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Here at RG Infotech, we understand the struggles of getting to grips with everything technology related as a startup. When it comes to making a website, designing a UI/UX, or building an app, it’s hard to ensure top notch quality when you have to run the rest of your business.

Thankfully, RG Infotech is here to help as your premier IT service partner. By leveraging a custom squad-based agile process that reduces risk and gives you predictable project velocity, we work with you to create compelling mobile experiences that your users love. For over a decade, our custom agile process has proven to promote transparency, quicken development, and lower risk.
In testament to our stellar product and customer service excellence, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been showcased on Clutch, a B2B market research firm that increases legitimacy by providing ratings and reviews from previous clients. Clutch ranks service providers based on a range of factors including past clients and experience, verified client reviews, and market presence.
In Clutch’s unique process, their analysts have spoken directly with many of our clients, and learned more about the services we provided, as well as technological capabilities, results, and business acumen. Our clients’ participation made this award possible, and we want to thank them for their time and honest feedback. Take a look at one of our clutch reviews below:
Clutch Review

So, whether you need a top-notch expert with niche skills or just general IT consulting, RG Infotech gets results. Thanks to Clutch and to our customers for this stellar recognition – please contact us to find out how Clearbridge Mobile can help grow your app today!

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Things to know about Tinder like dating App! Mon, 17 Feb 2020 11:39:51 +0000 Analysis done on the basis of market stats to understand Dating Industry. Check out the details to know more about the industry stats, market leaders and app features, here!

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The new age evolution has completely changed the relationship with technology and also the mindset of a human being. People are now more techno-friendly and ready to adapt new things compare to a past decade.

Dating App

Now these days, we have new ways of messaging that works instantly rather the traditional hand-written letters that used to reach in days, we are more adaptive to social media platforms rather social events, and we are more active on internet rather community meetings. Even the special meeting with someone or dating has changed its skin, you can search your soulmate or a short-term relationship direct through the dating apps.

Just choose the preferred app, search for the profiles, filter it through the interest, connect with each other and “yuppie” that’s it, now you both can share your details, fix your meeting date and so on.
These kinds of dating apps have their separate user base which is savage for several other segments. And this is a sure success mantra for organizations, if they follow a right path and select an experienced dating app developer.

What are the highlighted statistics of Dating Industry?

Dating industry is a vast segment for entrepreneurs as well as for App Development Companies across the globe. Almost 75% of the world population uses one of the popular dating app at least once in their life. Today, the industry is billion dollar and much easier for single around the world.

Here are a few statistics that show the growth and the tendency of the industry:

  • In the US only, 49.7 million out of 54.4 million singles have used dating site to search their soulmate or a relationship partner.
  • 72% singles trust on online dating-triggered relationships rather the offline one.
  • Almost 77% daters regularly spend atleast 15 minutes on dating apps for potential matches or search profiles.
  • 61% of the adult daters find this platform an easier solution to check and match profiles.
  • The major ratio of users on dating apps is millennial, who aged between 18-29 years.
  • Online Dating segment revenue amounts to US$2,141 million in 2020 with an expected CAGR 4.3% (2020-2024).
  • According to the Statista stats, online dating users expected to reach to 279.8 million by 2024. Take a look at the growth chart beneath:
No of users on Online Dating industry

Top 5 Market leaders of dating industry!

Dating industry isn’t a small segment, the industry is expected to reach $9,202.7 million by 2025 with a growing CAGR of 4.7%. According to a market research, there are around 1500 dating platforms battling with each other to draw more users.

01. Tinder

One of the major market leaders is – “Tinder”, which is a location-based social search platform and founded in the year 2012. The platform owns more than 57 million active users per month with around 4.1 million premium users. The platform is used in 190 countries and available in 40 languages to oblige each and everyone.

According to the stats, tinder made $1.2 billion revenue in the last year, which is around 43% higher than 2018.

02. Bumble

With the same intend of dating and social networking, “Bumble” – the first feminist dating app was founded by one of the co-founders of “Tinder” – “Whitney Wolfe”, who left the firm due to some personal issues with another co-founder.

This is one of the few or the original one, where women message first and the receiver has a time limit of 24 hours to reply back and start a connection. The platform has almost 46 million users from 155 countries and has almost 85% female employees.

According to the stats, “Bumble” earned the top second position in list of all dating brands with a $300 million revenue in the year 2019. This is the only platform, who empowered women to start communication and get a possible match. 

03. OkCupid

With a massive number of users, and great features similar to the other platforms OkCupid shares the market since 2004. The platform has almost 50 million registered users and allow users to send direct message to another by visiting their profile. Although, they only see that message once find their match with another person.

According to the stats, “OkCupid” earns $1 million revenue in the segment last year with almost 200K downloads by a global audience.


Match was founded in the year 1993 and purchased by the IAC in 1999, later transferred in its sub-group Match Group, which is especially created for the dating brands. Apart from, the group also owned Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and 40+ other brands.
The premium dating platform allowed only paid members to message matched profile, although users can create and search in the premium version. The dating app has around 39.7 million visits per month with 30K downloads and earns around $500K revenue last year.

05. Badoo

One of the leaders of the industry – “Badoo” was founded in the year 2006 and has around 425 registered users. The platform is available in 47 languages and used in around 190 countries. The dating app has recorded 300K daily registrations and 4 million app downloads with $1 million revenue in the year 2019.

Other than those leading apps, there are several dating apps available on Google Play and App Store, some of them are Hinge, Happn, Her, Clover, Plenty of Fish, and Grindr.

What are the features that Tinder like Dating App should have?

Comparison always took place with the leading one and industry follows the path of successful brands. Take a look at the beneath chart that shows the most popular online dating app worldwide:

Most popular online dating app worldwide
Image Source: Statista

According to the above chart people downloaded Tinder most. So, here’s the top most features that tinder like dating app should have:

01. Social Login

The very first thing or major feature that an app should have, is social login. The user should have the freedom to sign up through their existing Facebook, or Google account. Other apps can make it a complimentary feature, but for dating apps, that’s a major feature as it clears out the interest of a particular user and allows dating algo to search similar profiles.

Apart from the technical prospectus, integration with social account will also cut down the efforts of a user to prepare a profile on such dating apps as they can fetch most of details from the social platforms.

02. Geolocation

The major feature that an online dating app should have, as nobody wants to chit-chat a person they can’t meet. This feature will help applications in user retention and better user engagement. This feature will encourage users and provide suggestions based on their interest, their social activities, etc. and help to improve interest-based geolocation matches.

