June 6, 2023

How To Differentiate Between Mobile App Marketing VS Web App Marketing?

Mobile phones make up for almost 50% of all internet traffic. According to statistica, it’s most certainly a contributing factor in the 218 billion mobile app downloads in 2020 rising from 205 billion in 2019. Even though the number of people using laptop and desktop computers is still declining and will surpass that of mobile users in 2021, many  individuals still prefer using web apps for both personal and professional purposes. A mobile app is an application that only runs on a mobile device contrary to a web app which is an internet software that you may use on numerous platforms. Let’s take a look at their differences.

What do you mean by mobile application?

They create these applications to use in a specific platform and the most well known examples of the app stores are Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. After completing downloading, the software is already there on the device and requests permission to access several features like the GPS, camera, and other system resources. You can use the app’s push notification to follow-up Mobile App Marketing.

What are the benefits of mobile apps?

Here are some of the most beneficial aspects of using mobile apps:


According to Mobile App Marketing experts, you can easily download and install the mobile apps on a device, enabling users to get access to the app’s features and functionalities from anywhere, at any time.

Offline access

Users can use several mobile applications offline, providing access to important features and information even when an internet connection is not available at all.


Mobile App Development companies make Custom mobile applications for users to meet the needs of individual users, offering a personalized experience

Push notifications

Users will receive push notification from the mobile apps, offering real-time updates on important information and events.

What are the disadvantages of  using mobile apps?

  • Push notifications may annoy you sometimes. The continuous interruption of app notification throughout the day can soon lead users to remove the app.
  • They lack the same features as web applications. Platforms for Mobile App Development have considerably more restrictions than web apps. This is partly because the creation of websites has been around for a lot longer, but it can also occur because of restrictions imposed by the platform that hosts your app.
  • The best marketing exposure requires doing twice the work, which entails creating an app for both iOS and Android. The two platforms operate drastically differently, requiring twice as much effort and knowledge.

What do you know about web apps?

According to an expert web app developer dubai, web apps are the application programs that run in web applications. Exchange of information and remote service delivery are basic requirements for business. To securely and easily connect with users, they use online applications. In terms of design, web applications are the most popular website features, including shopping carts, product search and filtering, instant messaging, and social network news feeds. They provide you access to sophisticated capabilities without having you install or set up any software

What are the beneficial factors of web applications?​

What are the beneficial factors of web applications?

There are several beneficial aspects of web applications. Almost all major Web Development Company and enterprises use them as part of their user offerings.  Here are some of the major benefits of using web apps:


Web apps are accessible from any web browser and form a variety of personal and professional devices. Through web apps that needs a subscription, teams spread across different locations can access content management systems, shared documents, and other business services.


Businesses that employ web apps can expand their user bases as needed without investing in expensive new hardware or infrastructure. Additionally, since the great majority of web application data is saved on the cloud, your Web Development Company won’t need to make any new storage capacity investments in order to host web apps.

Efficient development

As we already mentioned, the creation of web applications is quite an easy and affordable procedure for companies. According to an app developer dubai, web apps are an effective and economical way to create computer programmes since small teams can complete short development cycles.

User simplicity

Web apps are accessible and users don’t need to download them, so there’s no requirement for hard drive space or end-user upkeep. Web applications are constantly updated and less vulnerable to security breaches since they automatically obtain software and security updates.


  • Slower than mobile apps – Since mobile applications self-installed onto your device, they tend to function quicker than web-based apps.
  • No offline functionality – according to Web App Marketing experts, most of the web-based applications are useless without a web connection
  • More difficult to discover – It is quite challenging to find web applications through searches than their mobile counterpart.
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What are the functions of Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps?

IN comparison to a full fledged website, mobile apps often provide their users less functionalities, and many of them are specialized for just one use. As an illustration, gaming applications like Roblox, tax preparation apps like TurboTax, and social networking apps like Twitter all allow you to play games and engage with others while also offering financial and entertainment services.

Web apps make more functionalities available to you than mobile apps. As an illustration, users of Adobe Photoshop have access to both an online and mobile app. The web applications allow you to access the full functionality of Adobe Photoshop, providing a superior user experience, but the mobile app has limited options for painting and drawing. Google apps, Microsoft 365, and Gmail are further web application types.


The above provided information will help you learn about the differences Between Mobile App Marketing VS Web App Marketing. Mobile phones make up for almost 50% of all internet traffic. According to statistica, it’s most certainly a contributing factor in the 218 billion mobile app downloads in 2020 rising from 205 billion in 2019.  Stay tuned for more valuable details


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