March 28, 2024

Real Money Game Development Company

Players can earn while playing real money games, which is among the most popular types of online entertainment. In recent years, as the internet gaming market has grown, these games have become more and more well-known. Companies who provide game app development services are bound to gain huge profits. If you are on the hunt for a real money game development company that promises innovation, reliability, and unparalleled excitement, your search ends here.
Developing real money game online can be a rich business option, but it demands careful strategy, execution, and compliance with industry rules. But let’s take one step at a time, knowing what real cash games are and what goes into its development should be the first step. Read further to know the important aspects, factors, characteristics, and cost of real money gaming platform.

What Are Real Money Games?

A real money game is a type of online or mobile games which enable players to win actual cash and rewards while playing the game. These money making games are available in various forms of gambling elements including slots, blackjack, casinos, skill based games, roulette, poker, card games, ludo, carrom, 8-ball pool, rummy, teen patti and more. In real cash games players stake money on a game’s outcome, and if they win, they are paid out. Due to the growth of the online gaming business, real-money game app creation has grown in popularity over the past few years.
They enable real money game online players to make money while taking part in their preferred games, and they have developed into a prosperous industry for game creators and operators. However, it is crucial to consider that real cash games are subject to licensing and regulation requirements, and must be of the right gambling age to participate.

What Are The Market Statistics of Real Money Game Development?

The rising popularity of online gaming and the accessibility of mobile devices have led to a considerable increase in the Real Money Game Development business over the past few years. The following market data relates to the creation of real cash games:
        • The global online gambling market, which was estimated to be worth $66.75 billion in 2020, is expected to expand to $158.20 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 10.4% between 2021 and 2028. (sources: Grand View Research
        • With a market share of 29.3% in 2020, the online casino segment had the largest percentage of the overall market of iGaming. (sourced from: Grand View Research
        • The growing popularity of smartphones and the accessibility of high-speed internet are predicted to drive the mobile gambling market’s 15% growth between 2021 and 2027. (sources: Allied Market Research)
        • As more states legalize online gambling, it is predicted that the iGaming market in the US would expand at a CAGR of 15.40% between 2021 and 2028. (sourced from Research and Markets).

Types of Real Money Games

Real money gaming is an activity iGaming, wagering, or betting in any kind of gaming format such as skill based games, sporting events, luck based games. We have highly experienced and proficient mobile game developers who have years of experience and knowledge in game development. If you are a business owner searching for the best real money making game apps for developing high quality gaming platform solutions, then we could be your best choice. Here, we divided the real cash Game Development Solutions into various categories including:

Game Categories 


Card Games

Poker, Teen Patti, Rummy, Call Break, Solitaire, Texas Holdem, Hearts etc.

Board Games

8-Ball Pool, Ludo, Snakes and Ladder, Chess, Monopoly, Bingo, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, and more.

Casino Games

Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, Roulette, VR slots, Casino Live Dealer, Keno, Wheel of Fortune, etc.

Fantasy Sports Games

Traditional Fantasy Sports, Daily Fantasy Sports,  Auction fantasy Sports, Keeper Leagues, Salary Cap Fantasy Sports, Dynasty Leagues, IDP, Best Ball Leagues, Survivor Leagues, Cricket, football, rugby, horse racing, greyhound Racing, basketball,   etc.

Our Real Money Game Modes

Our skilled Real Money Game Developers and technological stack along with are ready to fulfill the demands and requirements of your project. Employ the real cash game creators  to revamp your dedicated projects, bring the most experienced and reputable RMG development company and achieve impressive results.

Computer Mode

It allows players to play with BOTs in the computer mode that allows the users to refine their skills. We use the best AI database and algorithms to maintain fair game play.

Local Mode

The mode allows you to form a local server with fast connectivity and enjoy the game with friends or family. We use the fastest and highly secure database structures. This real money game mode.

Private Mode

In private mode settings that allow you to host limited and selected player tables, you can create a private room and keep your winnings to yourself to ensure complete anonymity.

Online Multiplayer

With the help of our quick online multiplayer feature, you may play with friends anywhere in the world without worrying about the data package loss.