Although, app developers can allow users to choose their preferred region or location and find their matches apart from getting the current location from their devices.

03. Matching AI Algo

Rather the outdated random profile suggestions, Tinder use different algorithms to suggest best suitable profiles to users. When a user creates a new profile, the algo searches the suitable profile on the basis of profile ratings.

The app uses a scoring system, where the number of likes or right swipe counts as the rating, more likes means the higher profile score. Although, matches can also be suggested on the basis of similar interests, similar locations, and similar count of scores.

04. Swipe Surge

A single left or right swipe can mark a score for the profile, as the right swipe means user likes the other profile and left means user dislike it and wants more options. Although, there should be an undo option, as sometimes swipe happen accidently.

Tinder introduces that feature and recognized 15x higher user activities with a 250% increased match ratio.

05. Setting and Matches

User can set their preferences such as gender, age, region, religion, or interest, on their profile, and filter their suggestions based on it as these kinds of online dating platforms usually have a huge database. This setting will also help to increase the rate of matches due to similar kind of interests and mutual agreements.

For development related queries,
please make a call on +91-982-868-6605!!

06. Push Notification

Like other apps, online dating apps should also have Push Notification to update users in real-time about recent changes, matches, messages, etc. This is a significant feature and major growth tactic to retain a user and provoke them to return back to the application.

07. Chat System

One of the basic, but the major feature that an online dating app should have. Chat messages allow a user to communicate with the matched profile and share their interests, or pictures with each other. To enhance the text-based chat feature, dating app developer can include video chat feature too in the application.

App developers can include a real-time chat system with video calling feature, AI based chats to animate pictures, or can make it interactive through cartoon style user emojis.

08. Anti-Fraud Screening

To identify the authenticity of the user, a dating app should contain Anti-Fraud Screening, where user needs to verify its original identity. This will improve user belief and retention on the application and reduces the number of fake profiles.

This can also be done through two-way verification, and required document verification process along with profile completion.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line.

If we think a decade back, finding the right relation without knowing each other isn’t a possible thing, but now we can. Online dating platforms made it easy for the singles and appeared as the most preferred solution for finding the right relationship.

We analyzed the industry stats and found that the online dating industry is a billion-dollar industry with a great user base and higher revenue model. There are almost 77% singles, who uses such kind of applications at least 15 minutes per day. Due to such facts, plenty of dating applications are running successfully. The Match Group owns 45+ dating brands including the leaders – Tinder, Match, OkCupid, etc.

Those figures are eye-catchy for entrepreneurs too, that’s why the number of dating app developers also increasing day-by-day. Although, check those stats, top leader’s strategies and their business models first, before entering in the segment.

We hope that the information provided above is useful for you. If you have any doubt or want to discuss more about your Dating App Development or Tinder like online dating platform, feel free to email us at

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Things to know about a healthcare app development! Sat, 14 Dec 2019 12:44:53 +0000 Healthcare industry is also an eye-catchy segment for App Developers. Here’s, we are explaining everything that needed to know about “How to develop a healthcare app?”. Keep your eyes on it.

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Are you looking for a medical solution or want to get some assistance. Here, we have summed up few things that are needed to know with “How to develop a medical app or a healthcare app?”

Digital evolution already boomed the world and touched almost all major industries. From food ordering to online shopping, everyone is using their smartphones to perform their day-to-day activities, even the complex ones as well. So, how can the major healthcare industry be apart from that evolution?

The healthcare industry is the one, who needed that evolution the most, as it can prevent major health hazards by just digitally evaluation of the patient’s condition or by general medication. Now a days, we can witness plenty of healthcare apps that are helping to achieve a healthier life by providing regular tips, monitoring physical activities, or tracking medical emergencies.


By influencing from the trend, several hospitals, medical professionals and healthcare institutions are adapting Healthcare App Development services and building their own mobile healthcare apps. These kinds of applications are connecting medical professionals with the patients directly and help them to achieve a healthier life with a better user reach.

Before exploring more details about the healthcare app development and the trends, first take a look at the current market stats. Also, realize the requirements, identify available types of medical apps, and figured out the major reason “why several apps failed without making a significant presence”.

Either you are a medical professional or a medical app development company, keep your eyes on a few questions before investing in healthcare apps,

  • Why these mHealth app will be useful?
  • What are the causes of failure?
  • How many types of medical health apps are available?
  • What are the essential features do these apps have?
  • What are the clauses to run these kinds of apps?

Here, we are illustrating market stats, common types of applications, required standards or clauses and current trends that are needed to be successful in the highly competitive market. Let’s explore the market stats first,

Healthcare Market Stats

Mobile Healthcare Industry or mHealth has already witnessed a great boom in previous years and estimated to cross $32 billion dollar market by 2024, with a CAGR of 7.4% from 2018 to 2024. According to, there are more than 97000 health and fitness applications available in the market. While Statista stated that around 44000 apps are available on Apple app store in third quarter of 2019, which is around 45% of the total no of applications.

Despite this, Statista demonstrated the global digital health market growth by major segments (source),


Take a look at the major healthcare market stats,

  • Around 52% smartphone users use health apps to collect health information.
  • 32% of the world mHealth market is acquired by the hospitals, pharma companies, and healthcare institutes.
  • Development companies and technology experts are representing almost 23% of the market.
  • Users between 18-29 years age group already have health apps on their smart phones, which is almost 15%.
  • Users between 30-49 years age group already have medical apps on their phone, which is almost 8%.
  • 40% doctors believe that these mHealth apps can reduce total number of clinical visits.
  • 25% of American physicians are already using these mHealth App.
  • 93% doctors stated that these mHealth apps can improve patient’s health.

Why these mHealth app will be useful?

There are several myths and reasons exist that can encourage or demoralize you and force you to think twice about the mHealth apps use. The thing is you need to analyse these apps by yourself first. Here, you can explore why these mHealth apps will be useful,

  • They can advise you about the nutritional diet and help you to get a better health.
  • They will suggest a proper workout plan as per your routine.
  • They can connect you with the professional experts or doctors to communicate directly.
  • They will help you to get online prescriptions, reports and advises.
  • They can provide a data bank to store, retrieve and access your medical records anywhere anytime.
  • They can provide a relief in emergencies and connect you with the doctors with a click.
  • They can notify and remind you about your prescription, reports, treatment, appointment, and other things.
  • These apps will provide you a list of doctors and professional experts including their qualifications, work experience and associations.
  • You can book an appointment of your preferred doctor directly through these apps based on their reviews and ratings.
  • These apps can provide you the directions of clinics, and hospitals.

