July 29, 2022

Get to know the estimated cost of HRM Software.

The HRM software solution is the need of the hour for all corporate companies. It is a system for the employee’s related information. It eases the process of managing the company workforce while staying updated on changing the taxes, laws and labour regulations. Hence while investing in any HRM solution, we have seen the primary concern of our client is the budget for the app development.

Here we broke down the budget of the HRM app development based on the number of hours invested daily.

Budget breakdown of HRM App Development

Usually, the expert developers charge based on the time and resources they have invested. Each hour of service costs around $25 – $40 and the total hours spent by the developers is 8 hours daily.

Let’s understand the cost of division based on the step-by-step process of HRM App Development:

- Research and Analysis

The first step of understanding the business you are getting into. Research and analysis is a 40 hours process and it can extend hours based on the uniqueness and market presence of your business.

Research and Analysis can be done from both your and app developers’ ends. You must equally participate in the research and analysis process as it is a brainstorming session, where you learn a lot about product future, customers expectation, drawbacks in the available products, the scope of improvement etc.

So based on the time investment, the total cost will be somewhat $100 to $1600 for the first step.

- UI Design & App Prototyping

A step which gives you a glimpse of the final look of your application. No, the UI designs are functional, it is like a blueprint of the application. The prototype is made digitally with UI graphics to make it easier for businesses to understand how the final app will look from the user’s perspective.

Carefully observe all the designs and mention changes instantly as it will be the final look and functionality of your application.

Preparing UI designs won’t be an easy task, it will take 120 hours. This step will cost you around $3000 to $4800.

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- Code Development

The most exhausting step is filled with errors and hours to rectify the error, code development. This step is not even liked by developers themselves. But it is a crucial one as it shapes the whole application and decides the efficiency of the application.

It is a 240 hours long process. The estimated cost of this step is $6000 to $9600. No, the cost is not high because to write effectively, a team of expert developers will be required.

- App Development

Here comes the most important step, app development. This is the most time and money-consuming process. Make sure, you are continuously connecting with the hired App development services, to avoid any mistakes. It is the right stage to get all sorts of customisation and editing done. This step is the most expensive one, ensure that you are maximising the benefits of every penny you spend. Usually, app development takes 480 hours, which makes the estimated cost somewhere between $12000 to $19200.

- App Testing

The most underestimated step of the HRM app development process is mobile testing. However, mobile app testing helps validate the appearance, performance, and functionality of apps across multiple devices. Optimising apps for mobile-OS combinations popular among the target audience helps the app provide a seamless user experience, irrespective of device or OS. Keep one thing in mind, the success of your application depends on this step.

Usually, testing is done within 38-40 hours, which sums up the estimated cost of app testing is $100 to $1600.

Hence the estimated time spent on building the HRM software is 920 hours. Hence the estimated cost according to $25 – $40 per hour is $23000 – $36800. It is an estimated cost, the variation depends on additional features you choose to add to your software.

Cost of White Label HRM Solution Development

A pre-build software solution used to be purchased by the interested business and they can then label it with their brand name. Usually, the white label solution of any software is opted for by the startups or people who are just entering the industry as it is cost-effective.

As it is a pre-build software, there is hardly any scope for customisation, which makes it less desirable for big companies. However, the estimated cost of building a white label solution is $6000 – $7000. Experienced developers can customise these pre-build apps which might cost you a bit high, but you will get the most efficient customised app.


Hence, there are two ways of developing HRM software solutions, a white label solution and an app from scratch. Before jumping to invest in any type of app development process; consider the pros and cons of the process, along with your budget. Hiring experts like RG Infotech will never let you regret the investment you have made.


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