Must-Have Online Real Money Game Development Features

There are several important features you need to consider while real money making games online for cash app to offer a safe and exciting gaming experience to the users. Here are some must-have real cash game app features

Bonuses and Promotions

Promotions refers to the special events or tournaments designed specifically to give players a chance to earn extra rewards and bonuses. And bonuses are extra rewards that were given to players under certain conditions. Adding Bonuses and promotions are an incredible method to entice new players and keep devoted ones. In addition to welcome incentives, loyalty prizes, and free spins, the game app should include a variety of other promotions and bonuses. Here we include several bonuses and promotions into our game app.

Discreet Payment System

If you need to make a payment in an app without revealing your true identity, consider one of our following discreet payment methods. Any real money game application must incorporate a strong and secure payment system. Cryptocurrency, Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers are only a few of the many payment methods that it ought to provide users. To further ensure that all transactions are safe and secure, the game app should employ encryption technology.

Responsible Gambling Tools

As a real money gaming platform, it is highly crucial to promote responsible gambling. It includes important real money game features such as time limits, Deposit limits which decides maximum amount of money that a gambler can deposit into their playing account at any given time, Bet limits which decides maximum amount of money that a gambler can bet on a single game, and Loss limits which decides the highest betting amount that a player can lose in any one game or sessions. Along with that self-exclusion options, deposit links, and links to resources for problem betting and gambling makes the gambling more safe.

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly Interface is quite easy for users to use and navigate. The best part is that it is self-explanatory which means users don;t have to put much effort in understanding how to use it. Any game app must have a user-friendly UI, but a real money game online app really must. They can quickly find the games they wish to play thanks to the game app’s simple navigation. Our real game app developers make sure to incorporate a highly user-friendly interface to take your gaming experience to new heights.

Withdraw History

Withdrawal History is a feature that displays the exact amount deposited or withdrawn from your account. You can access a detailed history of your withdrawals of funds. It is one of the most important features to add in your real cash game app. It will help you know how much your total profit or loss is. You can find out when and from where you withdrew the money by looking at the list. By studying detailed historical cash flow information, you will improve your long-term investment performance.

Mobile Enhancement

An app for real cash games needs to operate well on smartphones due to the rise in device usage. Nowadays making gaming apps suitable for smartphones is extremely important. A mobile application enhances the reputation of your gaming business. The gaming app solution needs to work on both iOS and Android smartphones and provide a fluid experience on all screen sizes. Our mobile real money game app offers free download with some in-app purchases or ads to generate revenue.


It is necessary to have a user-friendly design for every game app, but especially for those that accept real money. The convenience of use of gaming apps allows them to find the games they want to play quickly. The competitions will assist in determining the best player, as well as help users in increasing their monetary profits while maintaining interest in the game. Our real money game developers include several engaging and exciting tournaments to make your gaming experience more amazing.

Buddy Live List or Invitation

It is one of the most interesting features to add in your real money game apps for android. It adds a social aspect in your game. This feature will help you invite and add friends and create a chat group with your friends. You can also see who is active on the internet and also send them an invitation to join you in the game. RMG game developers at RG Infotech add this feature to all our game apps.

Serving Ads

A technology cycle known as an ad serving platform employs software to place advertisements on numerous websites. It is mostly used by a supply side platform, demand side platform, ad network, or ad exchange. Game developers use Ads feature to earn more profit out of your game. It shows an Advertisement that will provide the users with a bonus and rewards upon seeing the full advertisement. This way it’s a win-win situation.

Develop Real Money Game with Essential Admin Control Features

The real cash game app includes a number of admin options that the admin may use to personalize the app. With the help of these features, the admin will be able to modify the program as needed. In our Real Money games for android, we include the following administrative features:
        • Dashboard: A dashboard is a crucial feature that compares your game to other games and provides you  the performance data.
        • User Management: Using the User Management tool, you can monitor and regulate every user’s activities. Additionally, if you notice anything suspicious or shady, you can report or block a person.
        • Payment and Wallet Management: You’ll be able to see how many coins the users have purchased and redeemed thanks to payment and wallet management capabilities.


        • Leaderboard Management: Highlight the most talented and successful players on the leaderboard  in order to entice and encourage others and to recognize the best players in your game.
        • Game settings and management: There are many good options for changing or customizing the game experience. It includes language, sound settings, two-factor authentication, game tutorials, notifications, etc.
        • Notification Management: Take control and manage each push notification that a user receives. Smart notifications can also be used to encourage consumers to start playing the game right away.

