October 26, 2023

Andar Bahar Game Development Company

Andar Bahar Game Development
In this Realm of online gaming, Are you looking for Andar Bahar Game Development Company? According to recent gaming reports, card games are gaining massive popularity at present, and they are high in demand. Amongst all that, andar bahar card game is particularly getting more attention by fulfilling the growing demand of the online casino Industry. The online gaming industry in India is experiencing massive growth, with the estimated market size of over $1 billion in 2021. The Andar bahar game has offered a big contribution to this massive growth, with many players showing interest in this particular game.
The easily available Andar Bahar Game Software has provided people a chance to play games online without having to leave the comfort of their home. Developers of andar bahar game development company need to put extra care into developing every part of the app, from stunning UI/UX to the game mechanics with perfection to provide a satisfying gaming experience.
Read further to know more. Our excellent card game development services will help in increasing your brand value. Millions of players are looking forward to indulging in the realistic user experience of the Andar bahar game.

What Do You Know About the Andar Bahar Game Online?

Online Andar Bahar app is one unique card game in the entire card game industry. This traditional betting card game originated in Bangalore India Several years back. In some regions, it is also referred to as Katti. The online version of this classic card game has emerged as a profitable and gaming option for online gaming businesses thanks to the immense popularity it has gained in some regions of the country. The Andar Bahar card game is a simple and entertaining game which is quite easy to learn and there is no definite strategy that players need to follow in order to play the game. This simple and entertaining card game is a new genre which gives way to the live dealer concept.
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How To Develop An Online Andar Bahar Game App?

How to Develop an Andar Bahar Game
Andar Bahar Game Development is not a child’s play! It requires the experience, technical knowledge, great skill set, and the collective efforts of developers, programmers, designers, and testers. Here’s the process of Online Andar Bahar app development you need to follow:

Market Research

The first step you need to follow for the Andar bahar Game Development is conducting thorough competitive and market research. It is highly crucial to study the reviews and feedback of players and their gaming experience of your business competitors. Remember to also perform a detailed competitor analysis to get a basic idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, you can also conduct studies and surveys to better understand the feedback given by users and preferences of the target audience.

Choose a Game Platform

The next crucial step to develop a great game is to select a platform on which you want to run your Andar Bahar Game Online. The typical options are Android, iOS, or Cross-Platform game solutions such as React Native or Flutter. Each of the platforms contains different benefits, different target audiences, and guidelines. So, you need to select the gaming platform carefully and wisely.

UI/UX Design

If you want more users to visit your card game application, you need to incorporate a simple yet easily navigable User Interface. make sure to incorporate attractive designs, typography, layout, and color scheme to divert more traffic and attract diverse users to your Andar Bahar gaming platform. You can also include additional factors like music, animation, audio, and other multimedia effects. Select the best Andar bahar game development service providers to get excellent UI/UX design for your game app.

Game Play

Make Andar Bahar software game mechanisms, such as card distribution formulas, betting possibilities, and gameplay regulations. The developers need to ensure that the game is fair, well-balanced, as well as entertaining for all players whether they be a beginner or experienced. Thoroughly test your game mechanisms and find underlying flaws and errors and resolve them immediately.

Testing of the Game

After developing the app successfully. It is ready to undergo extensive testing to ensure that it is error free or bug free. Employ manual and automated testing methods to discover and resolve the errors. To verify the performance and compatibility, test the app across various gaming platforms, hardware, software, and network configurations.


Launch your application on the platform you select and promote it through various platforms, including the social media platforms, online promotions and advertisements, and app stores. Keep a close watch on the ratings and the review of the users to come up with areas to update and improve.

Customer Support

Issues and concerns can arise anytime even after multiple testing, which is why adding 24/7 Customer support feature is highly crucial in Andar bahar Game. It allows users to contact the customer support team in case they encounter any technical issue or have any concern or complaints regarding the game.

What Are The Features Of Online Andar Bahar App?

There are numerous interesting features and functionalities you can incorporate in your Andar Bahar App to improve and enhance the gameplay experience. Here are some of them:

Single Player

Single player erosion allows players to play the game solely. Anyone can enjoy the Andar Bahar Card game without needing any game partner. This is the best option for those players who want to enjoy the game independently.

Multiplayer Timer

In contrast to the Single player version, Multiplayer Timer is perfect for the player who wants to enjoy playing the Andar Bahar Game with their family and friends all at once. With the help of this option, players can play this game with multiple players online.

