September 27, 2022

Top 10 Back End Developer Languages Are Using In 2022

If you want to start working in web development, you should be aware that there are two main subfields: frontend development and backend development. The main distinction between the two is that backend development supports the server-side or what is going on inside a website, whereas frontend development supports the client side, where the emphasis is on what visitors visually see first on their screen or browser. Although there is no doubt that these two forms of programming are different from one another, they both have unique sets of tools and technology. For instance, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the first tools that come to mind when we discuss frontend development, but there are hundreds more languages available for backend development.

Top 10 Back End Developer Languages

You can choose from the following list of backend programming languages while developing websites.

1. Java Script

When we talk about web development, one of the first words that comes to mind is JavaScript. JavaScript is more popular than many other programming languages when it comes to web development. JavaScript was once exclusively used to create web browsers, but it is now being used by server-side websites and programmes that are not web browsers. JavaScript is favored for both frontend and backend development because of its extensive interfaces, lightweight scripting, dynamic typing, virtual availability of huge resources, and interoperability. It also offers a lot of community support, making it one of the top programming languages in the business.

2. Python

For its compatibility with cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, deep learning, the internet of things, data science, etc., Python is one of the most well-known languages among developers. In addition, it is frequently used for web development. Leading software companies like Google and others employ Python because of its readability, versatility, utility, and interoperability. It assists in simplifying the overall coding process due to its large collection of standard libraries and clear syntax, making the work of developers more effective and straightforward.

3. PHP

One of the best languages for web development is PHP, which stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Developed in 1994, PHP is a dynamic, all-purpose, open-source scripting language. It can be incorporated in HTML and is used in the creation of server-side applications. Running on practically all of the major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, etc., PHP doesn’t need a compiler. Because of its simplicity, cross-platform portability, OOPs characteristics, and ability to communicate with various database systems, such as Oracle and MySQL, it is particularly well-liked among web developers. As it is used to create more than 80% of websites on the Internet, it is a preferred language for web developers. PHP is used in the creation of social networking applications by Facebook and Yahoo.

4. Java

Java is a flexible object-oriented programming language that is frequently used to create big data applications, desktop programmes, online applications with enterprise scale, and much more. It is a multipurpose programming language that is independent of platforms and has long been well-liked. Java has never seen any significant updates or changes, unlike other programming languages like Scala or Python. As a result, it is stable and is still the language of choice for the majority of businesses. A number of well-known websites, such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, etc., employ Java in their backends.

5. Ruby

Another well-liked backend web development language is Ruby, which is suggested for novices to learn. The language is incredibly flexible and is often used for backend web development operations when combined with the Ruby on Rails framework. In order to speed up the web development process, it supports procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming in addition to a number of coding tools. Ruby’s time-saving features and idiomatic syntax are among its key benefits. All of the major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, favor Ruby.

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6. C#

The object-oriented programming (OOP) language C#, sometimes known as C-Sharp, was developed by Microsoft and built upon the principles of the popular computer language C. It is one of the most popular languages and closely resembles Java. It was initially intended to be used with the.NET framework to create Windows applications, but it is now used for backend Web development, making games with Unity, making mobile apps, and many other things. Due to its ability to run codes more quickly and compatibility with Linux, Android, and iOS platforms, it is extremely effective to employ. One of the top programming languages for web development, it is widely regarded.

7. Kotlin

A well-known programming language called Kotlin was first employed for Android development. However, because it is a full-stack solution, it is also utilised for the creation of desktop, server-side, and web applications. Kotlin was initially designed to outperform Java. It is JVM-based, enabling you to create web applications using Java frameworks like Sprint, Hadoop, etc. Because it is effective at developing sophisticated programmes, many Google applications are also built using Kotlin.

8. Go

Google developed the programming language Go, sometimes referred to as Golang, in 2007 using the syntax of the C language. Despite being relatively basic, Go is a highly specialized language that might be scary to novice programmers. It contains a robust standard library, provides good multithreading support, high performance, and strong memory safety features like garbage collection. Go is a great option for backend web development for all of these reasons.

9. Perl

The programming language known as Perl, or Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, was first created for text manipulation but is now extensively used for system administration, network programming, web development, GUI creation, and many other tasks. Users who are familiar with C and C++ will find Perl to be simple to use. Perl is an excellent programming language for developing websites since it can handle encrypted online data and has good text handling features.

10. Scala

Scala, which stands for Scalable Language, belongs to the Java family of languages. It combines Java’s advantages with a few fresh features that serve to offset some of Java’s drawbacks. One of the best online application languages, it is simple to learn and has excellent scalability.

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Takeaway Note…

These are the top 10 backend languages that are being used in 2022. They not only help in the perfect app development, but also in excellent programming. One can easily use and also learn these programming languages. If not, leave that on to people that are experienced and also best at this. If you are looking forwards towards backend support and programming assistance, then, you must take support from organizations that are working in this field and are good at it.


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