March 28, 2019

4 Tips to make you play Daily Fantasy Cricket

IPL 2019 is already started and the craze is on-high as usual, while on other hand Fantasy Cricket also growing their roots in this season too. According to the stats, there are around 53 million users associated with the leading fantasy platform and official IPL partner – Dream11. But that’s not the only platform, there are plenty more to engage you to the Fantasy Cricket.
Fantasy Cricket Apps allow you to create your own fantasy team by selecting 11 players from the participating teams and join several contests simultaneously. But to be a part of the contest, you first need to register yourself on any Fantasy Cricket Platform. It will also give you monetary rewards, which can be withdrawn into your bank account.


try your skills by participating in it.

So basically, you have to choose your dream team by selecting 11 players from both teams playing in the live match. That’s solely depend on your skills, prediction and decision whom you want on your team. The Fantasy sports platforms are designed to encourage the craze of cricket, which is already on top in India, and empowering youth to earn through their cricket skills.
On the way, to enhance your chances of winning the contests, you have to take care of your selection as a single point can steal your position in the game. You need to analyze your choices, their performances, pitch conditions, previous records and even, can go through the leading predictions available online. You have to mark down your selection, and make yourself more thoughtful while selecting your playing eleven.
Here are some expert tips that you should consider to make your selection lead the game.


Believe it, you are not supporting or defending any of your favorite player, you are just making your own choice to stand out in the Fantasy Cricket League and it’s not possible to incorporate all of them in a single frame. You have to be more strict, precise and thoughtful rather prioritizing your feelings.
In simple words, you have to be focused and stay away from partiality. Your selection solely depends on the player performance, pitch conditions, and the format of the game as that’s the only key of your winning.


That’s stated on several occasions that your playing eleven is your winning shot, if you choose a wrong one, you will lose your grip. So, make your full focus on the selection and creation of your Fantasy team. And to make it in your favor, you have to explore complete details about the player, their strengths, records, performance in previous matches, chances of being in playing eleven, injuries, etc.
To do so, you can visit online websites where you can explore insights about the player and make your decision about the selection and rejection.


It happens, whenever we decide something, there’s an inner voice who confides our decisions’ worth. We should consider it as an opinion. If we need to replace a well-known player with a newly introduced one, try it, might possible you got impacted by it. To make it happen, you need a high volume of guts and a deep-down solid sense of exchanging.
Your decisions will make your move and hold your positions, but remember, your incredibly solid gut will only make you convince after exploring the facts and figure. Don’t just move with any thought or unauthorized sense.


Don’t be in a rush in the team creation, take your time and think twice. Your contribution of your time will lead your path. So, spent it wisely. You only need to give a span of your time around 15-20 minutes to capture the things and come up with an extraordinary playing eleven.
Keep in mind, that you have limited budget to frame your Fantasy Cricket Team, so, explore everything first. Cheers!

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