October 28, 2021

Get to know the features and benefits of a restaurant table booking solution.

Gone are the days when standing in a long line to enjoy the food of your favorite restaurant was a thing. Now people have time to make money but have no extra second to invest in such activities. As the world of technology is advancing, consumer needs are also increasing. Online Restaurant table booking apps are nothing new, and now there are multiple options available in the market to provide you with a fine dining experience. Now, people prefer to book their table in advance to avoid last-minute rush and waiting in the queue.


However, the restaurant reservation solution has its own advantage for both the restaurant and the customer. Let’s dive into the write-up to explore the features, and benefits, of Restaurant App Development.


The features of the Restaurant Reservation Solution are also responsible for the success of online table booking. A customer must have a smooth and rich user experience while using your online table booking app. Hire professional restaurant app development services like RGI, to make sure you are leading your respective industry.  Here are the basic features that will make your online table booking solution a success:

Features for Admin Panel

Let, RG Infotech do the restaurant app development for providing a better table booking experience.

  • Table management is done by the admin panel. All the information related to booking and empty tables will be updated here.
  • Revenue generation after the visit of each customer will be managed here.
  • Admin is responsible to provide vouchers and discounts to the customers.

Features of User App Panel

  • Keep the restaurant table booking app reservation simple. Integrate multiple social media platforms to provide a wide opportunity to log in.
  • Always keep a search option in the app, to let your customers directly make a search for the facilities they are looking for in the restaurant.
  • The payment method should be simple and safe. The table booking app owners must integrate multiple platforms to make the payment process smooth.
  • After checking out the location, availability of cuisine, and reviews, customers can make reservations including customization.

Features of Restaurant Panel

  • After login into the Restaurant reservation solution, restaurant owners are allowed to add all the retro-related details which will be seen and used by customers.
  • The schedule feature allows the restaurant owners to list down their opening hours and days which will be useful for the users to book a table.
  • Under reservation management, all the reservation requests and their status will be managed here. The hotel owner will be responsible to keep the reservation status updated for all the app visitors.
  • The history feature will keep the track of all the bookings made in the past with certain references.



The Online Restaurant Reservation solution has completely changed the scenario of dining out and celebrating the important days of life.

For Customers

  • Save time with filters
    By using the restaurant table booking app, the customers can save time standing in a long queue and searching according to their preference. They can book the table applying multiple filters in the specific restaurant at a preferred time and enjoy the dining out.
  • Instant Booking
    Earlier to book a table in the restaurant, customers have to call and wait for the response of the employee; whether the table is available or not. That procedure was slow, time-consuming, and exhausting. Now, using the restaurant booking app, customers can check the availability of tables on their screens and even customize as per requirement.
    Also, the booking is not limited to the opening hours of the respective restaurants. Book any time and enjoy the meals.
  • Read Reviews and Book best
    Via an online table booking app, customers can check out the restaurant ratings and reviews to find out the best option. Also, they can compare the prices and cuisines of multiple restaurants. This helps them to book the best restaurant available.

For Restaurant Owners

  • Accept and Reject
    The online Restaurant table booking apps help the restaurant owners to accept and reject the request via app, by avoiding the waste of time in doing over a call. They can also keep the booking history of the customers and can provide some discount or extra convenience to regular customers.
  • Prepares Restaurant Staff
    Knowing earlier about the booking and its timing gives enough space and time to the restaurants to prepare their staff for the rush and avoid any last-minute hassle. As per the bookings, the hotel owner can stock up the food and inform the chef about the cuisines that will be ordered (if mentioned any while booking the table) by the customers at a specific timing. This will keep the brand’s credibility intact.
  • Provide the Best Customer Experience
    Availability of tables, all types of cuisines, and staff members will help you to provide the best user experience. The prior reservation schedule will help you to manage everything and avoid the last-minute rush. The better the management of your restaurant will be, the more frequently the same customer will visit your restaurant and end up doing marketing of your place.
Restaurant App Development


With technology, the need for humans is increasing. We are slowly shifting on digital platforms, even to manage our daily activities. The restaurant table booking app is an incredible platform for both owners and customers. The way it is helping customers to book a table in their favorite restaurant is also easing the process of reservation management for all the restaurants.

The use of trending technology and tools makes an app successful. Hire a professional restaurant app development services provider like RGI and let your customer have the best dining experience at your place.


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