September 14, 2023

How Does Impact of Technology on Industry?

AI has influenced the Benefits Industry, insurance, and Healthcare along with many other industries to a great extent. And it is going to be more significant in the future. It isn’t the matter of whether AI Technology will affect these industries, but rather how much it will impact. 


Only the intervention of government or international slowdown will be able to stop AI’s progression. If we talk about the Benefits Industry, AI will revolutionize the way claims are analyzed, they detect fraud, customer interaction happens through chatbot, and the way it provides diagnosis assistance among other things. 


In order to reduce the administrative burden, AI can Help Streamline the processes of back-office , become a valuable asset to marketing departments, or can even be the marketing department which has limited resources. While some may be hesitant to embrace these significant changes, those who do will benefit from distinct competitive advantage. 

AI is here to improve, not replace the important players in the Benefits Industry. Instead of that, it will displace those who fail to understand its power and fail to take their abilities and value upstream. Now, let’s shift our focus on the Technological Impact of AI on the benefit and healthcare industry.

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What is The Impact of Technology on The Benefit Industry?


Ever since its emergence, AI has contributed to the development of various industries. Here’s the Technological Impact of AI and Digitalization on  the benefit industry:

Solutions for Emergency Response

In the same way that connection is essential to distant healthcare, it can improve the effectiveness of emergency response during the “golden hour,” when timely medical attention might make the difference between life and death. A&E experts, departments, and ambulances have never been able to share data in a way that allows for a real-time response in the past. 


With the help of VR glasses and a remote emergency channel supported by 5G that connects to a command center, Healthcare Providers can experience the same perspective as if they were actually inside the ambulance. The ECG, Ultrasound image, blood pressure, Oxygen Saturation, heart rate, and temperature of the patient  are all shown on a large screen in the command center for doctors to see in real time.

Remote Doesn’t Mean Out of Reach

During the pandemic when face-to-face visits were mostly off the table, Healthcare providers needed a new way to establish communication with non-emergency patients. Thanks to technological mobile app development, doctors have been able to remotely consult the patients, diagnose diseases, and even review  CT scans and x-rays in high-defination, often collaboratively with other medical experts in remote locations. 


In turn, people started to accept and adapt to remote healthcare services and telemedicine, with earnest young reporting that 54% of patients who have life-threatening diseases now prefer remote healthcare. That’s a welcome trend: according to studies, 30% of patients with common chronic diseases visit hospitals unnecessary, using up the resources and costing the sector upwards of $8.3 billion annually. The online method offers patients better and safer access, less downtime, and reduced expenses.

Proactive Healthcare with Wearables

Along with B ultrasound, we have been collaborating with more than 80 Hospitals in China since 2018 on the largest heart-health research project in the world. Nearly 3.1 million people’s anonymous data have been gathered with their permission as research participants. Our intelligent wearables are capable of real-time signal collection from users, AI-assisted detection of aberrant cardiac rhythms, and data upload to Huawei Research. 


The remote medical management platform of the hospitals with which we are participating then receives information regarding high-risk individuals and delivers it to staff members so they may take the necessary action.

Speed and Precision with AI

AI Technology is rapidly becoming a crucial element in the tech-based healthcare toolkit, joining remote technology and 5G. For example, it has helped with the rapid distribution od COVID-19 vaccinations, and the big-scale virtual screening for potential medicines and reducing the simulation time from a span of one month or less than one day. 


Similarly, artificial intelligence (AI) can make up for a lack of specialists, such as ultrasound experts who can read echocardiograms to identify  heart disease. Only 40 instances may be diagnosed by a single specialist every single day, which results in a waiting period for patients of almost a week. We created the B Ultrasound Solution, which can accelerate the diagnosis procedure by five to ten times, by training algorithms with small-sample data for 10 heart diseases.

Smart Hospital Management

Hospital administration must be shrewd if it is to harness the power of AI Technology to empower Healthcare Providers and enhance the patient experience. Open, interconnected digital systems can turn useful when it comes to managing hospital operations and resources in real-time, including patient flow, doctor workloads, bed occupancy, and medical device usage. By supporting overall healthcare performance and outcomes, this can then make it possible for hospital management to plan and optimize resource allocation.


The above given information highlights the impact of technology on the benefit industry. AI  has influenced the  Benefits Industry, insurance, and Healthcare along with many other industries to a great extent. And it is going to be more significant in the future. It isn’t the matter of whether AI Technology will affect these industries, but rather how much it will impact.



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