What are the main causes of failure?

There is a huge chance of not getting a proper response as you thought from the healthcare app development or your mHealth app. So, you have to be more focused and precise about the requirement.

Here, you can check out the major possible reasons why these kinds of apps failed to get proper attention and success,

01. Unclear Structure or Improper UX

User always comes first and so their experience. If any application fails to improve user experience, that will surely fail to get success. So, keep it easy with proper flow and better engagement ratio.

02. Complex Solution for problems

Keep it in mind, that a user always comes to find a solution not to entertain themselves. If the mHealth app can’t give a solution to the particular pain, then there are high chances of failure. So, choose a particular segment, and provide detailed solution to a particular disease or an ailment to assure success of the healthcare application.

03. Expertise and Knowledge constraints

Healthcare industry is based on satisfying advise and if the professional experts associated with the Healthcare Solution, aren’t enough knowledgeable in the field, the chances of failure will be high. Even, a human being always believes on the opinion of an expert who holds relevant qualifications, people reviews, and years of experience in the segment. So, keep the expert panel qualified, renown and recommendable.

04. Not following the Privacy Regulations

To ensure the success in this segment, you need to follow the HIPPA Regulations and country wide privacy statements.

How many types of medical health apps are available?

Healthcare industry is wider than we know and have a large number of sub-segments to produce better solutions for a particular health requirement, pain, or disease. Due to the multiple sub-segments, that’s a great opportunity for Mobile App development companies or individuals to highlight a particular segment and produce a functional solution.

Well, those sub-segments can be divided into 3 major healthcare app types,

01. Daily Health Applications

These kinds of apps are used to track and record daily routine activities to maintain body shape, sleep, nutritional needs, etc. without keeping your calendar with you.

RGI- Healthcare App Development

For development related queries,
please make a call on +91-982-868-6605!!

Here’s the list of features that those daily health apps usually contain,

  • Monitor & track sleep (Quantity & Stage), and steps with an optional tracking of heartbeats, BP, pulse, fluid consumption, tilt swing and calorie counter.
  • Analyse the data collected through routine activities.
  • Push users to achieve their goals through instant notifications.

02. Hospital and EHR/EMR Applications

Hospital Applications

Specifically developed for a hospital to endorse their brand and connect with the users or patients directly. These hospital or clinic apps usually contains features like,

  • Daily health tracking
  • Notification based on the data collected
  • Expert’s opinion based on the data
  • Appointment facility
  • Storage of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and access of them
  • Pill Reminders and Online Consultations
  • Wayfinding Map
  • One-click Ambulance

EHR Applications

Another variant of those are EHR (Electronic Health Records) Apps, where users can choose from a list of hospitals, or doctors and consult online. All other features are similar to the hospital apps. As an add-on those apps can have emergency mode, where user can grant permission to the consultant or public to access their record for a limited time frame.

This feature can save lives in emergency and help consultants to understand the case without any delay.

03. Medical Software

One of the complex systems to develop as this software perform tasks like symptom description, in-app diagnostics, and x-ray operations. Even these can be well-known online medicine applications, where user can upload their prescription and order their medicines online.

In such software, user can connect a device and diagnose their BP, sugar, and other diseases easily, but to develop such system, developer needs to be guided and tested through medical professionals. Also, these software needs to adhere several rules and regulations along with a complete guide or manual about the use as the living humans are testing themselves.

What are the essential features do these apps have?

A mHealth app should contain all major and essential feature like other mobile apps usually have such as: sign-in/sign-up, profile details, listing, etc. Usually those apps have a patient variant, a consultant variant, and HIMS to perform functions and connect each other.

Here’s the list of major features that those app variants have,

Patient App

healthcare - patient app

Doctor App

healthcare - doctor App

HIS Dashboard

healthcare - HIS dashboard

What are the clauses to run these kinds of apps?

Healthcare industry is a highly sensitive segment, and combining technology with this industry needs to adhere security regulations or privacy statements. These regulations are different for each country and developer needs to be aware about those.

A mHealth app must design properly and follow the regulations set out by the government authorities that ensures the privacy of information. Those regulations differ from country to country, have a look here,

The United States

A mHealth app designed specially for the US market should compliance the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) that regulates “how protected health information should transmitted between servers and the end entities.”

Note: If mHealth app stores or transmitted personal health information, then it should compliance HIPPA regulations, else there is no requirement to obey HIPPA regulations.

The European Union

In Europe, A mHealth app should compliance the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that specify what organizations can or can’t do with personal information and how they should protect it. So, if you are thinking to launch your app in Europe with a facility to store personal health data, you need to follow the GDPR.

The United Kingdom

In the UK, your app should compliance the new Data Protection Act (DPA 2018) which set limits on the storage, and access of the information. The DPA 2018 also applies the GDPR standards with some modifications for financial services, academic research and child protection.


The Canadian government sets Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) for the use of personal health information, which sets out the rules for collecting, accessing and disclosing the information in a way that distinguish right to privacy of individuals. The act also regulates organizations to collect information in an appropriate circumstance.

Asian Region

Countries in Asia, have come with several regulations in a “European style” privacy law. Several are obeying GDPR and some follows other. Japan has the oldest law in this segment “Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)”, which was established before 2003.

In Singapore, Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) sets out some of the stiffest penalties in this segment.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line

Healthcare Industry has the high potential and opportunity for the app developers to be a part of billion-dollar industry and produce worthful applications that help to achieve healthier living. The industry already has a great number of applications of app stores and some of them are really good in both ways – user points and revenue point.

Take a look at the global healthcare enterprise software market, by region

Global Healthcare enterprise market

Although, entering in this segment doesn’t ensure you the success, you have to know the reasons, clauses, and market trends that sets your path to the success. So, keep your eyes on market trends, user requirements, government regulations and the features of your medical health app.

We hope that the information provided above is useful for you. If you have any doubt or want to discuss more about your Healthcare app development or Practo like online appointment platform, feel free to email us at

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Fantasy Sports: A Sports Enthusiast’s Dream Come True Wed, 04 Dec 2019 07:08:45 +0000 Grab the opportunity by acquiring trendiest Fantasy Sports Solution that have all essential features and economic pricing that'll surely match your budget. Need to know more, read here!

