July 18, 2023

What Is The Cost Of Practo Clone App Development Cost?

The sectors are constantly changing all thanks to the mobile apps, which also make everything more convenient. Every industry makes use of the astounding advantages of mobile apps, whether it is in retail, hospitality, or healthcare The first online doctor Appointment Booking Solution. Practo was introduced in 2008 by young entrepreneurs in India. Because of its intuitive layout and design, the software was a huge success. By scheduling visits and treatments through Practo people may connect with doctors.

The clone of a Doctor Appointment App called Practo was created using the same design principles as Practo. With the help of Practo Clone, patients may schedule an appointment with the appropriate doctor at the appropriate time. In addition to scheduling an appointment with the doctor, patients can also do so with diagnostic labs, homecare agencies, rehab centers, fitness centers, etc.

What is the expense of creating an app like Practo?

The market for healthcare apps is currently booming as a result of the pandemic problem. In reality, by 2027, the market for health applications will be worth $64,331 million. Doctor Appointment App Practo has shown significant growth during the epidemic among all the top healthcare applications in India. According to certain projections, Practo’s revenue rate will reach $2billion in 2020.

What factors determine the cost of practo clone app development?

What factors determine the cost of practo clone app development?

How much does it cost to produce a Doctor Appointment App like practo? It is the first thought that comes across their minds. As a result, we’re going to list some major factors that determine how much it costs to design a Practo Clone App Development.

App Design

Strong design and more financial investment are needed for Practo Clone App Development. The goal of app design is to provide a wonderful user experience and an easy to use interface so that users may quickly and simply use that app. Without involving design and UI/UXm, it is difficult to keep users’ attention

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallet makes quick payments possible and saves time. It also helps in  the trouble and hassle that customers face because of payments. integration and development of mobile wallets can make extra costs but offer tangible benefits to the users

App Platform (Android or iOS)

One of the key factors affecting how much it will cost to produce health-related applications like Practo is the app platform. The platform for which the app is designed significantly influences the development cost. Android App Development Cost are greater than those for iOS since Android emulators are much slower and support fewer devices than iOS. For Practo Clone App Development, Developers must write additional lines of code as a result

App Creators

App Development Cost an android app like Procto may differ depending on the geographic area of the developer, their present location, competence, experience, and talents, etc. When building an Appointment Booking Solution like practo, Indian developers charge less than those from other nations. 

App Size

App size consists of the total amount of functions and features that the app provides to their users. It includes the database of the patients and doctors, articles, patients query suggestions by doctors, easy access, etc. the more integrated features it will contain, the more the App Development Cost will be.

Features and Functionalities

Apart from the facts that we discussed before, the cost of development of an Appointment Booking Solution also differs depending on the integrated features. The features of the apps can be primary or advanced according to the audience you want to approach, business requirement, budget, etc.

  • Access control
  • App designing
  • App interaction
  • Admin panel
  • Basic features
  • Advanced features
  • External features
  • payments/ earnings

What are the basic features of a practo clone app?

The basic features of an app like practo may include:

Dashboard for Doctors

Doctors have to give detailed information and their profile which includes the experience, specialization, medical registration number, available working hours, consultation fee, and so on.  Doctors can manage the paperless prescriptions, appointments, and reports of their patients and payments from here

Dashboard for patients

The filter options that the app provides helps the patients to do the advanced search of the right doctor with their alignment. Also, they can book, cancel, and reschedule the appointment with the doctor, offering the reviews and ratings to the doctors

Medicine delivery

India has recently seen a significant increase in internet drug orders. Actually, the administration of medications is the only objective of many health-tech applications. Therefore, you need to add a feature to the app that allows users to load doctors’ opinions and browse drug options. You must create a vendor dashboard for the app so that neighborhood pharmacies can sign-up for it.

Different payment gateways

Different payment methods for patients are essential today. For quick and transparent transactions, you must also incorporate auto-invoice creation features into your app

GPS location

Both the patient and the doctors have access to each other’s locations on Google Maps

Promo Code/Referral Code

Your practo-like app will become more accessible thanks to this feature. The user can provide their friends with the referral code to use while signing up, which they must do themselves. Both parties will benefit financially when the new user completes their first transaction

Digital medical records

To handle patients’ medical records, you must connect your mobile app to a cloud storage platform. To further protect the private information of your users, sophisticated security systems must be developed.

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The above provided information talked about Practo Clone App Development Costs. The clone of a Doctor Appointment App called Practo was created using the same design principles as Practo. With the help of Practo Clone, patients may schedule an appointment with the appropriate doctor at the appropriate time.


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