June 20, 2024

How Much Does Taxi Booking App Development Cost?

In this modern world the advancement in technology and the wider reach of people to the internet has led to the use of mobile applications for various day to day tasks. Similarly, traveling has become easier than ever before as people now have ride-hailing mobile applications easily available on the app stores. There are several taxi booking mobile applications and the scope for the newer and better application is always there. If you’re curious to know more about the Taxi Booking App development cost then keep reading.
In this blog, we’ll cover the cost of a taxi booking app in 2024. We’ll break-down all the essential factors that influence the cost of a Taxi App Development, and the necessary features that make a user-friendly solution for taxi booking apps. From live location tracking to secure payments, getting to learn these aspects can help you get the best taxi booking experience. Whether you are a traveler looking for the best taxi booking software or a person interested in taxi app development, this blog will help you explore all the ins and outs of creating a seamless and efficient Online Taxi Booking Service.
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What Are The Important Features of Taxi Booking App Development?

The cost of developing a taxi booking app platform is directly affected by the features of the taxi app. Here are the lists of essential features for your Taxi Booking Solution. Generally, three panels are included in a taxi booking app development.
The Three Panels Include-
        • Passenger panel
        • Driver panel
        • Admin panel
Taxi App Features

Why Invest In A Taxi Booking Mobile App?

Let’s have a dive into the numerical insights about the taxi booking app landscape. Quantitative data is often considered one of the best means to understand the depth of any concept at one glance. The following statistics might leave you surprised as well as understand the vastness of the taxi booking app market. According to Statista, the ride-hailing & taxi market segment is projected to achieve a valuation of $332.5 billion by the end of 2023.
The same market is expected to show a CAGR of 3.31% between 2023-2027 to achieve a valuation of $378.8 billion by the end of 2027. If we consider the user group and the utility of these applications, the average revenue per user is around US$205.92. When talking about just the online Ride-hailing & Taxi segment, it would contribute around 50% of total revenue by 2026. These numbers are just the estimates, the real results could be greater than this depending on the new patterns and situations the world may be put in, in the next few years.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Taxi App?

The cost of developing a taxi app hinges on several factors, including the chosen business model, required features, and, notably, geographical location. Development expenses differ depending on the regions due to differences in labor rates, infrastructure, regulatory frameworks, and economic conditions. Consequently, selecting the development region plays a pivotal role in determining the overall taxi app development cost.
        • In the US, developer rates typically range between $150 and $250 per hour.
        • In Eastern Europe, taxi app developers usually charge between $40 and $150 per hour.
        • In India, developer rates vary from $10 to $80 per hour.
It’s impossible to state the fixed cost of any mobile app development solution. Similarly, the cost of an online Taxi Booking App differs depending on various factors. The Taxi Booking App Development Cost can range from $10,000 to $30,000. Here are some of the major factors that can influence the development cost of a cab-hiring app. Depending on the complexity, functionality, location, and other factors of the app, the taxi app price may differ. By 2026, Statista predicts that there will be 1,665.3 million users in the ride-hailing and taxi industries. Therefore, making a current investment in taxi applications is wise for the development of your company.
A breakdown of the taxi app development cost is as follows.
Development Phase
Cost of Development
UI/UX Design
$4,000 – $5,000
Front end development
$13,000 – $15,000
Back end development
$9,000 – $10,000
Web development
$8,000 – $10,000
Testing and QA
$8,000 – $10,000
Now that you have a better grasp about the development cost of a taxi app, choosing an taxi app development company that suits your budget and requirements the best would be a piece of cake for you. Stay connected for additional information and ongoing updates.

What Factors Influence The Cost of Developing an Online Taxi Booking App?

Stating the exact cost of development is quite a challenging task. Mainly the cost of taxi app development depends on the complexity and features There are several factors that can influence the cost of Taxi Booking Application. But geographical location and skills of developers also play an important role in deciding the development cost. Here are some of these cost influencing factors you need to consider:

Taxi App Features

Features are indeed the most crucial element for any mobile app and it can make or break your app. So, needless to say you need to incorporate the right features into your taxi booking app. The more advanced features you may include in your application, the more efficient and functional it will become, and the Taxi App Development Cost will go even higher. So include limited and important features if you don’t have more budget for development.

App Complexity

The complexity of an application is the first thing that you should consider while setting the budget for Cab Booking App Development. For example, the basic features of the app will cost around $10,000, and including advanced features may go beyond $30,000. A more complex the app is, the more time it will take. Hence, it will require more manpower. Therefore, you will need a higher budget compared to a less complex app.


The type of platform you will select for the development of a taxi booking app will surely increase or decrease the cost of development. If you are developing an app for iOS then the cost of it will be different than Android. And if you want to develop a cross-platform application, then your taxi booking mobile app might cost even higher than the ones mentioned before.

Region of Development

Each county and city might have various Taxi Booking App Development Costs considering the skills of app development teams, complexity, and resources available, etc. take a closer look at the amount you need to spend on these apps region wise.
        • U.S.: USD 150 – USD 250 per hour
        • Europe: USD 40 – USD 150 per hour
        • India: USD 10 – USD 80 per hour


Technologies used for developing mobile applications functions and technologies that we use in the taxi reservation app development play an important role in deciding the overall cost of development. Starting from planning and developing the front-end and back-end of the application, using a budget-friendly tech-stack is highly beneficial and recommended. The technology stack that you may need while creating a application for taxi reservation are:
creating an application for taxi reservation

Time Required For App Development

It’s difficult to put an estimate of how long it will take to construct an application that is completely functional. It relies on the quantity of resources used and the complexity of the project’s integration requirements.

Driver App

        • Drivers Android App Design & Development:- 35 Working days
        • Drivers iPhone App Design & Development:- 35 Working days

User App

        • Users iPhone App Design & Development:- 40 Working days
        • Users Android App Design & Development:- 40 Working days
        • Users Web App Design & Development:- 38 Working days


The above provided information highlights the Taxi booking app development cost. The best way to get a fully functional and improved version of an online taxi booking app is by hiring a best taxi app development company. The best way would be to get the reliable expert developers for all the development work while you relax and wait. If you are looking for ola like app development cost Contact our experts for world-class taxi booking app development.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s impossible to state the fixed cost of any mobile app development solution. Depending on the complexity, functionality, location, and other factors of the app, the price may differ.. The Taxi Booking App Development Cost can range from $10,000 to $30,000.

If we talk about programming languages, Swift (for iOS) and Java/Kotlin (for Android) are some of the most popular choices for developing taxi booking apps, as are cross-platform development frameworks like React Native and Flutter, as well as backend technologies like Node.js or Ruby on Rails.

The development timeline for a taxi booking app differs depending on its  various factors including the complexity of the app, features incorporated, and the development methodology and approach. Typically,  the development time can be between a few weeks to several months to develop a fully functional taxi booking app.

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