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How to Make an App Like Uber? – A Complete Guide

How to Make an App Like Uber
In busy cities where parking is scarce and traffic jams are a common problem, having access to a ride-sharing app like Uber is a game-changer. With over a million users in 900 cities worldwide, Uber has become a go-to choice for many. In 2019 alone, it provoked 6.9 billion rides and currently serves 78 million users monthly.
What fuels the need to build uber like app? Well, besides the obvious convenience, it’s often cheaper than traditional taxis. Plus, becoming an Uber driver is easier, and it involves simpler licensing requirements compared to taxi drivers. This accessibility attracts more drivers and users, contributing to Uber’s widespread range and popularity.
For those looking for a way to deal with transportation challenges in their bustling towns, make an app like Uber could be a brilliant solution. Simplified insurance processes, particularly for Uber Eats, and the appeal. If you really want to develop app like Uber, we’re here to equip you with all the necessary insights to kickstart your project. Now let’s develve into some uber standards from 2023 to lay the groundwork.
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How Many Global Active Users Does Uber Have?

Uber’s global reach extends to a staggering 93 million active users, with a notable 22% of its gross bookings originating from just five cities. The market for uber like app development has experienced significant growth in recent years, with Uber emerging as the quintessential example of a build uber like app evolving into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise in 2019 alone. Uber ranked at a jaw-dropping global net revenue of $14.1 billion.
However, the landscape shifted amidst the pandemic-induced lockdowns. In 2022, monthly rides plummeted by 7.7%, reflecting the pandemic’s impact on transportation habits. Nevertheless, the rise of taxi apps like Uber continues to reshape the mobile app industry, presenting unparalleled opportunities for custom mobile app development. Read further to learn how to build an app like uber.

What Do You Know About Ride-Sharing Apps?

Essentially, an on-demand app like Uber acts as a bridge between a user seeking a service (such as a ride from point A to B) and a provider offering that service (like professional drivers). These apps, often mobile-centric, prioritize convenience and enhance the user experience. With just a few taps on your screen, you can request the service, pay seamlessly using your linked card in cashless options like Google Play or Apple Pay, and presto, your requested service is en route. That’s the essence of on-demand service: simplicity and efficiency at your fingertips.

What Are The Crucial Features of Build Uber Like App?

If you want to learn how to build an Uber like app, pay attention to these features. Cab booking systems typically comprise two distinct applications interconnected via an admin panel. Let’s delve into the amazing features of each component

Features of The Passenger App Like Uber

        • Registration
        • Messaging
        • Push notifications
        • Taxi booking
        • Pickup location
        • Tracking
        • Travel history
        • Ride cancellation
        • Fare calculator
        • Payment
        • Driver rating/review
        • Customer support

Driver Features

Here we present a list of basic driver features to build uber clone:

        • Driver profile and status: These typically include the driver application, which provides essential details for registration and verification.

        • Push notification: In addition to providing their personal and vehicle details, drivers also receive alerts and notifications regarding various aspects of their trips and bookings.

        • Navigation and route optimisation: This feature ensures drivers can reach the pickup location swiftly by leveraging the integration of Apple or Google Maps within the driver application.

        • Trip Alert: This feature notifies drivers of trip requests, allowing them to promptly accept or decline them. It provides essential details like the rider’s location, travel history, and proposed route, facilitating quick decision-making and efficient scheduling.

Admin Panel Functions

The admin platform feature you need to develop an app like Uber is:
        • Locations and fare management
        • Driver and user management
        • Vehicle management
        • Ratings and reviews checking
        • Notifications management
        • Review driver’s orders and payoffs
        • System content management
        • Integration with Google Analytics

How to Make an App Like Uber? - Step-By-Step Guide

Do you know How to Make an App Like Uber? If not, no need to worry! Just follow these crucial steps to develop a successful cab booking app like Uber:
        • Requirement Analysis: This stage involves understanding clients’ needs, analyzing requirements, and crafting tailored solutions. This analysis will greatly help you learn how to create apps like uber.
        • Documentation and Blueprint: During this stage, the focus is on establishing the groundwork for the app. This includes documenting the scope, setting timelines, defining milestones, and creating essential components such as wireframes and initial system designs.
        • App Development: Your software development team applies their coding skills to develop the ride-shaming app. You review each milestone, offering feedback for continuous improvement.
        • Acceptance Testing: This rigorous testing phase verifies the complete functionality of all features within the final solution.
        • Deployment: The long-awaited day arrives: the development of your app on the App Store, marking its official launch to your eagerly anticipated audience.
        • Support and Maintenance: During this stage, the focus is on continuously improving the app by implementing enhancements and fine-tuning it based on evolving needs and user feedback.
Now that we know the steps to developing the app, let’s move on to the topic of uber like app development costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Uber?

To find out the cost to build an uber like app, you simply need to multiply the estimated hours by the hourly rate of your app development company. The cost required to make an app like Uber can differ greatly depending on a number of variables, such as the app’s kind, the features you choose, and the developer’s fee. App developers can expect to pay between $30 and $100 per hour. Regarding the time needed, it usually takes:
If you opt to outsource the build Uber like app to a more cost-effective region such as Western Europe, where the average hourly cost to build an app like Uber would be around $50, you can potentially save significantly on development costs.
        • Passenger app: $54,000–$100,000.
        • Driver app: $13,500–$29,000
        • Admin panel: $13,000–$18,000
        • Total cost: $81,000-$147,000
Based on these approximations and a hypothetical reduced hourly rate of $30, the overall expense needed to create an app like uber, the complete taxi reservation system, may differ between $50,000 and $60,000. However, actual expenses could differ based on the particulars of the project and development fees.


The above-provided details and information talk about how to make an app like Uber. It highlights crucial aspects like the features, the process of development, and the development cost. To sum up everything mentioned above, if you want to develop a successful application like Uber, take a good look at this blog.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Opting to collaborate with a vendor from a cost-effective outsourcing region like Europe, such as Addevice, can indeed lead to savings. With an average hourly rate of $40, the cost of app development for a platform like Uber could range from $100,000 to $150,000. This approach enables you to leverage the expertise of skilled professionals while managing expenses effectively.
Taxi apps like Uber consist of three key factors:

        • UI for App for riders and drivers
        • Creating a seamless communication system for customers
        • Admin panel to manage data and transactions
Thus, When developing a rideshare app, it is essential to design and implement all three core components of the application.
The timeline for developing various features of an app like Uber can vary based on factors such as technological preferences, the number and capabilities of developers, the number of features, and the overall complexity of the app. Generally, building an app like Uber can take anywhere between 2 to 5 months to complete.
Here are the technological integrations to make a successful app like uber:

        • User Registration and Authentication
        • Geolocation and Mapping
        • Ride Request and Matching
        • Payment Gateway Integration
        • Ratings and Reviews
        • Notifications
        • Admin Dashboard

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