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There is perhaps no greater way to enhance and empower the fan’s experience in a sport than by creating a fantasy team. It adds an extra dimension to every game day, an added reason to crowd the television, the online analysis, and anywhere else one can go to get a little more information on the best players. Fantasy sports websites place regular people in the position of a team manager, where they have to carefully navigate all the ins and outs of who to play, and when.

Leagues can go for an entire season, an entire week, or even change daily. It all depends on how much time the people in the league in it want to put into their team. For true die-hards in a quick turnaround sport such as baseball, a daily league may be fun, forcing everyone to truly stay on top of the standings.

Otherwise, a season-long league can make for prolonged competition, where one person can be on top for weeks on end, only to engage in desperate struggles to remain king by the end. No matter what type of league, the results are some healthy competition and plenty of fun and harmless heartbreak for everyone involved.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports leagues have become very popular ways of building communities at work and tightening friendships centred on a common interest in sports. They can be set up to accommodate even those who have only a passing interest in the games, or those who will watch it all the time in the same league.

Fantasy sports Solution can help organize and set up these leagues so the participants do not have to work as hard keeping track of scores, and checking fantasy player injuries and updates. This creates a fairer playing field, no matter the results.

The important thing to remember is the fun and competitive spirit brings people together. Each participant in the online fantasy league will have the ability to test their knowledge of their favourite sports. Regardless of the results, everyone can have a great time.

How to develop Fantasy Sports App!

Fantasy App Developer is one of the popular fantasy sports website development company out there. The organization is a part of the leading web and mobile app development company – RG INFOTECH and worked only in the fantasy sports segment. The firm has an already build software solution for sports organizations to ensure success of their virtual journey.

Firm has built a solution for cricket, soccer, kabaddi, NBA, and other popular sports and gives sports organizations a great opportunity to increase their fan following and engagement.

The platform has different fun ways to play, although after the draft, the rules are simple in each one: score the most points and win the league. The users can become a team owner by selecting their players and choose different contests. Users can also create private contest to play along with their colleagues, competent and family persons.

What’ll be included in the Application?

Firm has included all essential features that a user and a sports organization required in their Fantasy sports app. They have carefully analyst all the features and available sports applications to make it more powerful and engaging.

User app features:

Being a sports fan and a fantasy sports user, we all wants to get thrilled and excited to earn more while playing.

Here is the list of main features that a user app includes:

  1. 01. Login & Sign up
  2. 02. Account & Verify
  3. 03. Freemium & Premium Contests
  4. 04. My Contests
  5. 05. Wallet & Transactions
  6. 06. Create Team & Join Contest
  7. 07. Refer and Earn
  8. 08. Add Cash Payment
  9. 09. Leader board

Admin App Features:

To the owners or admins, who’s going to manage all operations, we have made all things easier. Being an admin, you can manage teams, players, leader board, and transections by the dashboard provided to you.

Here is the list of main features that a user app includes:

  1. 01. Web Login
  2. 02. User Management
  3. 03. Match Management
  4. 04. Contest Management
  5. 05. Player Management
  6. 06. Player Point Management
  7. 07. Earning Management
  8. 08. Payment Management
  9. 09. Team Management
  10. 10. Content Management
  11. 11. Cash Bonus Management
  12. 12. Transaction Management
  13. 13. Account Verification

Additional Features:

Starting with a clear vision; to make your business grow, we have never compromised with the quality and features. That’s why there’re more than the requirement and industry standards.

Here is the list of main features that a user app includes:

  1. 01. Live Match Score API
  2. 02. Cash Flow API
  3. 03. Push Notification
  4. 04. Real Time Analytics
  5. 05. Payment API
  6. 06. Auto Responders
  7. 07. Real Time Chat Bots
  8. 08. Reward Management

What will be the cost of Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

Fantasy sports apps are on boom and have a great footfall of interested users. Dream11, Myteam11, Real11, FantasyPower11, and several others are the live example of this and have a great user base, who love to spend thousands on different contests.


For more details, please make a call on

Such kind of solution requires an App for Users and web dashboard/app dashboard for Admin in Android, iOS and web platforms. And the cost of Fantasy Sports App like Dream11 tends in between $15000 to $20000 with a time span of around 60+ days.

Get to know more about the cost to develop a Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11, here!

How to own a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

To make your own Fantasy Sports Solution, you need a skilled Android Developer, an iOS Developer, and a web developer along with a creative UI / UX designer. If you ain’t a development company, then that’s surely an expensive way and will give you a headache.

Although, you can get support from the industry leaders or hire a prominent Fantasy App Developer. Even you have a choice to buy a ready-made solution form established Fantasy App Developers.

Top-notch Fantasy App Developer in India!

“By making your vision clear, idealizing requirements and keeping eyes on the track record, will make your selection profitable.”

Being a seeker, you can easily idealize plenty of “Fantasy App Developers” with previous work record, retainable clients, and several years of experience. What exactly you need, is your presence of mind, analytical skill, and a clear vision of your requirement.

“” is the name that encourage clients to own more within their existing budget along with a great quality. The firm is a part of RG Infotech (Recursive Global Infotech Pvt Ltd), a well-known name in the industry with a vast experience, an in-house team of skilled employees, and a visible track record.

Due to its “high quality under the budget” strategy, company has already served national & international clientele and developed a complete Fantasy Sports Platform with all essential features listed above in the write-up. The major plus point of the firm is their pricing model, that helps organizations as well as individuals to opt their own fantasy sports platform within their budget.

Make your mind and connect with one of our experts to discuss your requirements. We’d love to make it more revenue generating business opportunity and assist you from initial analysis phase till successful launching.

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How much does it cost to develop an on-demand Food delivery App like Zomato or Swiggy? Mon, 07 Oct 2019 13:21:18 +0000 Zomato like food ordering & delivery platform with all essential features, requires high experience and visible skills. To know the estimated cost of such platform, click here!

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Being an Indian, we are well-known as a “foodie” across the global market and yes, we love to eat delicious food. That’s why we have most versatile tastes and flavors. According to a research, we have blended several flavors, especially the herbs and spices in our food, which makes our taste amazing.

Although, we also have a great ratio of development minds in India, who incorporated food business with the trending technologies and crafted uber like food delivery app such as Zomato and Swiggy.