Rewards & Loyalty

It is an important feature for any online game. Rewards and loyalty lecture allows the Andar Bahar Game Businesses to release their dedicated bonuses and rewards along with loyalty campaigns to attract players and increase the user engagement.

Anti Fraud System

In order to prevent any kind of fraud from occurring, developers must incorporate the advanced and trusted anti-security system in the Andar bahar prediction software to ensure the data security and provide peace to both the operators and the players.


It’s not necessary that all plates speak the same language, which is why features like Multi-language are greatly appreciated. Creators must include multi language features in their games, apps, websites in order to engage players from specific regions.

Payment System

It is one of the most important andar bahar game development solutions that allows players to place bets in any currency or payment method they want. At the same time, it also enables players to withdraw their bet amount or rewards in any currency or method from the listed payment options.

Online Andar Bahar App User Panel Features

Andar Bahar Game User Panel Feature

Live Chat

Live chat is an interesting feature that offers players the ability to interact with other players online with the help of emojis, texts, and voice chat. This feature enhances the interactive and competitive aspect in game and provides realistic gameplay experience like land-based casinos.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The Andar bahar game app developers make cross-platform apps that function well on multiple screens and platforms and optimize without changing the code. It enables players from different gaming platforms to smoothly access your app.

User Onboarding

With the help of this feature the gamers can log in or sign up for the Andar bahar real money card game using their in-built credentials or the social media platform accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.

Referral Rewards

Andar bahar cash game includes a refer & earn feature that gives players a chance to invite their friends and family members to join them in the game. Moreover, users will get bonus rewards whenever another player joins the game using their invite link.

Security Patches

Keep bringing new updates every now and then to solve the errors, enhance the user interaction, and introduce the latest features. To stay ahead of other competitors, Hire andar bahar game developers for best game development companies, keep a close eye on latest technology, user demands, and tech-trends. Make use of analytics and user feedback to get ideas for the areas of upgrades and assess the performance of the game app.

How Much Andar Bahar Game Development Cost?

The cost of Andar Bahar app development is somewhere around $5,000 to $10,000 if it is to run on a single platform, either Android or iOS with just the basic features and functions. The cost of development may raise up to $30,000 if you want to develop a high-tech app with advanced features and that supports multiple game platforms. Here are some important factors that affect the Andar bahar game development cost:

Game Platform

The development charges of Android games are comparatively more than iOS. If you choose to develop games for a single platform, it will reduce the Card Game Development price, but, if you wish to create a game app that works well on both platforms, undoubtedly the price will increase.

Development Team

If you wish to create a game in-house, you need to hire all the resources and team members to ensure a perfect development process. In such a scenario, you have to pay all the team members and for the hiring process. This can cost a lot. It is better to simply hire a game development company so you can outsource all the development work. By doing so, you can save a lot of money as you only need to pay the determined fee.

Game Design

The designers have to put a lot of dedication and hard work in creating a stunning and easily navigable UI/UX of the game to make it more appealing and user-friendly. Simple design with fewer features costs less, but unique design, advanced features, and involvement of other creative work naturally costs more.

Game Development Company

The cost differs depending on the mobile game development company you hire for development process:
        • Small Company Cost: $10 – $50 / Hour
        • Enterprise-level Company Cost: $100 – $200 / Hour
        • Intermediate Company Cost: $50 – $100 / Hour

What Is Andar Bahar Prediction Software?

Andar Bahar prediction Software is seen as a Pattern identification software that takes advantage of Artificial intelligence-based algorithms. In order to get accurate results, this algorithm computes extremely complicated patterns. All of the patterns included in the casino game Andar bahar are recognized by this program. With the help of this program you can easily calculate the flow and pattern. Everything in this software is computed automatically, and forecasts are displayed appropriately. See for yourself how accurate the program is by watching our live-recorded video sessions below.


The above given information talks about the andar bahar game development. This card game development is a profitable venture, but its development requires lots of skills and experience. We have discussed the important features, cost, and and other aspects regarding the development of andar bahar app in android & iOS. Stay updated for more information.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Andar Bahar game app is a classic and traditional game of cards originated in India that highly depends on the player’s luck. This is a simple game which allows every type of player to enjoy the thrill and fun of the card game.
The Andar Bahar game has various side bets. Some widely popular side bets in Andar Bahar games are identifying the rank and suits of the middle card.
Yes, RG Infotech offers custom and bespoke Andar Bahar game app development services according to the requirements of clients.
Development duration of a real money game like Andar Bahar will take around 8-12 Weeks. The duration may increase depending on the features and functions you want to add in the game.

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