September 15, 2021

Basic Model and Features of the On-Demand Travel Solution.

The growth of digitalization and technology has recently changed the tourism industry. Now, one doesn’t need to roam from one place to another to book tickets and plan a whole vacation. The internet is here to serve you with its advanced technology.


Now, from individual platforms for tickets booking, hotel booking, the online booking system has shifted to a one-stop solution for all types of bookings. The Travel app solution like MakeMyTrip offers advanced features to provide a customized experience to the users. The offline ticket booking business is experiencing a huge loss, due to the availability of services on one tap.

If you already have an offline travel agency and ticket booking business, turn into online services to survive in the market. The storm of digitalization is going to wipe away your business from the market.

Why are travel apps like MakeMyTrip so popular?

  • Making my trip like a travel solution offers convenience to book both international and domestic flights.
  • Multiple holiday deals and packages under all kinds of rates.
  • Check out the booking status, photos, and reviews about the destination, food, etc.
  • Payment methods are convenient.
  • Cancel your booked tickets and get a refund (conditions apply).

Benefits of MakeMyTrip like Travel Solution!

The on-demand travel app solutions are beneficial for all – travel business owners and customers. This online platform reduces the efforts of customers to book a ticket and time invested by travel agencies to explain to customers about their packages. Here is the list of few benefits of an on-demand travel app for travel agencies, customers, and the administration.

01. Travel Agency Benefits

Travel Solutions are best suited one for the agencies who are struggling in the market and looking for a performing solution with advance features. Here are a few features of travel solution:

  • Travel App is the easiest way of getting customers for the travel business. There is no need for a separate marketing strategy, as the application can itself target the customers.
  • One of the primary benefits of the on-demand travel app solution is it removes the tiring process of explaining the whole package to the customers. Travel agency agents can add basic details like the price of the package, the number of days stays at the hotel, and other important details.
  • After resolving your queries about the particular package, the travel agency can proceed with the booking process.
  • Agents can assess all the details like payment, invoice, and previous orders in the history of the Travel App Solution.
  • Agencies can analyze the placed orders and search activities to customize the travel packages and target maximum customers.

02. Customers Benefits

Travel Solutions are also great for customers. With such solutions, they can easily explore destinations, properties, and plan their vacations without stepping a single step out. Here are a few features of travel solution:

  • The customers can plan their vacation or tour including the booking of flights, trains, hostel rooms, and other activities at one platform. Now, a user doesn’t have to visit individual websites to book transportation and hotel reservations.
  • The automatic holiday package feature, reduce the hectic work of planning holiday from scratch. Moreover, it offers the best packages as per the experience of customers.
  • On-Demand Travel solution allows users to book tickets from the comfort of their home and needn’t visit stations, airports, or hotels physically for booking tickets.
  • Also, users can easily cancel their bookings with a single tap on the phone screen. The on-demand travel solution always offers an appropriate refund to the customer.
  • The customers will be notified by the Travel Agency for discounts, new travel packages, and offers.

03. Admin Panel Benefits

To manage all the things, different agencies, multiple customers, several bookings, and much more, the owner requires an operational travel solution with automating feature, check out a few here:

  • All MakeMyTrip like travel solutions have a Global Distribution System that manages the booking of hotel rooms, flight tickets, restaurants, vehicles for rent, and many more.
  • The GDS analyses the real-time inventory to provide the best options available for the booking.
  • Admin can monitor and manage both travel apps and a customer app on one platform which reduces the work twofold.
  • The review and customer behavior guide the admin to make changes in the travel application for a better user experience.

Features in the MakeMyTrip clone app are:

Making my trip like a travel application is the best option for all those people who are planning to start their travel agency. We all know how successful MakeMyTrip is, a one-stop solution to travel anywhere in the world.

According to experts, one should invest in purchasing a ready-made travel app solution, rather than building a new one from scratch. Here’s a few features of the MakeMyTrip clone app that make it efficient and highly functional.

  • Search Option – All the services are categorized under different segments, which helps the customer to find the required services easily. Travel business owners can even categorize the services based on price, location, and other details.
  • Media Upload – These features allow the travel agency to give a glimpse of the hotels, vacation destinations, food, and travel vehicles. We believe in our eyes more than our ears. Media communicates with the travel app visitor.
  • Payment Integration – This feature is an important feature of all online services providers. Make My Trip clone offers multiple payment options to all users. No matter whether you are booking a package from India or overseas, all the options are available for you.
  • Cancellation option – What if something urgent comes up and you have to cancel your vacation? What about the advanced booking and money invested in it? Don’t worry Travel apps like Make My Trip allow you to cancel your tickets. The app will charge a cancellation fee, but most of the amount will be refunded to you.
  • Live Chat and Support – This feature allows the user to resolve their queries by talking to the customer support agents.


For a successful travel agency, a Travel app solution like MakeMyTrip must have all the above features. According to experts, a businessman should buy a pre-build Travel app solution instead of wasting his money in building a travel platform from scratch.

The clone app of MMT has almost all the basic features required to run a successful online travel agency. You can buy an MMT-like Travel agency app from RG Infotech. With their huge experience in app and website development, they have created an innovative travel app.


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