Food Delivery

For development related queries,
please make a call on +91-982-868-6605!!

Due to these platform’s high demand and mesmerizing revenue, several other corporations entered into this segment and came up with – Food Panda, Uber Eats, Fresh Menu, Misrii, etc. Although, that’s not an assurance of success, as out of 105 start-ups only 58 are currently operational. But there are still hope for the best, just keep your eyes on the details, do proper research and clear your business model in blueprints.

Choose Your Business Model Wisely.

Before making your steps in this segment, just be clear about your business model. Here, you have two different business models:
  • Aggregator Model
  • Hyperlocal Business Model

Aggregator Model, works as a network model and provides a platform where businesses can list down their products/services. Under this model, firm makes service provider their partner and sold it under their own name without holding the inventory.

Hyperlocal Delivery Model, offers their services in “a very specific demography” to fulfil demanded orders on time. The model connected local vendors specially those who aren’t online and connect them directly with the end user. Under this model, firm collects order, transfer it to the respected vendor, and then deliver it to the user’s location. The model is suitable for both products and services.

Know the Initial Step of the On-Demand Food Delivery Platform.

Now, you know your best suitable business model that will enhance your on-demand food delivery business and make a great opportunity for you. But at first, being an owner of the platform, you should be partnered with the restaurants, as they are the key element of your platform and gives a plethora of cuisine options to the end users.

The higher amount of cuisines you have on your on-demand food delivery platform, the higher chances you have to get better response from the users. So, its an initial step to be partnered with the restaurants with a great footfall. After that you can go on the technological phase, which helps you to connect with the users.

Apps that’re Offered in Swiggy like Food Ordering System.

On-demand food ordering & delivering system offers a complete solution to the business owners with unbeatable support and user experience. The system comes with:
  1. User App
  2. Restaurant App
  3. Delivery App
  4. Admin App

User App, contains the information of products and allow users segregate their searches through different filters and choose their favourite food. They have complete freedom in their search and order it online using associated payment partners. The system allows users to order their food on-the-go.

Restaurant App, allow restaurant owners to list their products on the food delivery app and manage their listings, orders, commissions in just one click. The platform gives them a freedom to connect directly with the end users and improve sales through showing their bestsellers, café specials, and recommended ones.

Delivery App, connects logistics with the restaurants to get leads, pick orders and deliver it to the delivery location. The platform provides complete detail to the delivery guy on the application and gives them freedom to accept or reject. Here, they can check their history, transactions, reviews, and commissions in just one click.

Admin App, a dashboard that shows you detailed records of orders, users, reviews, restaurants, and commissions. Being an owner of the food delivery platform, you can manage everything through the dashboard and improve your sales.

Being an owner of functioning food delivery solution like Zomato, you have to combine these segments to work together. You can coordinate with the third party just like Zomato and Swiggy or build your own personal network, that depends on you.

Features of Zomato like Food Delivery App.

Zomato like Food Delivery App isn’t a single function platform, it combines multiple operations in a single system and functions three different segments simultaneously. It offers order listing, payment processing, search filters, order tracking, and much more at the same time for thousands of users.


Track all major features, that uber like food delivery system consists by visiting here:

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand food delivery platform like Swiggy?

On-demand food delivery platform like Swiggy, comes with multiple features and accessed by several users at the same time. So, that’s not an easy task for the individuals or a new start-up, who can claim desired outcome before the deadline and offer a cheaper cost than the standard, but end up ruining your idea.

The platform requires all three applications along with an admin web system to automate the operations and smoothen the functions. To make it happen go with an experienced web & Mobile app development company, who have enough work to showcase their skills in front of you.

Well, outsourcing the work might cost you more, but you will never regret on your decision as they can fulfil their commitment and provide you a functional platform. To craft such platform, you need to hire Android Developer, HTML Developer, UI/UX Designer, and Quality Analyst only for the android version of the food delivery app. But if you need iOS version as well, then you also need to hire iOS Developer.

The platform requires minimum 90 working days to complete all the functionalities and acquiring 4-5 resources for 90 days will cost you around $12000-$17000.

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Dominating App Development trends of 2019! Thu, 20 Jun 2019 05:07:48 +0000 App development, a 4 decade old industry still has several things to make you amaze. Take a look at the growing trends that will enhance mobile app development in 2019 and upcoming years. Check out more here!

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“Idealize the leading app development trends that surely bloom your thoughts and provoke end users to be a part of the application. Explore more about what leads in the market and what’s going to be the next game changer. Keep your eyes here!“
The evolution of applications or trends take place whenever a new technology introduced or a newer, better version launched by the giants. We always adapt it either we are end user or we belong to development community.

App development trends for 2019 and above years.

It’s 21st Century and a complete digital era, where we can control our lives through smartphones and the statistics listed in “21 Mind blowing Stats of Mobile App Industry” are enough making a quick zest. From 1973 to 2019, we’ve witnessed the complete evolution of handheld devices as in terms of look, style, features and accessibility.

According to the available details, first app was developed in 1993. Which simply denotes that app development is more than 2-decades old and continuously improving the process through emerging technologies and tools.
In a few past recent years, we’ve witnessed several evolutions in App development trends, including technical enhancement from native app development to hybrid app development, from single app function to multi-app functions, and much more.
Improved UI, Super AMOLED & notch free display, high resolution cameras, and ultra-fast network isn’t the end, here are several more to adore you. Let’s take a look at the revolutionary app development trends that will change the concepts in 2019 and coming years.

01. On-demand Solutions

One of the most anticipated, accepted and growing app development trends that completely change the way of business because of their direct reach approach. This trend completely changed the lives of human beings and constantly improving it.
Here’s a few stats of this industry:
  • Around 42% adult population of America, which is around 86.5 million, are already using at-least one on-demand app.
  • In the year 2014, the revenue of the on-demand industry was just $14 billion, which is forecasted to reach at $335 billion mark by 2025.
  • 49% of the total consumers are Millennials and 55% of users are male.
  • 63% of the workers are happy with their job roles.
  • 33% people work for more than one platform.
Almost every industry has been entered in the segment to acquire the market share and to be a part of the ongoing app development trend. According to the stats, $1 billion valued 23 out of 310 private companies belong to On-demand industry.
These numbers will surely enhance in 2019 and coming years with the increment of smartphone users.

