September 5, 2022

Primary Concern of Healthcare App Development?

There are some concerns raised by Healthcare businesses who are planning to develop their Healthcare application. Also, the users of such applications are also given negative feedback and where the applications are lacking. The major concern found among both is related to the safety of sensitive data. The healthcare app developers like RG Infotech are integrating multiple advanced technologies to stop the exposure of data out there in public. 

Here list of pain points and their solutions for the Healthcare App Development:

1. Sensitive Data

A study claims that 81% of healthcare and doctors’ appointment apps share consumer data with platforms like Facebook and Google. Only half of these applications are truthful and clear about their mischievous activity. Such ambiguous practices share patient data and put it at risk, which is quite unappealable for the users and due to which they tend to avoid using healthcare apps. 

Moreover, all medical and doctor appointment applications are prone to cyberattacks and most businesses put security on the back burner. 


  • Provide access to Patient Health Information to limited authorised people. 
  • Permission should be required while accessing the information.
  • Specific options, with automatic log-off features. 
  • To keep the integrity of the data, use of Virtual Private Network. 
  • VPN’s encryption algorithms can be used to protect PHI. 
  • To keep more confidential for users, the option of deleting data from the user end should be given. 

2. Security and Safety

HIPAA Journal claims that even FDA-affiliated medical and healthcare apps have security issues. 84% of FDA-approved online healthcare applications have the notable threat of data exposure and the information of devices using the apps being compromised, according to research. 

The reason for such threats and vulnerabilities is because business operators are very casual about the security of the user data and information; which can expose their whole system to danger.

Third-party safety or security on the internet can be used to enhance the confidentiality of user data and the app’s database.


  • Identify the rogue attacks and manage a 24*7 logs of traffic on the network. 
  • Wireless Equivalent Privacy to secure the data. 
  • Alternative solutions can be used for superior algorithms in the OSI stack. 
  • Consider going for end-to-end and MD5 encryption. 
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3. Communication Barriers

Absence of clear communication is the common barrier between the mHealth industry and the patients. There are factors like improper infrastructure, shortage of technical knowledge, improper internet speed and other such factors that become obstacles to clear communication.

It is a decisive factor and it affects the credibility of the healthcare operators in the marketplace. Also hosting online discussions, real-time meetings and the use of telecommunication enhance the approachability of the user and the app operators to the right audience.

Also, there is a lag in communication that can be life-threatening for the patients after all it’s related to someone’s health and body. Online healthcare and telemedicine apps will give freedom to healthcare experts to track down the symptoms, blood pressure and other issues of the patients located at distance.


  • Communication channels should be open between the 3rd-party researchers and patient records. 
  • Intrahospital communication can be prioritised like transmitting the records of patients.
  • Tools to manage inter-departmental and patient-doctor communication. 
  • Tools to control the relevant errors in the database entries 

4. Big Data for Transparency

Big Data is collecting the physical and clinical data of the users and it is quite complex to understand by conventional means. This technology helps medical experts to notice the warning signs and symptoms among patients at an early stage. As, in the early stage of illness, it is easy to cure and it’s a less expensive affair.

It is necessary to have transparency of data among patients, doctors and hospitals. As the healthcare business can affect the life of an individual; it is better to be cautious with data present on the application.


  • To present the scheduling changes, use of visualisations tool can be used
  • Risk scores to analyse insights or hospital readmission rates
  • Risk score features can be operated based on the data generated by patients.
  • Analytics to predict patients who might not take the appointment and take further action

5. No Rural Connection

India has the largest citizens from rural areas and the healthcare department is constantly trying to find a solution to reach out to rural area people. There are two major concerns – rural areas can’t easily attract doctors and lack of knowledge of health insurance. Telemedicine and online healthcare apps like Practo make things pretty easier.

There is a lack of transportation, communication and resources available to access such rural and backward areas.


If healthcare can’t reach out physically and physically to the rural areas hospitals and patients. The specialists can connect with patients and local hospitals via video conferencing. This will make things quicker and easier at both ends. Moreover, it will also save the investment and buy enough time for patients to get the medical health check-up done. 

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Hence, if you are not solving the pain points of the users then why are you even entering into the product/services business? The above are the primary pain points and concerns related to the healthcare industry. Ensure that you are providing the solutions to all the concerns in your Healthcare and telemedicine application. RG Infotech developers can build such wholesome applications for you.


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