January 31, 2023

On-Demand House Cleaning App Development Cost & Key Features

In today’s world, On-Demand app development is on the peak. And  when each of us is too preoccupied with our busy life and many responsibilities to do, we don’t have time or energy to accomplish home chores. The competitive market seized the opportunity to assist consumers and create a new platform for app creators. On-demand app solutions such as house cleaning apps are becoming popular, and people are increasingly using them for a variety of reasons. Not only do these apps provide door-to-door service, but they also include features for the benefit of both users and service providers.

These applications not only assist consumers in finding the ideal home, but they also provide a platform for maids(house helps) and cleaners to find jobs that are suitable for them and are available in their immediate vicinity. Considering all of the numerous features that the applications will provide, it is necessary to look briefly at how each user will profit and how the app will assist in finding new jobs. In addition, the admin manages a separate panel where all user queries and feedback are addressed.  Here are the costs and features that need to be added in an On-Demand app solution for House Cleaning.

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Let us first determine the features that will make it easier for us to determine the cost of the on-demand app solution.


Users must fill up their basic information in this part before signing up using their social account or personal credentials.

Booking with a Single Click

Users can search for the required services and the service providers who provide them, then choose the best alternative for them and book the appropriate services. It will be clear and straightforward, and the app supplier should endeavor to provide an increasing number of options in all categories.

View Reservations

This feature allows the user to examine the booking with all of the relevant facts such as the destination, timetable, payment structure, and much more.

Consultation via the internet

Users can communicate directly with cleaners or service providers by using this option. Furthermore, by communicating with the end user beforehand and giving tailored solutions, this feature allows the service provider or cleaners to better understand the user’s requirements.

GPS Monitoring

GPS monitoring can assist both service providers and users in locating nearby service providers or users as well as providing directions for offline visits.

Examine Cleaner Availability

This feature allows the user to check the availability of the service provider within the time frame that they desire

Order Request Management

This function enables cleaners to handle all given demands as well as switch between different requests based on their time slots and hectic schedule

Receipt of payment

With several payment modules integrated into the house cleaning app, cleaners may accept payment from users while also viewing all completed and pending transactions.

Check out the ratings and reviews

This tool enables cleaners to read consumer evaluations and ratings and use the input to improve their services.

Profile Administration

Cleaners and service providers may easily manage their profiles and add their experience, portfolio, and areas of specialization to attract the most users by utilizing these capabilities.

Request Acceptance/Decline

This tool assists cleaners in managing their hectic schedules by allowing them to accept or reject user requests based on their schedule, time slots, and amount of requests.

Online Time Management

Admin may easily manage all planned bookings, cleaners, and registered users in this section.

Customer Support

This feature enables the administrator to engage with users in order to discover problems and work on improvements in a more effective manner.

Looking an app for your business? Let’s discuss your idea with us on coffee.

Analytic and Dashboard

Admin has complete control over the app. Using this feature, admin can track and manage all data such as the number of cleaners registered, offers, app usability, types of services paid, and so on. Additionally, admin may obtain insight and statistics about the data.

Manage the Service Provider and the Users

The admin can utilize this functionality to manage all service providers and users in the app.

Control Services and Prices

This feature allows the administrator to control all services and price structures given to users, as well as adjust the services and price structure based on user requirements and market trends.

Specifics of the transaction

The admin can utilize this functionality to oversee all transactions provided by users, as well as generate receipts for services given.

App monetization

The admin can use this functionality to handle and monitor all in-app purchases, promotions, email campaigns, and adverts.

Some additional features that can be added to an on-demand solution, of and house cleaning app are:


There are multilingual people that are living not just in India but globally. It is preferred that the app should have a multilingual feature, that will enable people from around the globe to easily use the app with easy access to their own language support.

Job History

It is very important to know who is the one that is working for us, as it is a major security concern for all of us. The app should have a job history checklist in it, that will help the recruiter to know who has a good history and for whom have worked before.

Online Billing

This feature is totally onto your personal perspective, as if you want to track all the leaves and make a billing system that way, then you will have to add this system.


The cost of development totally depends upon the type of features that you want to add in your on-demand app solution. So, you have to get your on-demand app development, as per your need, that will make it easier for you to manage your cost of development. India is known as the most cost-effective country for On-demand app development. 

Developers in India not only price less than in other nations, but they also deliver high-quality service. More than 78% of developers in India have been coding professionally for 0-5 years, compared to 48% in the United States, 46% in the United Kingdom, 55% in Germany, and 57% globally.

Looking an app for your business? Let’s discuss your idea with us on coffee.


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