02. Internet of Things (IoT)

A completely revolutionary trend that combines electronics, sensors, and technology together into the smart objects. That’s basically a network of objects which are interconnected to each other and can perform several tasks even without reaching the main object.
IoT becomes one of the major game changers of the app development industry and we’ve witnessed it with the entrance of the leading giants like Xiaomi, Honeywell, Samsung, Google, Bosch and others.
Here’s a few stats of this industry:
  • There were around 20.35 billion connected devices in the year 2017, which is forecasted to reach at 75.44 billion mark by 2021.
  • According to Global Data, worldwide revenue of IoT industry was $1.3 Trillion in the year 2018, and it’s predicted to cross $3.18 Trillion by 2023.
  • In every second, around 127 IoT enabled devices connect to the internet.
  • By 2020, we will witness 50% more growth in business investment and consumer spending in IoT segment.
  • Business investment will grow from $215 billion in 2015 to $832 billion in 2020, while on the other hand, consumer spending will reach from $72 billion to $236 billion by 2020.
  • Global market by category:
    • Automotive Market will reach $104.2 billion by 2023
    • Healthcare Market will reach $158 billion by 2022
    • Retail Market will reach $35.64 billion by 2020
    • Education Market will reach $11.3 billion by 2023

03. Gaming Solutions

Gaming isn’t an unknown thing in the app development industry, almost every developer and 90% of the adult population indulged into it. But the thing completely changed with the launch of Role play games and skill-based games.
These solutions encourage users to utilize their skills such as analytical, and management, along with all senses to become a winner.
Skill Based
Completely legal and authorized way of gaming in several countries where the end user will only win the competition by using their skills. Although, the ancient snake game is also a skill base game, but you can’t win real money in that.
These kinds of games will allow you to earn either real money or something that worth similar. A few popular Skill based game categories are:
    1. Fantasy Sports Games
    2. Prediction & Quiz Games
    3. Word & Puzzle Games
The online versions of casino games where you can gamble and win a great amount. But only a few countries legalize this kind of games to make or to play. Some of the popular forms of gambling games are Poker, Rummy, Roulette, etc.
Role Playing
One of the most popular and exciting form, where the user Cosplay the roles in the game. From 2D to AR/VR, role-playing games completely revolutionized in more than a decade and continually improving its excitement. Some of the recent role-playing games are: PUBG, Avengers, Final Fantasy, etc.
Here’s a few stats of this industry:
  • As per the research of Newzoo, almost 50% of the global games market holds by the Mobile Games.
  • 50% of the consumer spending around $66.2 billion occurs only from the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Gaming is the most popular category in the play store with the highest number of app downloads.
  • The revenue of the global gaming market will reach at the mark of $180.1 billion by 2021, which was recorded $137.9 billion in 2018.
  • Almost 78% of global gamers are Android users. And more than 62% of adult population install a game within a week of owning it.
  • Global gamers population is around 2.2 billion, in which India contributes one-tenth around 222 million.
  • Fantasy Sports users are expected to reach at 2.71 billion mark by the end of 2019 along with 352.9 billion app downloads and $90 billion revenue.

04. Mobile Wallets

Digitalization encourages users to adapt eminent technologies and trendiest solutions to revoke their efforts and make them more productive. Mobile wallets are like that, they improve security and fastened the process of frictionless payments.
Frictionless payments increase its demand due to the emergence of IoT, & Mobile Commerce and end user loves to have it on their smart phones. Due to that, we’ve witnessed the hype of Paytm in recent years and the entrance of the leading giants like: Google, Samsung, Apple in the industry.
Here’s a few stats of this industry:
  • Around 2.07 billion global consumers will use a mobile wallet to make a purchase or payment or to send money in 2019, which was around 1.6 billion in 2017.
  • China is leading the list of top countries who adopts mobile wallet payments with the highest number of users.
  • “eMarketer” research stats that around 93.3 million Indian users will use mobile wallets in 2019.
  • Digital payments in India are predicted to touch the mark of $700 billion by the year 2022.
  • Worldwide digital payment market is forecasted to reach $13.9 trillion mark by 2022, which was around $3.1 trillion in 2017.
  • “WeChat Pay” claims that they have more than 1 billion active users worldwide, which is the highest in this industry.
On the global platform, India is the emerging country with highest zeal of adoption and it also encourage app development industry to adapt the growing trend in 2019 and coming years.

05. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Another milestone that app development industry achieved in the past recent years, which completely changed the way we’re used to see everything. That’s the technology that inspired other trends and incorporate several improvements.
Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR) completely revolutionized the gaming industry, e-commerce industry, m-commerce industry, Automobile industry, Real Estate Industry and other major industries with their live-in-action illusions.
For an instance, with the inclusion of AR, the leading home furnishing company – IKEA improved their user retention rate, & conversions. While on the other hand, Pokémon Go completely change the gaming experience of end users.
Here’s a few stats of this industry:
  • Global market of AR/VR forecast to reach $192.7 billion by 2022, which was just $12.1 billion in 2018.
  • Pokémon Go generated the revenue of $1.2 billion, with more than 752 million app downloads.
  • Forecasted worldwide economic impact of AR and VR will be 29.5 billion USD by 2020.
  • In 2019, 13% people of the US (around 42.9 million) will use VR and 20.8% (around 68.7 million) will use AR at least once per month.
  • By 2020, total revenue of Virtual Reality (VR) industry is expected to reach $20 billion.
  • Forecasted number of active VR users worldwide is around 171 million in 2018.

Infographic Representation

Take a look at the infographic representation of the stats represented under each trend.
Infograph - App Development Trends 2019!

Wrap up words!

We are in the digital era and more aggressive to eminent technologies or emerging trends. We aggressively adapt new trends and we’ve witnessed it via Pokémon Go, Paytm, PUBG, Dream11, and Google Home.
Not only individuals, but the industry experts are also influenced by these trends. Due to that, we can explore the increased number of App Development experts worldwide, who are offering such trends. Although, that’s not enough there are more trends continuously increasing day-by-day such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Cloud Apps, and few others.
Keep your eyes on the market stats and try to incorporate these technical evolutions with your app development in 2019. You can also read:

App Development Trends 2019

A complete guide for the eminent app developers with the industry stats.  To get to know the details, download the 41 pages whitepaper here!

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21 Mind blowing Stats of Mobile App Industry Wed, 05 Jun 2019 05:43:48 +0000 Take a look at the leading statistics that shows the growth and opportunity for App developers in the App Development industry. Check out here the infographic representation!

