June 5, 2023

What Gives Incredible Rise To The Indian Gaming Market?

The emerging Indian 3D Game Development sector has experienced amazing rise and development in recent years. Quickly making out one of the largest global gaming markets. The growth is influenced by India’s large number of youth population, increased disposable income, and latest gaming genres. Also a surge in smartphone and tablet users who are making online Gaming Solutions accessible to a wider audience.

Thanks to the rising clientele, the ecosystem of Indian game developing experts provide a tonne of potential to produce enticing and fascinating content. It involves many interesting social and cultural settings appealing to Indian consumers. Indians possess a varied skill set in It, Development, Design, as well as testing which contributes to the country’s abundance of creative ability. 

Market Size and Expenditure

India has become the largest 3D Game Development market. It’s estimated worth is around $930 million, and has over 56 million users of the internet. It makes it the second largest internet consumer in the world. By 2024, the global Gaming Marketing sector will reach around $3.8 billion, with  a 10-year growth projection. According to a poll conducted by the NewZoo in march 2020, there were 481 million users per month of the top games on Google Play. Without including gamers on PC or Consoles, that figure is projected to increase over 650M users by 2025.

By user count, it ranks India as the #2nd largest Gaming Marketing sector. Although quite excellent, the revenue per user is not quite high. India is consequently just the #16 gaming markets worldwide in terms of dollar volume. But every indication points to it rising quickly up to those ranks. Over the next five years, India is expected to have the fastest-growing economy overall. Therefore, it’s just an issue of time before the nation’s per-player revenue begins to catch up with Tier 1 nations.

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Why is advertising a crucial factor?

Advertising can successfully reach target audiences that already engage in Gaming Solutions by using the authentic brand message. Gaming groups share similar demographic and behavioral characteristics. According to the study done by NewZoo, 80% of Indians often eat or drink while playing video games.

It is an essential knowledge for companies selling consumer goods to create an effective marketing strategy. With the help of these channels, brands may increase consumer engagement and trust. The gambling market of India has seen tremendous growth. It has grown up to 60% since the last three years with no signs of decreasing anytime soon.

If we consider the far future, then it may possess the ability to surpass Indian box office revenues. The Indian box office revenues are twice as high as gaming industries at present. The monetization and product strategy approaches reflect the average consumer’s value consciousness and price sensitivity. In-apps purchases by players make up a much smaller amount of gaming revenue than advertising generates. As of now, the company’s model has been categorically free-to-play and is the norm in VR Game Development.

India-Based Games

Indian games development with characters based on Indian themes, settings, and culture are becoming more and more well-liked. These are 17,211 games available on Google Play that were distributed in India. Several well-known Indian m mobile game publishers include:

  1. Gametion – They are the biggest Indian game publisher, with a total of online mobile games that have been downloaded more than 739 million time.
  2. Moonton: They stand in seconds With five mobile games that have been downloaded about 500 million times
What are the trending gaming platforms in the Indian market

What are the trending gaming platforms in the Indian market?

The rapid expansion of VR Game Development and online gaming platforms, which has consumed the major part of the Venture capital funding as well, is among the top trends in India nowadays. People expected the Gaming platforms to reach 88% of all VC funding in 2020. Major online gaming platforms consist of:


In 2020, MPL made an estimation that there were over 70 million users. Company has created platforms with numerous genres. It also encompasses an expanding developer ecosystem. In the same way that Roblox users are starting up their own businesses to develop exciting games for the platform. It creates a strong foundation for growth and development. Mostly, MPL makes revenue through player-versus-player matches in which participants take stakes as little as 3 ($0.04).


In April 2020, WINZO Mobile Game Development platform stated that there were over 20 million users. Over 100 million people have enrolled themselves in the internet, which contains 12 language options including Hindi, English, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, and Bhojpuri. A portfolio of more than 100 games available on WINZO platform supports approximately 4 billion microtransactions that happen each month.  WINZo is committed to create a vibrant and diverse gaming community with most influential gamers in Tier 2 to 5 Indian mega cities.

- Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games has over 70 million users in December 2019. Ever since it came into existence, it has been making waves and becoming popular among Indians for their paying needs. Over the years, they introduced new features and payments have become smoother and easier. Now you don’t have to add money to your wallet from the bank, instead you can just scan the QR code of the person who is receiving the payment and directly transfer money from your bank account.

Increment of Female Gamers in india

As the number of genres increases and the diversity of the storylines increases, there is a growing community of female gamers who join the fun of online gaming.  More and more women are taking interest in video gaming, VR Game Development, and online mobile gaming. 

Women are becoming more prevalent in both the gaming and Mobile Game Development industries. According to a Google survey, around 18% of gamers in India are females. The fact that 43% of smartphone users in India are female accounts for the rise of female gamers, especially in Mobile gaming.

Conclusion – Final words

The above information talks about the rise of the India Gaming Market. The emerging Indian 3D Game Development sector has experienced an amazing rise and development in recent years. Quickly making out one of the largest global gaming markets. The growth is influenced by India’s large number of youth population, increased disposable income, and latest gaming genres.

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