November 5, 2018

Want to be like Dream11?

Cricket thrives an unconditional thrill, excitement, and joy in the heart of Indian fans not because it entertains them the most, but because they used to worship it.

In India, cricket fans used to do craziest things to meet their ideals, remember “Sudhir Chaudhary” the biggest fan of Sachin Tendulkar, he always attended the home matches to cheer his ideal. Later on, he got his ideal’s attention and also the sponsorship to attend every domestic as well as international matches. That’s the craze of cricket in India.

The craze and entertainment steps on another level by playing with themselves. Not on the actual field, but on the virtual platform in a fantasy version.

The Fantasy Cricket grows with the time and already gained a huge popularity among the cricket fans. The one, who initiated this spark and set up the trend of Fantasy sport is “Dream11”. Although, you can easily find out plenty of Dream11 Clone Solutions in Fantasy Cricket business, but Dream11 lead all of them, due to its huge user base.

If you want to be like Dream11 in fantasy sports business, you have to follow pre-successive strategies that are listed here.


Having an impressive, modern, well-designed, and intuitive website keeps you ahead of your competitors and attracts more traffic towards you rather than a traditional, boring & dull website. Dream11 did this and get a huge amount of traffic through their website, who register on their fantasy cricket platform and start playing their leagues.

So, keep your website stand out from the crowd through making it clean, attractive, intuitive, impressive, and well-designed. If you aren’t sure about it and can’t make it by yourself, hire professionals. As they have experience, can understand your requirement and suggest you better to lead the market.

Mobile Platforms

With a great hike and increasing no of users, mobile platforms will be the most required thing that you should acquire to get success in Fantasy cricket business. Dream11 understands that in their early stage and thus launched their applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

If you think that having a mobile app is just an increase in investment, then go with the facts that user prefers to access your content through their handheld devices rather carrying laptops. It’s easy for them to create their fantasy team from their smartphones. And It also helps you to increase user reach up to 200%.

Make sure that you own a flawless application for your users and for that you should hire an experienced Fantasy Cricket App Development team, who can perform as per your expectations.

Wants to be like Dream11?

Follow the essential steps to make your Fantasy Sports Startup success confirm.

Games, Formats and Promotions

Dream11 have started their sports business with cricket and get a great reach among the cricket fans due to its unique game mode, and promotional activities. Dream 11 used to offer different types of game mode, such as “Free-to-play” and “Pay-to-play” along with head-to-head games and featured leagues.

The Fantasy Sports company used to launch their festive promotions on different occasions such as “Holi Promotion”, “Independence Day Offer”, “Diwali Promotions” etc. They have MS Dhoni as their brand ambassador and doing creative TV ads to attract more users. Their promotions also run on regular events like “Indian T20 League Free Entry Promotion”, “Multi-Entry Cashback Promotion” etc.

Apart from the cricket leagues, Dream11 has already included other major sports leagues such as: “Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)”, and “Indian Super League” in their platform to improve user experience.


To keeps yourself in the race, keep your fantasy cricket platform visible in front of your users and that can be done through successive marketing strategies.

Dream 11 marketing team knows that very well. Just because of that, whenever we think about fantasy cricket, we automatically think about dream11. Even, there are plenty of platforms available online, few of them surely better than Dream11, but only a few of us know about them.

To overcome from such dilemma, keep updating your social fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, keep investing on paid promotions on different platforms, host variety of events & functions, and share your experiences through different blogs.

Required things to be remembered

Other than the above-illustrated strategies, you also have to understand what you don’t need to do to make your Fantasy Cricket Platform’s success confirm. If you miss a single suggestion from the list, you can face trouble to stand again. So, keep your eyes open, list down the necessary things, and grip on your budget. Noted down the required things that needed to be remembered:

  • Don’t let others convince you
  • Don’t follow the crowd, first explore the market, focus on stats & results, and then choose your Fantasy App Developer wisely
  • Don’t rely only on your marketing without knowing the capacity of your platform
  • Don’t hurry to launch your platform, keep your time as there is never “loss of opportunity”
  • Don’t invest too much in the beginning, keep your cash flow to survive for a longer time
  • Don’t think of the revenue at launch, keep increasing your user base, as to get better results, you need a few thousands of users

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