliver immersive experiences that break the boundaries of visual fidelity and interactivity. Developing high-end 3D games demands a substantial investment in various aspects, including art assets, technology, and optimization.

Examples: first-person shooters, action-adventure games, sports simulations.

Development Time: Two or more years.

Team Size: large-sized team, including multiple developers, artists, animators, designers, and technical specialists.

Platforms: PC, console, potentially VR, or emerging platforms.

AAA Game App Development Cost

Cost Range: $1 Million – $2 Million+

Description: blockbuster titles with top-tier production values, cutting-edge graphics, cinematic storytelling, and extensive marketing campaigns. AAA games are characterized by their high levels of polish and attention to detail. And technical excellence. They feature complex gaming mechanics, expensive worlds to explore, and rich narratives that rival those found in Hollywood films.

Examples: epic-scale RPGs, cinematic action games, multiplayer shooters.

Development Time: Three to five years or more.

Platforms: PC, console, potentially VR, or emerging platforms.
These mobile game development cost estimates are approximate and can vary widely depending on various factors, such as platform requirements, geographical location, marketing expenses, and unforeseen development challenges. Developers need to conduct thorough planning and budgeting to ensure the success and viability of their projects.
We hope the above mobile game development cost breakdown helped you understand the types of games and their development costs. see, AAA games charge the highest game development price, due to the technology used and the number of developers involved in developing these types of games. In comparison to AAA games, mini-game development costs the least.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Gaming App in Different Countries?

The cost to make a game app differs significantly depending on factors like the game’s complexity, the development team’s size, the development studio’s location, and the developers’ experience level. Here’s a rough estimate of mobile game development costs in different countries:

How Much Does It Cost to Make A Mobile Game in The United States

Cost Range: $60,000-$500,000+

In the United States, a mobile game development cost can typically range from $60,000 to $500,000 or more. The US serves as a hub for game development, boasting a large talent pool and numerous established studios. According to a survey by the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the average cost to develop a mobile game in the US is around $200,000. Notably, the US mobile gaming market is one of the biggest in the world, generating generally billions of dollars in revenue each year.

How Much Does It Cost to Make A Game App in The United Kingdom

Cost Range: £8,000-£70,000+

Moving to the United Kingdom, mobile game development costs range from £8,000-£70,000 and more. The UK hosts a thriving game development industry, characterized by a mix of indie studios and larger companies. Studies by organizations like TIGA reveal that the average game app cost to make in the UK is approximately £85,000 ($110,000). The UK is home to successful mobile game developers such as King (creators of Candy Crush Saga) and Supercell (creators of Clash of Clans).

How Much Does It Cost to Create A Game App in India

Cost Range: $10,000–$100,000+

The mobile game development cost in India ranges from $10,000 to $100,000. India has emerged as a leading destination for outsourcing game development, leveraging its large team of skilled developers and lower labor costs. Reports by organizations like Nasscom estimate that the average cost to develop a mobile game in India is around $10,000–$150,000. India’s game development industry is rapidly growing, driven by increasing smartphone penetration and rising demand for mobile games.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Mobile Game in Canada

Cost Range: CAD15,000-CAD300,000+

In Canada, mobile game app development costs can go up to CAD15,000-CAD300,000 or even more. Canada has emerged as a popular destination for game development, with cities like Vancouver and Montreal having numerous game studios. The average cost to make a mobile game app in Canada is around Canadian Dollar $60,000. Canada’s game development industry significantly contributes to the country’s economy, generating billions of dollars in revenue annually.

How Much Does It Cost to Create A Mobile Game in Australia

Cost Range: $70,000-$350,000+

Australia sees mobile game development costs ranging from $70,000 to $350,000. The country boasts a growing game development scene, with the focus set on indie and mobile games. Reposts by organizations like the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) indicate that the average cost of developing a mobile game in Australia is around Australian Dollar $70,000–$100,000. Notably, Australia hosts events like Melbourne International Games Week, which proves the talent and capability of the country’s game development and fosters industry growth.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Mobile Game in Eastern Europe

Cost Range: $30,000-$150,000+

In Eastern Europe, a mobile game app development cost can range from $30,000 to $150,000. Countries like Ukraine, Poland, and Romania offer competitive development costs and boast highly skilled workforces. Reports by organizations like Unity suggest that the average cost of developing a mobile game in Eastern Europe is approximately $50,000–$100,000. Eastern Europe has produced many successful mobile games, with studios like 11 Bit Studios (Poland) gaining international recognition.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Game App in Southeast Asia

Cost Range: $15,000–$80,000+

In Southeast Asia, mobile game app development costs can range from $15,000 to $80,000. Countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam offer some of the lowest app development costs in the world. Studies by organizations like Newzoo indicate that the average cost of developing a mobile game in Southeast Asia is around $20,000–$40,000. Southeast Asia is experiencing rapid mobile game market growth, driven by factors like a young population, increasing smartphone adoption, and a growing middle class.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Game App by RG Infotech?