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“Evolutions that strike and strengthening the roots of any industry always stayed for more years than others.”

The above statement completely suits to Mobile App Industry, which is almost 4 decades old and still amaze their users through emerging mobile app development solutions. For an instance, “After making the first call from the first mobile device, researchers & developers spend almost 2 decades to develop the very first mobile app, which laid the foundation of today’s Mobile App Industry.”

Now, we can get more appealing mobile devices and millions of apps from multiple app stores to make our lifestyle easier. Check out more mind-boggling stats of mobile app industry, here:

21 Mind boggling Stats of Mobile App Industry

If you are assuming how the mobile industry evolved in a few decades, here we are showcasing a few stats to make you believe it.
  1. In India, more than 390.9 million mobile internet users are recorded by Statista in 2018, which is projected to reach 500.9 million mark by 2023 (source).
  2. Mobile internet traffic is almost 47.96% in total global internet traffic (source).
  3. Around 89% revenue of mobile games generated from India.
  4. The worth of India gaming industry will reach to $1.1 billion by 2020.
  5. In India, there are around 340 million smartphone users, which is forecasted to reach 442.5 million by 2022 (source).
  6. India has the world’s lowest rate of per GB internet data.
  7. There are around 4.4 billion internet users worldwide as of April 2019, in which Asia has more than 2 billion internet users (source).
  8. Worldwide internet user penetration in 2018 was 48.9%, which is projected to reach 53.7% by 2021 (source).
  9. In 2019, worldwide smartphone users are 2.5 billion, which was 2.1 billion in 2016 (source).
  10. There are almost 12 million mobile app developers exist in the world, which is projected to reach 14 million by 2020 (source).
  11. In 2016, global mobile app revenue was $88.3 billion, which is forecasted to cross $188.9 billion mark by 2020 (source).
  12. There are around 2.6 million apps available on Google Play store as of march 2019 (source) following by Apple app store with 1.8 million apps.
  13. A smartphone user spent approx. 3 hours per day on different mobile apps.
  14. Mobile websites get more visitors than mobile apps, but visitors spend more time on apps.
  15. On an average around 30 thousand apps used to get submitted every month on Apple iTunes only.
  16. There are around 2.46 billion social media users worldwide, which is forecasted to cross 3.02 billion mark by 2021 (source).
  17. 25% of the app market is covered through gaming apps only and most of them are free of cost.
  18. By 2021, almost 40% of the global population will own a smartphone.
  19. The number of smartphone devices that were sold in 2018 to global end users is around 1.56 billion, which is projected to reach 1.7 billion mark by 2020 (source).
  20. 85% traveler uses their smartphones to book their next travel activity.
  21. 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day.

Infographic Representation

Infographic representation of mobile app industry stats:


If you own a business and wants to enhance your reach, just take a look at the stats above and make an instant decision to engage your target audience with an amazing mobile application. Keep it in mind that only an experienced mobile app developer can perform as per your inception, so, choose one wisely.

If you need any assistance, feel free to discuss it with our expert developer at any time. We’re always available. Cheers!

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Why the trend of Fantasy Sports is growing in INDIA? Thu, 02 May 2019 05:43:48 +0000 Fantasy Sports Platform is a trending thing that is growing rapidly. With a span of a few years, it becomes a $90 billion industry. Here, we are exploring the reasons, why the trends of Fantasy sports is growing in India. Check out more here!

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India is known as the second largest online market due to its high population and the huge number of internet users, still the country has untapped potential that needs to be explored. According to the Statista, there were around 483 million internet users in 2018, which is projected to reach 666.4 million by 2023 (source).

India is also considered as one of the top five markets of mobile gaming due to the numbers of active gamers, which was 222 million in 2017 and assumed to reach 628 million by 2020. According to the stats, almost 89% revenue of mobile games generated from India.
There are a few stats that show the craze of gaming in INDIA:
  1. Top played mobile game – “Ludo King” has crossed 10 million daily active users along with around 70 million monthly users.
  2. Subway Surfer and Temple Run are following Ludo king with 5 and 2.5 million daily active users.
  3. One-tenth of the world’s gamers is from India.
  4. According to the stats, the worth of the Indian gaming industry will reach to $1.1 billion (Rs7,700 crore) and the number of active gamers with crossed 628 million mark by 2020.
  5. Leading Fantasy Cricket App – “Dream11” has 6+ crore daily active users on its platform, which was just 10 lakhs in 2014.

Trend of Fantasy Cricket in India!

India is the country, where most of the population only wants to know about cricket, Bollywood and politics, in which cricket is not just a game for them, it’s a religion and everyone love to praise it. Remember the world Cup 2011, when India won that tournament, every Indian is celebrating their success and its like a festival in India.
Just after that year, in 2012, Dream11 launched their fantasy cricket platform, the one of its kind in India. Although at that time no one knew about it, but now every second person knows about that and most of them are using it in their daily routine. The company is generating around 4-6 crores of revenue in every match and contributing the highest amount in the $90 billion-dollar industry.

“With around 352.9 billion app downloads and expected number of 2.71 billion users, Fantasy Sports industry will become a $90 billion-dollar industry by this year.”

Due to their craze and anticipation, Fantasy Cricket becomes a billion-dollar industry in just a few years and now having the highest number of users associated with such kind of apps. The craze of such apps doubled in major tournaments – IPL, Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, etc.
In India, there are around 340 million smartphone users and most of them are youth, who love to watch cricket, feel the thrill of the game and want to play with their favorite player. Even ICC, researched that there’s 1+ billion cricket fans globally, in which India’s contribution is 90%.
Due to such mesmerizing facts, there are more than 50+ active fantasy applications running online and moreover that, leading telecommunication giant – “Star India” embedded a fantasy platform in their live streaming app – “HOTSTAR”, where users can view the live match and participate as well. That’s a perfect example of user retention through implementing the trends with your own forte.

Why the trend of Fantasy Sports is growing in India?

There are several reasons behind it and most recognizable one is the growth of India as a digital leader. India is the only country, which have a higher consumption of the Internet with the lowest rate of per GB of Internet. Check out here, the cost of mobile internet around the world, researched by Forbes.

