December 28, 2022

Fun! Food! Games! Gifts! All on the Christmas Celebration at RG Infotech!

Offices are getting set to celebrate the year’s end in style. Yes, having fun at a business function could lead to having a terrific time. It’s a unique setting for forging bonds with coworkers, celebrating achievements, and letting go of tension from the previous year. It’s a time of joy, tranquility, social gatherings at work, and good times. There are many that only wait for holiday season for the partying and christmas celebration season is for enjoyment and partying. So having fun with colleagues is very fun and important!

Here are the very fun ways that RG Infotech and all its employees celebrated the fun and joy of the jingle of Christmas in our office!

Secret Santa

Isn’t this the time of year when you enjoy yourself and are enthusiastic about giving gifts to your loved ones? Why not give a gift to your co-workers, with whom you enjoy spending time and who are responsible for the enjoyable time we have at work? We participated in the Secret Santa activity and gave our co-workers a variety of useful items. The names of various employees were included on chits that were distributed because this had been prepared for a long time. Now that it wasn’t made public who was giving what to whom, we had fun giving our co-workers fantastic and practical gifts.

Prank Gifts

Another game we liked to play with our staff members was prank giving. Employees as well as managers participated in the gift-giving hoax. Not only did everyone at work like it, but they also gave their co-workers a variety of weird and humorous items. It was a lot of fun to see the staff laughing and giggling with happiness and fun as they all received absurd and hilarious gifts.

The excitement and delight that everyone was experiencing were simply out of this world. However, as I’m writing this blog post about happy times, it’s making me tear up and tickling me inside. When I go back to the joyful expressions of everyone in the RG Family, I laugh heartily.


There were many games that we played with our employees. It was a great day filled with fun and joy. The true spirit of Christmas is not just getting a holiday or so but is to get plenty of joy for and with the people around you! We played 2 games with our employees, and that is :

Blow the Candles

Lung power was required for this game. We wanted to check the lung power of our employees. Keeping jokes aside, we had a lot of fun playing with candles using four candles and four different objects: chocolates on the fourth candle, neem on the third, lemon on the second, and green chili on the first. You must consume lemon or sip lemonade when you extinguish two candles. You have to consume green chile when you extinguish the first candle.

Pass the Balloon

We played this game in teams of two. Even here, the team was chosen with the help of chits and it helped in the choosing of the teammates. It was a very fussy, yet hilarious game that we had. Though it was very difficult to decide who won, yet, we had the fun of our lives laughing and enjoying ourselves with our employees. This I think increases the bonding of the company and the employees as well. And as the saying goes, the employees and the company that laughs and have fun together, stays together! This is what we all cherish and rejoice upon.

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Gifting was not just done from employee to employee, but the organization also gifted wonderful and useful things to our employees. It is really important for us to give our employees time to time, that helps them to feel recognized and loved by the company. This increases employee loyalty and helps in retaining employees. And when it’s the season of the jingle of Christmas, one must give and receive gifts. Well, as I personally believe that Christmas is the season when gifts are given and received by all around the globe.

Snack Time

It is my personal favorite time that I always love. I, being a foodie, love all sorts of foods. Savories and sweets all are my favorites, as I enjoy the wonders of Rum Cake, raisin cakes and I enjoy every single dish served on my plate. RGI had special arrangements made for this occasion that every person enjoyed.


Such occasions can only be summarized in memories, such as that we make until the next time. This will always remain in all our memories and we will never forget the games, the pranks and the food that we enjoyed with our team. It was a day worth remembering!


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