October 28, 2023

Andar Bahar Game Rules | How to Play | Winning Tips & Tricks

The Andar Bahar game which was created hundreds of years ago is now available online on your finger tips for players to enjoy it from the comfort of their home through mobile application. However, creating a gaming application is a great deal of work that requires a lot of knowledge, great skills in planning and executing. Before playing you should know andar bahar game rules. Andar Bahar card game is a years old traditional Indian Card Game. It is also referred to as Katti or Mangatha in some areas.
This old and traditional andar bahar game known and loved for its simplicity and suspense has gained decent popularity, both offline and online. The Andar Bahar casino game involves players making predictions on which side of the selected card (Andar or Bahar) will appear on. This betting andar bahar game is a popular and easy way to earn money from it as players are allowed to play this game with real money.
The Andar Bahar game begins when the dealer in charge of the table places face-up cards in between the Andar Bahar table and the participants are asked to predict and make bets on one of the two given piles of cards i.e Andar (Inside) or Bahar (outside). The game flows as the dealer goes through one card at a time on each site until a card holding the same value shows up and the player placing the correct bet will be announced as the winner.
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Is The Andar Bahar Game Legal in India?

Andar Bahar Game is legalized in India, players can play andar bahar card game both in the physical and online casinos. However, the matter of legality may differ in some regions in India because of different local laws. So, make sure that the casino (online or offline) you are playing at is legal and follows the guidelines set by the government. We advise players to check the local laws in your area before deciding andar bahar game play online. Platforms like ours operate legally, offering a secure environment for playing this card game.

How To Play Andar Bahar Game?

How to Play Andar Bahar Game
To learn how to play andar bahar in casino, you first need to find a trusted gaming platform. Most sites classify the RNG version of online andar bahar as a table game despite several of them being presented in the “casual games” section. Regardless, many sites have a search feature and by simply typing “andar” they will get all the results showing that text in their names.
Before learning how to play andar bahar card game, you need to make sure that the game you want to learn and search for is live dealer andar bahar. Then you can search for it on the live dealer page. There are only two main bets you can make in andar bahar, obviously “andar or bahar.” You need to scroll down to a “betting lip” in some live dealer tables to place your bets, but most contain the main bets central to the dealer table, and place the side bets either on the main play area slightly above the chip denomination or on the left side.
Before dealing with the Joker most bets should be already placed, since they are the same value, suit, or color of the joker. At this phase, other bets are placed, as well, such as the total number of cards dealt to match the value of the joker card ( before matching with the joker card there are theoretically 47 card combinations that can be dealt). We hope this information will help new players who are learning how to play andar bahar casino game.
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Andar Bahar Game Rules

If you are in search of an exciting, quick and entertaining card game originating from India, then Andar Bahar game of cards is the perfect card game for you. If you are a beginner unfamiliar with this game then no need to worry! andar bahar casino game service providers present you the andar bahar game rules that will help you understand the basics of the game.
        • Andar Bahar is quite a simple game that is pretty easy to understand and play. Unlike other card games, players in this game are up against the Casino or the Dealer instead of the other player.  

        • The game involves a standard deck of 52 cards, and the aim is to make predictions on which one of the given two piles of cards contains a Joker card.

        • In the beginning of the game, the dealer places a  single card face-up in the middle of the table. This card is referred to as “joker,” and this card will determine which of the two card piles (Andar or Bahar) will be the next card chosen from.

        • The players place their best on either the pile of cards to the left side of the joker card (Andar) or the card pile placed beside the right side of the joker card (Bahar). After All the players place their bets, the dealer begins dealing cards to the Andar and Bahar piles.  

        • The process of dealing cards to each pile will keep on going until a card that matches the value of the joker card appears. The pile which that card belongs to is the winning  pile, and all bets pay out all the bets placed on that card. 

        • In case the first card the dealer deals to andar pile matches the value of the joker card, the game comes to an end immediately with paying out all the bets placed on the Andar pile of cards. The same scenario happens if the situation is vise-versa and the card with matching value belongs to Bahar pile.

What Are The Tips For Winning A Andar Bahar Game?

Andar Bahar is a random game with simple and straight forward andar bahar game rules. You have no control over how a hand will turn out. Nevertheless, here we present some of the best andar bahar winning tips that can help you to improve your chances of winning the game.
        • Place bets on the “Andar” side of the card pile to get the lowest house edge.

        • Placing bets on Andar is the best because its house edge is slightly lower. Andar can triumph even if Bahar rarely or never gets a card in the draw because the first card is mostly for Andar.

        • However, the payout for this small advantage is lower. 

        • Even so, the house edge is still 33% lower in comparison to betting on bahar..

        • Continually Place Better Bonus Bets
In general, our online casino andar bahar tricks votes against making side bets on casino games. They frequently significantly raise the house advantage. But if you’re going to play Andar Bahar and place a side wager, these andar bahar tips and tricks will help you out.

What Are The Tips And Tricks Of Andar Bahar Casino Game?

It’s true that Andar Bahar can be a little confusing, however, there is not much to do other than selecting Andar or Bahar. But, even if it is simple, you would not want to leave it all to luck and start playing the game. Here are some tips and tricks for andar Bahar casino game that will help you in understanding the game more.

Learn and Understand All The Basic Rules and Terms

Since we have discussed the andar bahar card game rules and basics above, you must have gained a better understanding of how the game works. However, you should know about other important things also and learn all the terms used in the game to enhance your gameplay experience. All the work is done by the dealer, the only work that the player needs to do is choosing the Andar or the Bahar side of the card pile. there’s a 50% chance of winning or losing the Andar Bahar casino game, nothing comes in or between it.

Place Calculated Bets

In this Andar Bahar Card Game, a player has 50% chances of winning, and the game depends more on luck. So, there’s nothing much a player can do about it. However, one of our andar bahar online game tricks for the best player is that they can keenly observe the game and see which side of the card pile is winning more, and place the bets according to that.

Check for The Different Versions

Just like the other card game variations, Andar bahar games also contain different variations. Another one of andar bahar tips for you is that, before playing the variations, a player first must understand the andar bahar game rules and regulations of the classic version and then it should begin playing that game. Take your time to completely understand the game, and practice with the free version of the game to understand all the changes and differences.

Manage Your Bankroll

The general Andar bahar card game tricks of playing safe in any casino game keep sticking to your budget. Even though Andar Bahar is a simple card game with easy gameplay, there is a high possibility of losing excessively too. You will only get a small time to make calculations in Andar Bahar as the game moves quite rapidly. Therefore, it is crucial to set a budget before beginning.

Choose the Right Casino

Some casinos give you free bonuses, according to andar bahar casino game rules you can use these bonuses and try playing this game of luck with free money. Even if you lose, you will get the advantage of learning new rules and strategies to use in order to win the game. But there’s also a possibility of winning big with free money.


In the above given information we discuss the rules and regulations of andar bahar game. Not only that, it also throws light on valuable information about legalization concerns, tips and tricks, and other important factors related to andar bahar casino game. As a renowned game development company we offer tech-advanced card game solutions. So, if you are a business looking for excellent andar bahar card game development services, we are the right choice.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While one card is dealt face-up, participants have to select the side on which the subsequent card having the same value will appear. The player has to place bets on either andar or bahar sides, and winning occurs only if the card lands on your chosen side.
The future of andar bahar game is extremely bright as it is becoming quite popular in the casino and in the real money gaming industry. With different popular casino applications and sites adding this game to their library, the demand of this game will increase exponentially in the future.
Yes it is! The Andar Bahar game is available in multiple languages so that players can enjoy the game in a language they are comfortable with.

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