Apart from that, a few of the others are:

  1. India is the second largest country in terms of population and active internet users.
  2. India has the one-tenth of the world’s gamers.
  3. In India, there were around 404.1 million smartphone users in 2017 which is projected to cross 829 million by 2022.
  4. In India, there are more than 65% below the age of 35, who are more digital & social and ready to adapt trends.
  5. India contributes 90% of the total number of cricket fans worldwide.
  6. India is to be expected to reach 666.4 million active internet user’s marks by 2023.
  7. India has the growing GDP, which simply shows the spending capacity of India. Whereas youth wants to explore earning options using their craze and cricket skills.

Due to such trend, there are several sports organizations or OPCs who are already entered into the segment and adapted Fantasy Sports App Development by expert developers and launched their Fantasy App in the market. Few of them are: Fantasy power 11, Lucky 11, Club11, My11players, etc.

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4 Tips to make you play Daily Fantasy Cricket Thu, 28 Mar 2019 12:07:48 +0000 To enhance your chances of winning in Daily Fantasy Sports Apps especially in Fantasy Cricket App, keep your eyes on the tips offered by the experts here!

The post 4 Tips to make you play Daily Fantasy Cricket appeared first on RG Infotech.

IPL 2019 is already started and the craze is on-high as usual, while on other hand Fantasy Cricket also growing their roots in this season too. According to the stats, there are around 53 million users associated with the leading fantasy platform and official IPL partner – Dream11. But that’s not the only platform, there are plenty more to engage you to the Fantasy Cricket.
Fantasy Cricket Apps allow you to create your own fantasy team by selecting 11 players from the participating teams and join several contests simultaneously. But to be a part of the contest, you first need to register yourself on any Fantasy Cricket Platform. It will also give you monetary rewards, which can be withdrawn into your bank account.


try your skills by participating in it.

So basically, you have to choose your dream team by selecting 11 players from both teams playing in the live match. That’s solely depend on your skills, prediction and decision whom you want on your team. The Fantasy sports platforms are designed to encourage the craze of cricket, which is already on top in India, and empowering youth to earn through their cricket skills.
On the way, to enhance your chances of winning the contests, you have to take care of your selection as a single point can steal your position in the game. You need to analyze your choices, their performances, pitch conditions, previous records and even, can go through the leading predictions available online. You have to mark down your selection, and make yourself more thoughtful while selecting your playing eleven.
Here are some expert tips that you should consider to make your selection lead the game.


Believe it, you are not supporting or defending any of your favorite player, you are just making your own choice to stand out in the Fantasy Cricket League and it’s not possible to incorporate all of them in a single frame. You have to be more strict, precise and thoughtful rather prioritizing your feelings.
In simple words, you have to be focused and stay away from partiality. Your selection solely depends on the player performance, pitch conditions, and the format of the game as that’s the only key of your winning.


That’s stated on several occasions that your playing eleven is your winning shot, if you choose a wrong one, you will lose your grip. So, make your full focus on the selection and creation of your Fantasy team. And to make it in your favor, you have to explore complete details about the player, their strengths, records, performance in previous matches, chances of being in playing eleven, injuries, etc.
To do so, you can visit online websites where you can explore insights about the player and make your decision about the selection and rejection.


It happens, whenever we decide something, there’s an inner voice who confides our decisions’ worth. We should consider it as an opinion. If we need to replace a well-known player with a newly introduced one, try it, might possible you got impacted by it. To make it happen, you need a high volume of guts and a deep-down solid sense of exchanging.
Your decisions will make your move and hold your positions, but remember, your incredibly solid gut will only make you convince after exploring the facts and figure. Don’t just move with any thought or unauthorized sense.


Don’t be in a rush in the team creation, take your time and think twice. Your contribution of your time will lead your path. So, spent it wisely. You only need to give a span of your time around 15-20 minutes to capture the things and come up with an extraordinary playing eleven.
Keep in mind, that you have limited budget to frame your Fantasy Cricket Team, so, explore everything first. Cheers!

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How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11? Tue, 19 Feb 2019 12:43:48 +0000 What’s causing you to make your decision? Is that the cost of Fantasy Cricket Solution? If yes, then take a look at the pricing model that’s especially designed for both individuals and organizations. Click to read more here!

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The Cricket season is almost on its way and we all are ready to hear the cheering sound “INDIA!! INDIA!!” once again in the coming world cup 2019, even before that we will cheer up our favorite cricket players in IPL 2019. Don’t you do?
Obviously, we all do that. Because we all have same craze and treat cricket as a religion rather a game. We shout at players, we dance to celebrate success and most importantly, it encourages brotherhood. Although the revolution changes the thrill, where a few years back, we used to sit and just watch the game, now we can play along with it and can earn a great amount through it.
We all knew the leading fantasy cricket league app – Dream11, who has more than 4 million active users and continually growing the numbers. More than an App, Dream11 is now considered as a brand, who advertise with leading players and also sponsors major leagues including IPL.

How much does it cost to develop Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11?

Fantasy Cricket Apps are on boom and there are plenty of fantasy apps running online. Majorly they are trying to overcome Dream11, but it still occupies the 90% of the market all alone. Although, having a fully functional Fantasy Cricket Solution isn’t a loss making business, business organizations can easily earn a loyal user base, who can devote their excellence on their Fantasy Cricket Platform.

If we talk about the cost to develop a Fantasy Cricket App for Android, iOS and Web platforms, then it will cost somewhere around $15000 to $20000, which isn’t a great deal for seasonal business owners.

Being a renowned Fantasy App Developer, we make it more economic and preferable for both individuals and organizations. We also commit fast deployment, as we have ready to use Fantasy Cricket Software, which can be used with a bit moderation.


For a demo, please make a call on

Here’s our plan & pricing, which surely helps you to make a quick decision.

01. Full Code Delivery Model

We have a complete code delivery model for the traditional purchasers who wants complete right on the source code, such as sports organizations or industry giants. To make it more identical, we segregate it in four packages- 01. Startup, 02. Executive, 03. Professional, and 04. Enterprise.

(Plans start in just ₹3 Lac + GST)
Each package has something different in their description, you can check it here:

02. Monthly Subscription Model

We have introduced the subscription model in Fantasy Cricket App Solution to make it friendlier for individuals, who wants to enter in the business but with limited budget. Similar to the traditional full code delivery, we also segregate our subscription models into similar four packages- 01. Startup, 02. Executive, 03. Professional, and 04. Enterprise.
(Plans start in just ₹20, 000 + GST per month subscription and ₹70, 000 + GST setup charges)
Each package has something different in their description, you can check it here:

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