October 29, 2021

Facebook name changes to Meta: A Shift to Metaverse!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is no longer Facebook and now, it will be known by the name “Meta”. The name change of this social media is the result of criticism and backlashes by lawmakers and the public for its policy.

At the company’s annual Connect conference, Zuckerberg, from now on we’ll be known by the name metaverse first as “the brand name was linked to one product and it can’t possibly represent the multiple things we are doing today”.

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Our vision for the brand is expanding with time to virtual spaces where users can interact via digital avatars. The company is not changing its corporate structure with its name. Now the way of optimization on Facebook will be different.

Why is “Meta” a new name?

Metaverse is the new world of technology. Zuckerberg is a great fan of classics and said that “Meta is a Greek word” which means “Beyond”.

Metaverse was the first coin in dystopia, almost three decades ago. It is an idea of sharing a virtual environment, where people can connect with each other through multiple devices.

Impact on the technology and users

Baird Equity Research Analyst Colin Sebastian said the name change is indicating a big shift in technology and the way people connect with each other via technology. Meta is not a side project of this social media marketing platform. The company is working on developing the next-level computing platform – the “successor of the mobile internet”.

This next-generation technology will not turn up in the next few days, it will take almost 8-10 years for these features to become our reality.

Users will be enjoying socializing, shopping, traveling, etc., via EMG input, holograms, and voice interaction. You can say the world of socializing with people using virtual platforms and technology is going to change.

Changes in Facebook

The corporate structure of Facebook is not changing, as per the reports. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger will remain the same the way they are. The company informed that Facebook Reality Labs will become a new unit. The unit which is handling the AR and VR will be known by the name Reality Labs.

There will be a new logo of Meta, released by the company at its headquarters in California. The old logo from thumbs up “like” is changed to a symbol of infinity in blue color. Also, this social media marketing company will start trading from December 1 under the new stock ticker it has reversed, MVRS.

What can you expect from this name change?

  • Facebook will be hiring 10,000 employees to build the Metaverse world.
  • Enter in the digital world with AR/VR as your digital avatar.
  • Users will be doing all the activities in virtual mode as they do in reality like playing games, attending classes, going to concerts, etc.
  • This technology will be replacing the phones and becoming the new version of the internet.
  • New approach towards Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and optimization.

What else?

  • About Facebook Papers – The social media marketing platform is stopping hate against Black Americans. Well, the research shows otherwise.
  • Carol and Karen – Two Facebook experimental accounts show that the company helped to divide America.
  • Facebook was in the limelight for the documents leaked by former product manager Frances Haugen to Congress.


Well, it is nothing new many companies have changed their name in the past to distance themselves from bad publicity and criticism of people. Let’s see what new technology Mark Zuckerberg will bring and completely change the experience of socializing. Facebook users are in a dilemma whether they should expect more safety and confidentiality from Meta, or not.


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