Real Money Game Development Cost

The  Real Money Game Development Cost relies on a number of variables including the type of game, the platform it is built on, the complexity of the game, and the location and expertise of the development team. However, the following are some rough calculations for the real cash game building price:
        • Slot machines, scratch cards, and bingo are simple and easy to play games: Such games may cost between $10,000 and $50,000 to design.

        • Game development for medium-complexity games like poker, roulette, or blackjack might cost anywhere between $50,000 and $150,000.

        • Sports betting, fantasy sports, and online casinos are complex games. Such games might be developed for anywhere from $150,000 to $500,000 or more.

Cost Rang:

        • A basic real money game with core functionalities for a single platform (Android or iOS) can range from $15,000 to $45,000.

        • Fully loaded games with advanced features and multi-platform support can cost anywhere between $35,000 to $75,000 or even more.
It’s crucial to keep in mind that the cost of creating a real-money game is merely one factor in the whole picture. Additional fees include those for licensing, hosting, payment processing, and marketing.

What Qualities Make A Good Real Money Game Development Company?

As an AI language model, we are unable to offer an unbiased opinion or support any particular business. However, we can provide you some things to take into account when selecting a trustworthy company to create video games for real money:


You must look for a firm with years of experience and expertise in real money making games for iphone and android. A Real Money Game Development Company with a clean track record of successful projects can give you the utmost confidence. You must look for a firm with years of experience and knowledge to develop your game. Here we have a skilled development team with years of experience in game development.


In order to create an amazing real money game app, you need to make sure that the game development sector has expertise in the specific type of game you wish to create. For instance, you look for a reliable company with a good record for your game app development . Here we have a qualified and skilled team of developers who have vast knowledge of the latest tools and technologies and years of experience in creating game apps.


The game development firm should be up-to-date with the new technology and tools used in game development. They have a good knowledge of the programming languages and platforms required real money making games online. We have a skilled and proficient development team who are well versed in all technological aspects in game development. We use edge-cutting and advanced technological solutions to create a high-tech and feature rich gaming app.


Since real money is involved, security is crucial. If you’re developing a game app that must deal with one or several kinds of such sensitive information, it is your duty as the app’s owner to provide customer data protection in mobile apps. Here at RG Infotech game development firm, we thoroughly understand the necessary measures of security to protect players’ data and financial transactions.


Of course, the project’s cost is also an essential factor to consider while looking for a game app development company. Who wouldn’t want a game app development service in a reasonable cost range. As a business owner looking for a game app development service, you need to make sure that  you have an idea of the project’s total cost and ongoing maintenance costs before signing a contract with the agency.

Why Should You Choose RG Infotech for Real Money Game Development?

RG Infotech among the top Company for Real Money making Games online for android and iOS. skilled game developers incorporate the best features into the game by making sure that all of your criteria are covered in the game. In addition to developing real money games, we also offer maintenance and post-launch services for all the games we produce. Our programmers use cutting-edge technology to create the most sophisticated, user-friendly game. Our company opted for an Agile Approach to enhance the game’s performance and work efficiency, Attractive UI and UX that can take your app to the new heights of popularity, Dedicated Development strategies and efficient methodology. We are also a step ahead in offering Quality Deliverance and providing 24/7 maintenance and support service for our clients.


The above provided details and information discusses the important aspects of Real Money Game Development Company cost & its feature. Though it involves careful planning, execution, and respect to industry rules, creating real cash games can be a smart and successful business option. A framework for creating real money games is provided by the procedures detailed in this comprehensive guide. If you are a business looking for a real cash game development then contact our experts right away and stay tuned for more informative updates.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Real-Money Gaming (RMG) is a business model where players wager money on a game with the possibility of winning more than they initially invested. The game provider generates its revenue through a platform fee that it charges players a flat commission based on the amount they bet on the game.
It could only require a few months to create a basic game with simple mechanics and minimal graphics. A complex game, on the other hand, might take a year or more to develop if it has extensive mechanics, excellent graphics, and a complex backend to manage real-world financial transactions. Your game software will be expertly made by our developers in the allotted period.
Yes we do! If you are our client, you don’t have to worry about getting technical support. We have a proficient team of experts at your service who will provide 24/7 technical and customer support. We will provide you constant updates regarding the progress of your project and deliver you a top-notch real money gaming app within the set timeline.
The average cost of developing a mobile game app ranges from $20,000 to $30,000, depending on a number of various cost considerations, including the type of game, the complexities of its production, its design, its tech stack, its animation, its testing, its tools, and many more.

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