RG Infotech offers tech-advanced and industry-specific mobile game app development solutions. It includes progressive web applications, personalized to meet unique customer needs. Our advanced mobile app development services include Android app development, iOS app development, hybrid app development, and more.
The cost of making a gaming app is based on several factors. For basic to advanced mobile game apps, at RG Infotech, a mobile game development costs $2500 and increases according to the features and functionality required. A mid-level mobile game with complex graphics and additional monetization features could have a development budget ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. For high-end or AAA mobile games with cutting-edge graphics, advanced gameplay mechanics, extensive content, multiplayer support, and high-quality audio, the development budget might exceed $1 Million to $2 Million, making this the most expensive game development cost.
Consulting our game development experts will provide a clear understanding of the mobile game app development cost tailored to your specific project requirements and objectives.


The above-provided information discusses the important factors related to mobile game development cost. We hope this information will help you learn and understand more about the game app development cost, the cost of hiring the game developers, and the factors that influence the game development price. Stay tuned for more informative updates.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before talking about the cost-related aspects, let’s first talk about mobile game development and what it actually means. Game development refers to the process of making video games, from the rough concept to the final product. It includes various disciplines, including the design of games, programming, art and animation, quality assurance, sound design, and project management. Game development can range from small indie projects developed by small development teams containing a handful of developers to massive AAA titles produced by large teams of an esteemed Mobile Game App Development Company.
Game development is a complex and costly procedure. The more ambitious your game is, the harder and costlier the development will be. Some video games have development costs in the hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. Someone hearing this for the first time would be confused by the question, “Why?” How can development cost over $10K to $5 million for a single game? Firstly, it is important to note that they weren’t low-budget indie games but rather AAA titles available across several platforms.
The budget essential for game production might differ greatly depending on several aspects. Consider factors like the game genre, the scale of the project, and the number of professionals working dedicatedly on it. Regardless of the game’s budget, there will always be some kind of outlay. Here we present the sources responsible for the increase in game development costs:
        • Game Development Staff
        • Game development equipment
        • Space for Developers
        • Licenses for Game-Creating Software
        • Game Localization Marketing
Whether game development is worth it or not depends on the individual circumstances, aspirations, and willingness to deal with challenges and opportunities inherent in the gaming industry. Take time to reflect on your inspirations, goals, and capabilities before starting the journey of game development.
The cost of producing the game can differ depending on the factors such as the space, complexity, quality, platform, team, size, development tools, and geographic location. It can range from thousands to millions of dollars. Indie games or small-scale games might have lower budget rate , while AAA titles from large studios can cost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to produce.
The cost of hiring a game developer varies based on factors such as their experience, expertise, location, and the scope of the project. Hourly rates for freelance game developers can range from $25 to $150 or more per hour, depending on experience and specialization. For longer-term projects or full-time employment, salaries for game developers typically range from $60,00 to $150,00 per year, again depending on experience and location.
The video game development cost can vary widely, ranging from minimal expenses to a record-breaking $174 million for the most expensive game to date. This cost fluctuation is influenced by the unique development challenges faced by different types of games, such as AAA, indie, and mobile games.
Once you input the necessary information, the calculator will generate an estimated cost for your game development project. This breakdown will encompass various categories such as programming, design, and testing, offering a transparent delineation of the primary areas of expenditure.
Factors like game complexity, platforms, size of development team, art assets, technology, and marketing efforts can all impact the cost of game development.
Analyzing project requirements, determining scope, locating resources you need, and taking industry standards for similar projects into account are all part of estimating game development expenses.
Using pre-existing game engines or frameworks, outsourcing non-core labor, utilizing reusable assets, setting priorities for important features, and implementing agile development techniques are a few cost-cutting techniques.
The secret to keeping a game development project under budget is to prioritize features according to financial limits, communicate openly with stakeholders, monitor costs regularly, and be flexible in responding to unforeseen events.
Keeping a game development project within budget requires effective project management, frequent expense monitoring, open communication with stakeholders, feature prioritization based on financial limits, and flexibility in responding to unforeseen events.

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